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Tracey Lain

5 scenes  -  76 movie minutes




Tracey Lain ties her ankles and wrists to the wall to enjoy some selfbondage time but unknown to her a goon is hidden in another room and now make his presence known. Tracey’s ropes are pulled tight so she can’t escape before her blouse is unbuttoned and skirt ripped off then her bra is cut off and her nipples pinched. Tracey struggles against her ropes to no avail as a belt is fastened around her waist and a chain attach to it behind her and pulled between her legs and pulled tight up to the ceiling so it pulls painfully into her pussy over her panties. Tracey’s panties are now cut and pulled off between her pussy and the chain allowing the chain to pull deeper and more painfully into her naked pussy. Tracey’s nipples are next for punishment as over centre clamps are locked onto her tender nipples making bolts of pain explode from her nipples, then to increase their torment a cord is fastened from the clamps to her crotch chain high up in front of her keeping them under tension. Next more clamps, this time three sets of clover clamps are placed onto each of Tracey’s pussy lips, six in total and are pulled down to the floor, again under constant tension and increasing pain with cords. To intensify Tracey’s ordeal cold water is sprayed over her, concentrating on her painful clamps then finally she is hooded and icy cold water is thrown over her from a metal bucket to finish her bondage with a terrifying water boarding.  





Tracey Lain brought to the shoot a selection of anal toys and dildos it would have been rude not to let her use them :) No bondage just milf porn. Note - just minutes before filming this scene Tracey received a harsh spanking, flogging and whipping hence the marks.





Tracey Lain inserts a string of five balls into her pussy the eases herself into a bright red PVC catsuit and thigh length leather boots then handcuffs her wrists behind her back. Now a leather hood is laced and padlocked over her head before her handcuffs are replaced with an armbinder then she is placed face down on the floor where she is figged - where a piece of fresh cut ginger is placed into her arse. As Tracey complains as her anus begins to burn from the ginger she is hogtied, turned over and to increase her torment, clover clamps placed on her nipples. We added some extra shots of Tracey outside in her catsuit and armbinder, weatherboarding and a sexy strip and shower scene.





Tracey Lain removes her shoes and panties then stands on two foam blocks and lowers herself onto the steel One Pole Prison then kicks the blocks away. Tracey is handed a set of Speedcuffs that she uses to secure her hands behind her back before her breasts are cupcake tied using zipties. Next Tracey’s back and breasts are flogged then a vibrator is used on her clit before she is allowed to escape the pole and have her bottom spanked.





Tracey Lain inserts a butt plug in her arse then enters the car and ties her legs apart followed by a ball gag in her mouth then tape is wrapped over her mouth before her nipples are clamped and pegs added to her breasts and pussy lips - The garage door opens and she goes for a bondage car trip.





Captured Tracey Lain is taken outside to be tested in strict bondage. Tracey is made to kneel in front of a steel pole were her hands are handcuffed behind her around the pole followed by thumb cuffs. Next a posture collar is added to stop her lowering her head that is then chained to the poll before a rope gag is tied in her mouth and around the poll. Tracy’s legs are tied just above the knees then to the ground on each side of her to keep her legs spread apart followed by a crotch rope that is pulled tight and tied off in front of Tracey. Now Tracy’s elbows are tied around the poll and her breasts exposed so they too can be tied then a rope blindfold is added and also tied around the poll. Finally Tracey’s nipples have pegs added as she is left to endure her bondage ordeal.




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