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Chloe is feeling very frisky and wants to be tied up for some fun and discusses on the phone with her boy friend about her bondage idea and that she wants to be left to struggle and escape. The next time we see Chloe she is still dressed in her office clothes but now with her skirt pulled up showing her stocking tops and suspenders and with a few more buttons undone on her shirt, hogtied on the floor, gagged and arms in a leather arm binder enjoying her bondage and struggling to escape. What Chloe doesn’t know is she is now locked in the room and will have to amuse herself for the rest of the day.



Chloe finds a dildo and places it on a chair and starts to wank and lick it, shouting out to boy friend “Look what you are missing out on” this excites Chloe and she starts to feel herself. Chloe then sees a box of bondage equipment and has an idea - She lays a long string with the keys to her cuffs on the floor and ties its end to the chair then slowly lowers her body and slides the dildo deep inside her pussy. As she secures her ankles and knees to the chair Chloe becomes more turned on by her bondage and unbuttons her blouse and feels her nipples. With every small movement of her body the large dildo has worked on Chloe’s heightening need for sexual satisfaction and now she desperately handcuffs her hands behind her back. The click click click sound of the cold steal handcuffs on her wrists, the ropes, the straps and the gag increases her excitement and she soon begins working up to a massive body shaking orgasm as she fucks the dildo as hard as her bondage allows.



Chloe sets a timer then places a key on a electromagnet on ceiling ready for escape then decides its time for more rope including a crotch rope so she puts her panties back on so she doesn’t hurt herself later as she struggles. After tying ropes around her body and crotch Chloe ties her ankles then padlocks a chain to the ankle rope and handcuffs to other end of chain. Finally she wriggles a black strap up her arms to her elbows then secures her wrists into the handcuffs so she is hogtied. Chloe enjoys a hogtie so struggles and roles over the floor, even getting onto her knees before falling over and back onto the floor to struggle some more until the timer switches off the electromagnet and the key drops into her reach and she releases the her hands. Next Chloe stands and resets the timer and replaces the key back onto the electromagnet but this time she places a vibrator on floor. Chloe then fixes a bit gag in her mouth and ties rope around back of neck and to her knees before handcuffing her hands behind back so she is tied in a ball. While enjoying her bondage this time Chloe will use the vibrator to slowly make herself cum.



Chloe enters the room dressed in just her underwear and sets a control device on wall before removing her bra and panties and slowly oils her body. After sitting on a chair Chloe fastens a sexy pink and diamantine collar around her neck and begins to squeeze her nipples and clit then uses a suction cup on them until she is pleased with the results as they are now erect. Chloe then secures her ankles to the bottom of the chair legs with leather straps and eases a dildo plug into her pussy and fastens a crotch strap around herself then hooks the end of this to the hook of a hoist in front of her. Next she puts the panties she has just removed into her mouth and wraps a bright red bandage around her mouth so she can not remove the panties then tapes a powerful Hitachi vibrator to the crotch strap. Chloe switches on the Vibrator and uses the suction cup on her nipples again until the control device begins to raise the hoist in short bursts. The hoist continues to pull her crotch strap and so raise her into the air and also push the dildo into her pussy over a few minutes until Chloe's bottom is pulled off the chair and into the air so that Chloe has to support herself with her arms and can no longer escape. Chloe enjoys the vibrator but not the position and struggles to cum but is unable - curses the position !! Eventually the hoist reverses and Chloe can again sit, release herself and finally use the vibrator and suction cup to pleasure herself until she reaches the orgasm she longed for.



Chloe is going to do some blow job training using her laptop, a computer program and a cock dildo. She first ties a short spreader bar between her knees and tries to inserts a very large plug dildo into her pussy but no matter how much she tries to push it inside her it will not fit and so she decides to insert two sets of Ben Wa balls into her pussy. Next Chloe starts the program on the laptop, and as the start counter counts down she handcuffs her hands behind her back. After the countdown has finished Chloe has to give the dildo a blow job moving her head up and down between two markers that are placed on the image the laptop webcam is recording until the number of times she has pre-programmed is completed and the CD tray opens on the laptop and the key is released. To add to the difficulty, if Chloe dosnt do it correctly within a few seconds the number of times she has to fuck the dildo with her mouth is increased!



Chloe is caressing, smelling and rubbing her face and body with hand full’s of rope and feeling her boobs and crotch as the feel and smell of the rope turns her on. Next Chloe dresses in a red catsuit and boots and inserts a small silver vibrator into her pussy then sets a timer. Now Chloe fastens leather cuffs around her ankles and a spreader bar between them then secures another cuff around her right wrist and fastens a ball gag in her mouth. Finally she clips her right cuff to her left ankle and places her left wrist into the cuff attached to the hoist hook and operates the hoist via the remote control until her arm is pulled up tight.



Chloe inspects the wooden frame slowly stroking her hands up and down the poles then checking its rope bindings while remembering how good her girlfriend Kitty looked when she was tied to it and how good herself will look for when her boyfriend returns and finds her. Chloe ties herself spread eagle to the A frame and starts to convince herself to do the “final part” – Eventually Chloe builds up enough courage to pull a string that pulls a steal pin free and releases the top of the frame from the ceiling beam and the frame falls forward until a length of chain stops it, leaving Chloe in a new difficult position until her boyfriend returns to take advantage of the bound and helpless Chloe.





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