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Candie fastens leather cuffs to her ankles then padlocks a spreader bar between them and chains one ankle to the wall then gags herself with a metal gag. Next she ties ropes around her waist and neck then removes her bra and applies pegs to each side of her nipples. Candie now cuffs her wrists making sure they are padlocked securely and switches on a vibrator on a stand in front of her then wriggles her arms though a hanging loop and pulls a rope to raise her arms. Finally Candie padlocks her cuffs to a second hanging rope and again pulls it to raise her wrists into a strappado - Now she will have to longingly looking at the vibrator she can never reach as her position takes its toll on her body.



Candie tests the two keys padlocked to the wall then ties a crotch rope around herself and her legs at her ankles and knees. Next she fastens a collar around her neck then moves up to a breast clamp hanging from the ceiling and fastens its leather strap around her back, like a bra, to hold it in place then clips a chain from the clamp to the front of her collar before tightening the clamp onto her breasts and releasing the clamp from the ropes suspending it and discards them. Next Candie fastens a gag in her mouth and clamps her nipples with clamps that have elastic bands attached that she fastens to the front of the boob clamp so her nipples are constantly pulled. Now she secures a set of handcuffs on each wrist and places a milk maids yoke over her shoulders and attaches the cuffs to each end of the yoke. To escape Candie will have to pull a bunch of keys over to one of the padlocks on the wall then guess the correct key without dropping them or the keys will be pulled back across the room - the key on the bunch releases another key that she will have to bend down to use to unlock the key to her cuffs and be able to release herself.



Candie threads a rope through a large pulley hanging from the ceiling and then stuffs her mouth with cotton wadding until her mouth is full then cuts the excess off and tapes over her lips with red tape before sitting on a blue inflatable and secures leather cuffs to her ankles with a chain between. She then fastens a collar around her neck and connects the rope that goes over the pulley to both her crotch rope and the front of her collar. Finally Candie fastens more leather cuffs to her wrists and padlocks one end of a chain to one of these cuffs before laying back on the inflatable chair with both hands now on the floor she padlocks the other end of the chain to her other wrist cuff and struggles to stay. As Candie struggles the heel of her stiletto punctures the chair and it deflates leaving her to suppoc herself so her crotch rope will not bite deeper into her female flesh as she struggles to escape.



Candie fastens a leather posture collar around her neck then sits on the metal edged Spanish donkey and secures her ankles to a chain on the wall to prevent her feet from reaching the floor. Finally she puts her hand in to leather cuffs hanging from hooks attached to the steel girders above her and pulls them tight around her wrists. How long can Candie endure the growing pain in her pussy ?



Candie gags herself with a ball gag then steps into a large plastic tub and locks her ankles together before kneeling in the tub and securing the key for her ankles to the front of the tub using a combination padlock. Next Candie connects a chain to the back of her gag to force her upright then blindfolds herself, turns a tap on so cold water stacs to fill the tub and finally handcuffs her hands behind her back. The key to her handcuffs is on the bottom of the tub and attached to a float, Candie can't reach the key until the bath fills up enough for it to float up to her hands. Once she has unlocked her hands she is then able to remove her blindfold so that she can attempt to open the combination padlocked final key and escape the cold water.



Candie sets an electronic timer then pours warm water over herself commenting on how nice it feels then switches on a fan that stacs to blow air over her. Next she ties her ankles to hooks on the floor so her legs are slightly apac then feeds a rope down the inside of her clothing and attaches its end to the hook of an electric winch. Candie grips a ball in her mouth (if she lets this ball free the winch will operate) then handcuffs each wrist and secures the other halves of the handcuffs onto hanging straps and pulls the straps until her arms are pulled up towards the ceiling. As the fan blows air over her wet cloths she stacs to become colder and colder until she looses concentration and looses her grip on the ball in her mouth. The ball has a string attached that goes over a hook with a weight on its other end which now falls and pulls out the plastic insulation between two contacts and stacs the electric winch. The winch pulls the rope threaded under Candie’s cloths and rips them from her body, leaving her in just her underwear and still been cooled by the fan !



Candie lights a candle that will eventually burn through a string for her release. She dresses in a builders dust suit and foot covers and tapes them in place, leaving her suit pacially unzipped then she tapes her ankles and knees together and then uses zip ties over the tape. Candie fastens a ball gag in her mouth then puts on rubber gloves and tapes them in place with strong black gaffer tape then she empties the contents of various bottles of goo over herself and into the suit. Candie now places a dust mask over her face then covers her head with the suits hood and zips up the suit. Finally she lays on her front and secures her wrists into more zip ties and a final zip tie between her wrists and ankles so she is hogtied and stacs to wriggle and squirm on the floor until the candle burns though a string and allows some scissors to drop into reach so she can cut though her bindings.





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