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Slave C

05 scenes  -  115 movie minutes





New Blonde maid arrives and soon has stripped naked and begins to dress in her uniform - fishnet pantyhose, a skimpy maids outfit dress and heels. After looking at a screen she is hypnotised into the perfect house servant and begins to clean the room finding leather straps and handcuffs that she is compelled to secure herself with. After the signal is given she awakes from her hypnosis and struggles on the floor to escape until a key eventually drops into reach and she can release herself.





Our long blonde hair slave girl is asked to dress in a sheer body stocking and enter the room where she fastens leather cuffs to her wrists and a rope body harness with crotch rope. Now she is asked to simple crawl though a net tube to the other end, but to stop her icy cold water is sprayed onto her until she relents and backs out of the netting. Next she has to use a pair of pantyhose to frogtie her legs before padlocking her cuffs behind her back and struggle to her key, and to make it more difficult the floor is covered in slippery baby oil. Once she has released and removed her cuffs, pantyhose, she removes her body stocking and panty’s revealing her sexy naked shiny baby oil covered body.





Ballerina prepares for a ball gagged dance performance with ballet shoes and tutu before entering the performance area where she is sprayed with water if her dance was not up to standard.





Latex slave girl enters naked then dresses into stripy leggings and a tight latex mini dress and heels and enters the play room. In the play room there is a cage and a bondage frame and a wooden post which she enjoys testing, first the cage then the bondage frame before moving on to the wooden post where she cuffs her wrists to a chain that is used to pull her arms up above her head. After her release she increases her bondage with a spreader bar and a strappado position before been released to increase her bondage again. The slave now laces on a pair of bondage ballet boots and fastens a ball gag in her mouth before cuffing her wrists to the chain that again pulls her arms up above her forcing her to balance in the ballet boots. After her release she walks across the room still wearing the boots and with the gag still fastened in her mouth.





Slave C is left in the box room naked with a task. She dresses in star pantyhose, a sexy bra and red heel shoes. Next she places her cuff key into her pantyhose then uses leather straps to secure her ankles and legs before handcuffing her hands behind her back. Now all she has to do now is struggle to get the key and release herself.





Blonde Slave C enterers the play room naked to find a St Andrews Cross, vibrating nipple clamps, Hitachi vibrator, ballgag, cuffs and a roll of cling film. Her task is to wrap herself in cling film, fix the gag in place and fix herself to the cross using the cling film and cuffs. Once secured the staff have a surprise for her, first sleeping gas then the nipple clamps and Hitachi vibrator are added, her gag is removed so we can hear her scream as a plastic bag is placed over her head. All wrapped for Christmas.



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