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Anderssen is slightly nervous in a dimly lit room. A powerful light illuminates and dazzles her as a number of persons enter the room. One of them asks - Tell us why you would be good for ‘The Agency’ ? Anderssen replies - I love bondage, spanking, flogging… I am a bit of a masochist at heart, and will follow any dare that the dare club, sorry The Agency will give me. A voice informs Anderssen that pictures will be taken as she completes the days tests then tells her to face different directions as the first photographs are taken. Anderssen is then told to remove her shirt and riding jodhpurs which she reluctantly does then she has more photographs taken before she is told to strip naked. Anderssen is shocked but soon realises this is all part of the test and removes her clothing before been told to stand in various positions while even more photographs are taken. Another voice says - You said you are a masochist - You will now prove it. Use the items on the table to chastise various parts of your body – The item and part of your body is entirely up to you but you must use all the implements. Anderssen chastises her body with a wooden ruler, paddles, flogger and other devices then places pegs on her body and proceeds to flog herself only pausing to remove one of the pegs, this she obviously enjoys until a voice commands her to stop and stand for more demeaning photographs to be taken.



Anderssen stands with her hands behind her head naked except for her stockings and awaits the start of her next test. Anderssen doesn’t have to wait long and begins by playing roulette to find out hoe many balls will be used to activate the spanking machine as the roll around a roller coaster game, and to her dismay she will have to use the maximum of four balls which she loads onto the coaster game. Next Anderssen sits on the spanking table and ties her legs and ankles together and a crotch rope around herself then lays flat on the table to tie her waist to it. Anderssen now attaches the end of the rope from an electric winch to her ankle rope and raises her legs into the air, making her bottom a perfect target. After fastening leather cuffs onto each wrist Anderssen pulls the end of her crotch rope tight under the table and ties it off so that she is now unable to raise her bottom away from the spanking machine. Anderssen attaches the ends of two chains to her wrist cuff and presses a button on her remote control so her arms are pulled up behind her head with a satisfying rattle of the chains as they pass though metal rings and up to a second winch. Anderssen’s final task is to press the last button on her remote control to activate the spanking machine and unbeknown to her a device to drip hot molten wax onto her breasts. After a good spanking and waxing Anderssen is released and made to stand and display her bottom and waxed breasts in a most degrading manor to the committee of The Agency (dare club) while photographs are taken.



Anderssen is dressed in her favourite oriental dress with an extra long sprit down its side. After some hand spanking Anderssen uses a wooden school ruler on her naked bottom before its time to try the spanking machine. After a prolonged spanking the leather implement attached to the machine has changed the colour of Anderssen’s bottom and now Anderssen decides its time for some breast punishment. First Anderssen tries the school ruler again but is unable to accomplish the desired effect so the spanking machine is raised up to apply strokes using the leather implement to her breasts. When Anderssens punishment is complete both her bottom and breast are turning a pleasing crimson colour. Anderssen finally curls up on a nice soft rug to enjoy the warm glowing feelings and imagine what else she can do next.



Anderssen ties a crotch rope around herself with its free end going to a concrete weight temporarily suspended from an electro magnet. After fastening leather cuffs to her ankles Anderssen connects ropes to the ankle cuffs then uses a hand winch to tighten the ropes and pull her legs apart into the splits position. Anderssen secures a ring gag in her mouth and a posture collar around her neck then places clover clamps onto each of her nipples that are connected to weights resting on the floor then handcuffs her wrists behind her back and passes her arms through a suspended loop of rope. With a remote control in hand Anderssen press one of the buttons and raises her arms up behind her into a strappado position then presses a second button then switches off the electro magnet and allows the weight to drop and pull her crotch rope tight. Finally Anderssen presses a third button on the remote that switches on the small winch above her and raises the strings connecting her nipple clamps to the weights resting on the floor until the weight are permanently pulling and pinching her nipples. After enduring this torment fare too long a timer lovers her arms from the Strappado and Anderssen can release herself.



Anderssen has dressed to impress in skin tight latex leggings, gloves, corset and a collar ready for her last selfbondage scene of this set. Anderssen has decided to wear heels and is standing on a short raised plinth as she ties a crotch rope around herself then ties her ankles to metal hoops on each side of the plinth so her legs are held apart. Next Anderssen fastens a hard black rubber ball gag in her mouth then leans back onto a pole and handcuffs her hands behind her back and the pole. Anderssen soon begins to dribble and fantasise about crotch ropes and weighted nipple clamps but they soon becomes a painful reality testing her pain endurance.





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