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Tracey Lain

7 scenes  -  109 movie minutes




Tracey Lain dressed in a vivid blue dress decides its time for some self bondage fun, so after setting a timer to drop her keys into reach after 20 minutes Tracey secures herself to a chair using leather straps for her ankles and a set of handcuffs padlocked to the back of the chair for her wrists. Unfortunately for Tracey a stalker who has been watching her breaks into the play room with a briefcase full of “equipment” and both a video camera and a stills camera to record the days events. First he removes her keys then re-ties her legs to the back of the chair then adds rope around her elbows and a set of thumb cuffs before exposing her breasts and adding a nose hook and collar that he ties up to the ceiling. After pumping Tracy’s nipples various clamps are applied and removed before her breasts are flogged followed by more nipple attention in the form of adding a number of pegs to each nipple. Next Tracy’s panties are cut from her to expose her shaved pussy then a large vibrator is used on her before a Tens probe is inserted into her pussy and tied in place. Gradually the power of the Tens unit is increased by the sadistic stalker before a second probe is inserted into Tracey’s arse and again the power is slowly increased while he video’s and takes pictures of her torment. Finally its time for the stalker to leave but first he removes the pegs from Tracey’s nipples that make her cry out as they leave their mark on her tender flesh. After removing her nose hook and collar he packs his cameras and tripod then leaves Tracey still tied to the chair, and as a parting gift he leaves the tens unit pumping its electricity into her.



Tracey lain is once again in her play room and ready to enjoy some self bondage. This time Tracey is dressed in a leather mini skirt, stockings, tee shirt and heels as she begins by fastening leather cuffs to her ankles. After attaching ropes from each side of the room to her ankle cuffs Tracey adds more leather cuffs to her wrists that she locks in place with polished brass padlocks. Tracey padlocks one of her wrist cuffs to a rope that is hanging down from the ceiling before placing a blindfold over her eyes and padlocking her other wrist to a second rope hanging down and begins to enjoy her bondage until she hers the door to her play room bang shut, and she realises she is no longer alone. To make sure Tracey cant move too much her arms are pulled up towards the ceiling then the ropes attached to her ankles are pulled tight, pulling her legs apart and Tracey into a spread eagle position. The stranger now wants to see more of Tracey so rips off her tee shirt to reveal her tits then after groping Tracey’s legs he takes hold of her leather mini skirt and rips this from her leaving Tracey bound in just her shoes, stockings and panties. The stranger enjoys what he sees but eventually he decides the panties have to go for his future plans to work and so rips them off Tracey followed by the removal of her blindfold so he will be able to see the pain in her eyes later. To make Tracey feel even more degraded the stranger slowly and menacingly puts on blue latex gloves before he inserts an anal plug in Tracy’s arse and a set of ben wa balls in her pussy before flogging her tits, back and pussy. The stranger has brought four clover clamps with strings attached with him and places two on Tracey’s pussy lips and ties the end of the strings to her ankle cuffs so they are constantly pulling and biting down on her pussy before he flogs her tits again. After her flogging Tracey’s nipples are ready to have the clover clamps attacked with their strings tied to her wrist cuffs making any movement painful. Finally the sadistic stranger has an idea to increase her suffering even more and adds menthol to her clit and stands back to watch and enjoy her torment. How can he degrade her any more ? The stranger knows how and pulls the anal plug from Tracey’s arse and forces it in her mouth before unceremoniously trusting it back up into her arse once more. Again the stranger enjoys watching the naked, bound and tormented Tracy but he has another idea before he leaves, to watch the pain in her face as he removes the clover clamps followed by the forced pleasure as he uses a vibrator on her clit to make her cum.



There are no physical restraints; the only restraint is in her mind telling Tracey to remain in position while she is spanked, paddled and flogged. We’ve being asked many times to have a woman receive punishment at the hands of another but we thought it wouldn’t work on site. But because you kept asking we made the movie - enjoy your request.



Tracey Lain enters her play room were a client is already waiting and has a kinky request for her, to tie herself up dressed in black bra, pants and stockings in front of him. But soon the client wants more and Tracey is asked to remove her bra before her arms are pulled back up towards the ceiling. Unbeknown to Tracey her client wants to do more to her than she had agreed and now she is securely bound and unable to stop him he starts to take full advantage of her, starting with a ring gag. Next he adds weighted clover clamps to her nipples and adds an extra weight before turning his attention to her pussy. First her tight black pants are cut from her and a knotted crotch rope added with its free end going over a pulley and to a metal bucket in front of her where it is loaded with stone. Next a weighted clover clamp is added to each of her labia lips and an extra weight added to her nipple clamps before her client takes a few picture of her torment before adding more weight to her crotch rope, pegs to her labia lips and breasts and another lead weight to her nipple clamps. Tracey doesn’t think she can take any more but her client has other ideas and adds menthol to her pussy that quickly brings tears to her eyes then more weight to her crotch rope and her nipple clamps followed by a few more pictures. Her sadistic client then uses a vibrator on her crotch rope over the spot were it presses hard against her clit then adds extra weights to her pussy clamps and continues with the vibrator until he gives Tracey a few electric shocks to make her body jump and increase all of the clamps pain value. After 30 minutes of torment Tracey’s client begins to remove the weights and clamps knowing that the next 10 minutes will also be very painful.



Tracey Lain is dressed in a white shirt, tight jeans and spiked heel boots as she fastens leather cuffs onto her wrists and a black rubber bit gag in her mouth then padlocks her cuffs onto a chain padlocked to an ice release that is already attached to a rope hanging down from an electric hoist above her. Tracey is enjoying her bondage when a masked man enters and ties a spreader bar between her ankles and replaces the ice release with a padlock so she can’t escape before raising her arms up behind her. Slowly he un-buttons her shirt standing back to watch Tracey after each button is released before turning his attention to her jeans. He now uses scissors to cut off her jeans then removes her gag so he can hear her plead for him to stop but he cuts off her bra and pants anyway. Tracey watches as her assailant puts blue latex gloves on and she becomes worried to what he is going to do next. He first inserts an inflatable dildo into her pussy and inflates it before withdrawing it from her in its inflated state; this he does many times increasing its size on each occasion so stretching her pussy. Next its time for the Hitachi vibrator before fucking her with a wine bottle then back with the Hitachi before leaving her naked and in bondage.



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