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Anita is waiting and looking slightly nervous in the dimly lit room of the dare club, know formally as 'The Agency'. A door opens and she immediately stands up straight as the rooms powerful lights illuminate and dazzle her. She tries to look at the people who have entered when a foreign woman speaks “For security you can not see our identities. Tell us why you would be good for ‘The Agency’”? Anita replies “Yes sir! – I love latex, bondage and all thing fetish, nothing scares me and I will be an asset to The Agency’”. The woman speaks again saying that pictures will be taken throughout the days proceedings for the record then commands Anita to face in different directions as the first set of pictures are taken. Anita is then asked to remove her skirt and blouse and to face in the various directions again as well as spread eagle and touching her toes before been told to start the memory test. Anita walks over to a wooden school chair and desk straps her ankles and knees to it then ties a rope that is hanging down from the ceiling around her as a crotch rope and uses a remote control to activate a winch until the crotch rope is slowly pulled tight then handcuffs her wrists to the table. The idea is Anita has so many pictures to memorise then she has to play a card game by turning them over and matching pairs, if she is too slow she is spanked five times. After Anita has completed the card game she will then be asked questions on the pictures she had to memorise – every wrong answer she will receive three spanks. When all the questions are answered Anita finally has to spank her self an extra fifty times via the machine. Anita looks directly into the camera as she presses the button on the computer mouse until the extra strokes are completed and the game is finally over then the cd tray opens and the key to her cuffs drops into reach so she can release herself and take her position facing the voice with her arms folded behind her back when the woman commands Anita to remove all her lingerie. Anita is shocked but does as she is told before more pictures are taken.



Anita is standing naked facing 'The Voice' with her hands behind her head when she is asked to complete the first part of the test. Anita walks over to the side table and reads the instructions then looks in the direction of the voice in shock for a split second then a look of understanding that her reaction is all part of the test. Anita begins by dressing in pantyhose, latex pants and boots then uses red lipstick to colour her nipples. Once both nipples are a vivid red colour she fastens a posture collar around her neck and crossing her hands behind her back and pauses a few seconds until the camera clicks then begins to trot left to right across the room like a ponygirl until the voice asks her to continue with part two of the test. Anita ties a white crotch rope around herself and straps a bit gag in her mouth before crossing her hands again behind her back and curtsies to the voice again and pauses a few seconds until the camera clicks then continues trotting again and after a few lengths of the room Anita starts to enjoy the attention and starts to play to her hidden ordinance and pushes her shoulders as far back as she can and begins raising her legs high like a Spanish horse in the arena. In fact she enjoys it so much that when asked to stop she doesn’t hear and only after a second loud cough to attract her attention Anita stops and stands facing the voice and places her feet about 12 inches apart as if on an army parade with her arms folded behind her back. The voice again requests Anita to complete the final part. Anita looks in the direction of the voice opening her eyes in surprise as she did not realise there was a third part to the test and goes back to her instructions and turns over the sheet of paper and reads the instructions. Anita steps forward and picks up a number of pegs joined together with string, with the end of the strings going off towards the voice. Anita places the pegs on her breasts then Anita holds out one hand and cuffs it then turns so the voice can see behind her as she cuffs her hands together behind her back then turns to the voice. After a minute Anita’s resolve starts to break down and her body begins to move after she hears the key to her handcuff drop and turns to look at the key hanging on a string out of reach and behind her. Eventually Anita has to escape the increasing discomfort of the pegs so slowly Anita steps back until the pegs are pulled from her breasts one by one and she reach the key and pull it free from the string it is hanging on and release her handcuffs. Once her hands are free Anita removes her gag, collar, boots latex and pantyhose then stands facing the voice naked with her arms folded behind her back.



Anita is standing naked facing ‘The voice’ with her arms folded behind her back this time before she is ordered to continue. Anita dresses in the items supplied, including a corset that she pulls very tight reducing her small waist even further before fastening leather straps to her ankles and tying a crotch rope around herself. After sitting on a tall wooden stool she ties more ropes around the tops of her legs then ties many ropes that hang down from above her to her crotch rope, the tops of her legs and ankles then padlocks a leather hood onto her head so she can not see. Finally Anita pulls on two ropes that raise her legs up and apart in front of her before using a loop of rope to tie her hands behind her back. ‘The voice’ asks Anita if she know what is about to happen and Anita shakes her head as a leather armbinder is secured onto her arms. Anita complains the armbinder wasn’t part of the plan before a gag is clipped into place on the hood quieting her protests. After a few minutes and without warning the stool Anita is sat on is kicked away making Anita try to escape until with the excursion, the shock or the lack of oxygen, she faints and Anita is lowered down onto the floor to recover. After freeing her arms Anita pulls off the cover to her eyes and removes the gag then try’s to remove the hood but the padlocked stops her leaving her to untie all the ropes with the restricted view from inside her hood. Once the ropes are removed Anita pulls and tugs on the padlock of her hood again until the key is dropped next to her allowing Anita to remove the hood. Anita’s final task is to strip naked in front of ‘The voice’ and the other observers until finished and stand with her arms folded behind her back allowing her audience a free humiliating strip show.



Anita dresses in a latex catsuit and warms up her body with plenty of bending and stretching, making sure catsuit fits properly then fastens a ring gag in her mouth then places an old wooden milkmaid’s yoke across her shoulders and handcuffs her wrists to each end of it. To get free she has to do a key chase to unlock many keys padlocked to the walls of the room until she can unlock the key to her handcuffs and release herself and take a sip of water that unknowingly will make her sleep. Anita wakes up to find she strictly tied, gagged and blindfolded and knows her next task is to escape as quickly as she can so begins to vigorously wriggle and writhe until she manages to escape. After release Anita laces a pair of black shiny ballet boots onto her feet and secures a spreader bar between her ankles. Anita fastens leather cuffs onto her wrists and hooks them to each end of a wooden suspended on the hook of a winch then uses the winch to raises hers arms into the air and force herself to stand in the ballet boots so she is now spread eagle. After every curve of her body has been analysed Anita is lowered to the floor to release herself again. Anita is finally asked to add a gag and posture collar to herself then to handcuff her hands behind her back to chains that are fastened to each side of her collar and walk back and forth across the room. Eventually a voice say she has passed all her tests but the key to her handcuffs will be sent to her home and she has to walk across town in her latex catsuit and bondage to get it.





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