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Chloe enters and switches on a timer then check her anal plug before she unzips the front of the tent and enters with a water mister for later then sits crossed legged inside which makes pushes her anal plug deeper then straps her legs together frog leg style and throws a set of keys outside the tent. Next she zips the front of the tent shut and puts a breathing pipe in her mouth before fastening a belt around her arms and handcuffing her hands behind her back. After some minutes of Chloe trying to stop the anal plug be pushed deep into her arse the tent starts to fill with steam and Chloe’s breathing speeds up until the tent is full of steam and the view of her is obscured. Chloe uses the water spray to try and cool herself down by spraying herself and the sides of the tent. After some time the tent is automatically pulled into the air by a winch and Chloe can wriggle to the keys and free herself.



Chloe hangs extra weights onto weights that are already hanging from ropes that runs through one way clam cleats then fastens leather straps to both her ankles and wrists then attaches the other end of the ropes with the weights hanging on them to her ankle straps and allows the weights to constantly try to pull her legs apart, knowing that the clam cleats will not allow her to close her legs again. Next Chloe ties her hair to a rope that goes over a pulley with a weight on its end and release weight so hair is pulled up to the ceiling before attaching a crotch rope to another weight in front of her so her crotch rope is pulled painfully tight through the thin material onto her pussy. Finally she padlocks her wrists behind her to another rope with a clam cleat in place and pulls its other end so her arms are raised up behind her into a strappado. With every small movement of her feet Chloe’s legs are slowly pulled further apart by the hanging weights until she is forced into her final more strenuous position !



Chloe dressed in a sexy police woman’s outfit secures a leather harness onto her head then inserts a vibrator into her pussy and switches it on before wriggling underneath a suspended wooden beam and ties herself to it in a hog tie position with straps around her body, waist and ankles securing her to the wooden beam. Chloe secures her head harness to the beam with zip ties to support her head and places the keys to her cuffs on the floor then handcuffs her wrists behind her and takes a deep breath as she uses an electric winch to lift the beam and her up to the ceiling. Chloe is quickly turned on by her predicament and starts to cum - She continues to cum for a few minutes then she needs to be let down and wriggles furiously but she wont be coming down until someone finds her !



Chloe first sets a timer then fastens leather cuffs to her ankles then padlocks the electric spreader bar between them and slides a dildo on a poll into her pussy. Next she fastens a ball gag in her mouth then uses vacuum cups on her nipples, clit and bikini line before placing her wrists into cuffs that hang down from the ceiling and waits in her spread eagle position. Now she will have to stay in this position until the timer starts the slow electric spreader bar that will push her legs still further apart and so lowering her pussy further onto the dildo. Chloe then waits again for the powerful vibrator attached to the dildo to switch on and force her to cum !



Chloe is dressed in a school skirt and shirt with pink shoes and a pony tail plug already inserted. Chloe first fastens a posture collar around her neck to keep her head up and a bit gag in her mouth then fastens a belt around her waist with a set of hand cuffs padlocked to the belt so they are behind her then picks up a remote control and attaches a chain hanging from a robowalker machine on the ceiling to the front of her collar then secures her hands into the handcuffs, operates the remote and throws it out of reach. The machine starts to turn and pull on her collar forcing Chloe to trot around in circles like a prancing horse and watch herself as she passes a mirror - You can see her confidence grow as she trots faster and shakes her tail !



Chloe walks up to a shiny pole dancers steel pole then places scissors at its base and padlocks a thick chains around the pole and to each ankle then hangs a notice around her neck before blindfolding herself and handcuffing her hands behind her back and around the pole. She waits getting more uneasy and testing her handcuffs not knowing what will happen to her when her boy friend finds her and wondering if it was a good idea. Chloe hears something and asks who is there then without warning a hose is turned on her and she is sprayed with icy cold water from top to toe for over a minute making her scream and her tee shirt transparent then the water stops as sudden as it started. She protests and waits then she is sprayed again until it stops and Chloe asks if removing her tee shirt will stop the cold water and rips it of herself but the water torture continues. Next she removes her skirt then pantyhose as she is been sprayed until the water stops and she is standing in just her bra and panties. Chloe now realises what she has to do and bends down and picks up the scissors and cuts the straps of her bra so it falls to the floor exposing her breasts and nipples now erect with the cold water but she is sprayed with water again. When the water stops she reluctantly cuts each side of her panties with the scissors and lets them fall to the floor and stands with her legs apart and shoulders back so her breasts are pushed forward and offers herself to her boy friend but he is here to torture her and Chloe is hosed down again before the water is permanently turned off and a set of keys are thrown at her feet to let herself out.





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