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Latest girls who need to reveal their self-bondage and secret fetishes to you:

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Faye X Taylor starts the scene naked as she explains to camera that she is going to show us some bondage she does when on her own. First to add a bit of a buzz Faye inserts a silver vibrator into her pussy then slides on a pair of pantyhose and ties a white crotch rope in place that holds the vibrator in her pussy. Now Faye’s nipples need some attention and so a pair of suction cups are used to tease and suck her gorgeous nipples. After sitting with her ankles crossed Faye ties her ankles together with more white rope then seductively pulls on a pair of long black shiny gloves up past her elbows then secures her delicate wrists into a set of metal handcuffs behind her that hang down from the ceiling by a chain. Faye loves the feeling of being in bondage so adds a set of thumb cuffs but she also feels safe in the fact that the keys to the handcuffs are in her hand. Now Faye tries to release herself but fumbles and drops her keys tantalizingly just out of reach – looks like a long day in bondage for Faye.