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Anita is already wearing a head harness and ball gag as she spreads menthol anointment onto the upper part of a chrome plated steel dancers pole then ties a rope around her upper body and frog ties her legs. Anita lies face down and moves herself back so the cold steel pole is in contact between her legs and attaches ropes that are hanging down above her to the ropes she has tied around herself and to the back of the head harness then handcuffs her hands behind her back. After a few moments Anita presses a button on a remote control that operates an electric winch and she raises herself up the pole. After raising and lowering herself she decides to raise herself as high as possible so the menthol will be in contact with her most sensitive parts and the burning feelings will begin. Some people have told us this is a clasic.



Anita is wearing a long black cloak as she examines a modified steel trestle then walks over to an old dusty laptop and loads a program from an equally dusty floppy disc. After fastening a red collar around her neck and leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists Anita straddles the trestle and discards her cloak then padlocks her ankle cuffs to the electric spreader bar. After padlocking one wrist cuff to a chain hanging down from an electric winch she is undecided if to continue but eventually decides to padlock her other wrist cuff to a second chain hanging down to her other side from a second electric winch. After thinking about what she is about to do Anita decides she can not continue and tries to release her wrist cuffs but they are securely padlocked and Anita is unable to escape. While Anita has been padlocking herself into position, and now trying to escape, the laptop has been counting down ready to start the rest of its program and with a beep the first winch in switched on and with a noisy ratchet sound one wrist is slowly pulled up above her. Then after a short delay the second winch starts and Anita’s other wrist is pulled up above her. Next to be activated is the electric spreader bar that very slowly pushes Anita’s legs apart and in so doing slightly lowers her body so her naked pussy is in contact with the metal edge of the modified trestle. Finally the laptop activates a timer that gives Anita an electric shock to her pussy every 20 seconds until its program completes and Anita is released. But for Anita there is no release as the old dusty laptop fails leaving Anita to look at its blank screen as she is now forced to endure her spread eagle position while electrocuted until someone finds her.



Anita walks in wearing a black and white mini dress with a zip down its front and proceeds to carefully massage liquid shine over the dress and when complete Anita sits and ties ropes from each side of the room to each of her ankles. After making sure her keys are in reach Anita handcuffs her wrists wide apart to the wall behind her and enjoys the feeling of bondage. Suddenly the door opens and in walks a stranger and as Anita fumbles for the keys to escape she drops them allowing the stranger to easily pick them up off the floor before pulling down the zip of Anita’s dress to expose her breasts. The stranger then pulls the ropes tied to Anita’s ankles tight until her legs are spared wide apart revealing her skimpy white pants before hot wax from coloured candles is dripped onto Anita’s breasts, nipples, feet and legs. Finally the stranger picks up a pair of scissors and cuts off Anita’s panties then takes a few seconds to admire her naked body before returning the keys and leaving the room. Anita waits to make sure the stranger isn’t going to return then releases herself and checks the door is locked before removing the wax from her body.



Anita walks in to shot totally naked and dresses in gorgeous red lingerie, suspender belt and sun blush stockings with black shiny high heeled shoes before she begins her bondage. Using complementary red ropes Anita first ties a four rope crotch rope around herself and a metal spreader bar between her ankles. Next Anita fastens a ring gag in her mouth before sliding long opera gloves up to her elbows and padlocking a set of metal handcuffs onto a chain hanging down from a winch. Anita then secures her wrists into the handcuffs and operates the winch using a remote control to bring her arms up behind her into a strappado. Anita now struggles with cameras watching her from all angles for the next 19 minutes until the video fades to black leaving Anita in real discomfort from the harsh metal of the cuffs biting into her wrists, her aching legs, ankles and feet from one of the simplest but strict positions.



Anita enters the room wearing shiny latex leggings, high heeled black patent leather boots laced up to her knees and an animal print bra and walks across the room as the camera follows from behind. After sitting on the floor Anita begins her bondage with black leather straps around her ankles and above and below her knees and one more around her waist that she padlocks a set of handcuff to so they are behind her. Anita now on her knees places one wrist into the cuffs and locks it in place before laying on her front and locking her other wrist into the cuffs, then to make sure she can not escape we hear a few more clicks and the cuffs are as tight as possible around her wrists. After a lot of wriggling and struggling that allows you to admire her curves Anita begins her escape and moves over to where a string is dangling in the corner of the room. To escape Anita has first to pull the string with her teeth into reach then keep pulling the string with her hands until the keys to her cuffs are pulled into reach and she can release herself.



Anita inspects the bubble breather apparatus then sets a timer in a cupboard before sitting on a chair on one side of the room. Next Anita uses leather straps to secure her legs and waist to the chair then places a rubber gasmask over her head with its breather pipe connected to the bubble breather. Anita takes hold of a remote control and then handcuffs her hands behind her back as she is forced to breath via a small amount of water in the bubble breather. Over the next few minutes Anita presses a button on the remote control to open a valve and allow more and more water into the bubble breather making her breathing increasingly more difficult. Now Anita has to stay like this until the timer releases the key into reach for her escape. Needless to say DON’T try this at home !!



Anita checks that a water receptacle is secularly padlocked in place and can not be moved then places a key across the room on a hook on the ceiling. Anita handcuffs one wrist with a set of metal handcuffs that are chained to the wall opposite where Anita has placed the key, with the length of the chain short enough for her not to be able to reach the key after she has secured her hands and neck together. Anita now switches on the water and begins to catch the water and pour it into the receptacle. To escape Anita has to fill the receptacle and raise a float with a powerful magnet that when placed in close proximity to her neck / wrist cuff it will be released and allow her to be able to reach the key and un-lock the handcuffs that are chained to the wall and freedom.





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