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Sally (Anderssen’s twin sister) smiles then seductively stands and bends over and picks up a box from under her desk then walks to the centre of the floor and tips lots of ropes and a ball gag from the box onto the floor then she smiles again at Anderssen and proceeds to hogtie herself. Sally finishes tying herself then looks at Anderssen and asks to be let free but Anderssen is annoyed at Sally and proceeds to increase Sally’s hogtie by adding more rope and a ball gag. Later Anderssen releases Sally from her hogtie hoping she has learnt her lesson but Sally has revenge in mind and has drugged Anderssen’s drink and Anderssen passes out on the floor.



Anderssen wakes up already tied with hooks in her mouth that pull and distort her face and a chop stick device on her tong and also a nose hook that keeps her head upright and pegs with a string attached on her pussy as wax starts to drip onto her breasts. Sally operates a remote control and all the doors lock and explains to Anderssen that with her new job she now has the power to sell Anderssen into a world of slavery or to a naughty woman where she will be spanked and tortured for fun. All Anderssen has to do is select a number of envelopes and complete the tasks to be set free. Even tied with hot wax dripping onto her nipples Anderssen refuses to give in to her impatient sister so Sally pulls the pegs from Anderssen’s pussy making her scream out loudly - Eventually not knowing what else Sally will do to her Anderssen gives in and is released to select some envelopes with her tasks inside.



Anderssen fastens leather cuffs around her ankles then an electric spreader bar between the cuffs and extends and locks the spreader bar off. Next Anderssen fixes a device onto her that clamps her nipples and keeps them under tension so they are constantly pulled and tormented then finally Anderssen inflates a gag in her mouth and stands with her hands behind her back and waits. Sally informs Anderssen “You can stop it at any time, but the more you endure the less chance there is of you been sold into slavery - As you cant talk now you can signal more by placing your hands behind your head or less by placing your hands behind your back - understand ?” Arial nods and waits. After a short wait the electric spreader bar starts and Anderssen’s legs are spread further apart until she places her hands behind her back - Then the spreader stops and the spanking device starts to turn - slowly at first and a leather hand shaped paddle begins to strike her bottom. Arial now places her hands behind her head and device begins to speed up, increasing the severity of the spanking until Anderssen places her hands behind her back to stop the machine. Anderssen continues to signal to be spanked or not for some time with the machine increasing its severity the longer she allows it to continue until Anderssen’s bottom is quite red and after enduring 800 strokes the machine is switched off and Anderssen has to pick another task.



With her bottom still glowing from 800 spanks Anderssen reluctantly gags herself with an old iron bit gag then places a number of pegs on her body then locks her wrists into a set of handcuffs fastened to a wire running across the ceiling then realises how the pegs will be remove -The machine now has a flogger attached ! The machine starts up and we hear the whooshing of the flogger as it spins then a winch starts and drags Anderssen into range of the flogger and stops then an electro-magnet holds her in position as she struggles to keep out of reach of the flogger. Anderssen realizes she must remove the pegs as part of her test then after the pegs have all been painfully been removed by the flogger Anderssen announces she wishes to continue so she can impress her sister - Eventually Anderssen can take no more and the flogger and electromagnet are switched off then the winch pulls her into reach of the keys to her handcuffs.



Anderssen ties her ankles and knees and some unusual rope work around her bottom and crotch then ties a rope from her ankles to a pole that goes from the floor to the ceiling. With her hands behind her Anderssen next passes a chain through the D link of a leather cuffs on her right wrist and padlocks it to the D link of the cuff on her left wrist then a winch pulls the chain so Anderssen’s arms are pulled up to the pole. Anderssen is now forced into a difficult bent over position with her hand in contact with the pole and a switch to activate the spanking machine that is revealed behind her by her sister. Anderssen now has to press the button to activate each stroke from the spanking machine until her sister feels Anderssen has been punished sufficiently.



Anderssen now has to complete her final task which she is told in her instructions has to be a “sexually appealing bondage suspension”. If Sally, Anderssen’s twisted twin sister is impressed, Arial will not be sold into slavery - To make it as sexually appealing as possible Arial is going to do the task naked.





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