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Frankie Babe

6 scenes  -  98 movie minutes



After removing her dressing gown to reveal her ample breasts Frankie Babe sits down to fasten an electric spreader bar between her ankles, a collar around her neck then she holds up a leather armbinder and orders a maid to help her. Once the maid has helped Frankie insert an electrode deep into her pussy, place a remote control in Frankie’s hand and tightly secured the armbinder in place, Frankie dismisses the maid who turns the light out as she leaves, leaving Frankie sat in the dark. Frankie doesn’t like the dark and know her Mistress is watching remotely somewhere in the world and knows she would not be able to resist watching Frankie, she asks her Mistress to switch the lights back on. Frankie know she now has to put a show on for her mistress and presses one of the buttons on the remote control until her arms are hoisted high up behind her before pressing a second button that switches on an electric spreader bar that eventually spreads Frankie’s legs wide apart. Frankie has being in this position with her Mistress watching and knows that at any time her Mistress can remotely release her with the click of a button and always has ..Until today. Frankie now realises she is going to have to press the last button on her remote control and that the electrode deep in her pussy is going to electrocute her for 60 seconds before she is released!



Frankie removes her shoes, skirt and shirt and places them on a chair then she attached an ice release to the winch and ties a crotch rope around herself passing its free end through the ice release and back to a chain for later. Using more rope Frankie frog ties both legs and ties more ropes to these then ties them off to hooks behind her. Next Frankie fastens and padlocks leather cuffs to her wrists and fastens a ball gag in her mouth then ties the milking machine to her breasts and switches the machine on so it constantly sucks her nipples. Frankie makes sure she will be able to reach a vibrator then padlocks her wrist cuffs to each end of the chain and with a remote control in her hand she presses one of its buttons and the winch starts to pull her crotch rope and her wrists towards it until the crotch rope is tight. Finally Frankie throws the remote out of reach and picks up the vibrator and presses it against her crotch rope, enjoying the powerful vibrations between her legs as well as having her nipples rhythmically sucked by the machine and the physically demanding bondage, Frankie begins to build up to a woman’s ultimate pleasure.



Frankie sets a timer then sits on the floor and fastens leather cuffs to her ankles and a spreader between. Padlocked to the centre of this spreader are two poles, both with a dildo on the end with one also having a vibrator. Frankie eases the dildo, with the vibrator, into her pussy and ties a second short spreader bar between her knees and fastens the other dildo in her mouth. Frankie next handcuffs her wrists to a short spreader bar behind her back using a remote control to switch on a winch that pulls her wrists to the end of this short spreader then her arms back away from her before she operates a second winch to pull her leg spreader bar forward until she is in position. Finally using the remote control again to switch on the vibrator Frankie throws the remote control out of reach and enjoys the vibrator and tries to fuck herself with the dildo by moving her legs the small amount she can to reach her goal of an orgasm while in bondage.



After setting an electronic timer Frankie squats on top of a small wooden table and ties both her ankles to its four corners then uses two leather straps on each leg to frog tie before tying ropes that are hanging from the ceiling to two of the leather straps so she can not move position and her legs are held wide apart. Next Frankie fastens a ring gag in her mouth and positions the head of the Hitachi vibrator onto her pussy then fastens a collar around her neck and attaching two further ropes hanging down from the ceiling to each side of the collar. Finally she re-positions herself slightly lower so all the ropes are pulled tight by sitting crossed legged then handcuffs her wrists in front of her. Now with the large vibrator in position on her clit Frankie can concentrate on having multiple orgasms until the key drops from an electro magnet above her and into reach so she can escape.



Frankie walks into view as she looks around a small room and sees a dildo taped to a low stool then she picks up a sheet of paper and reads her instructions aloud – Frankie will humiliate her self and prove she is an obedient toy fucker! Next Frankie follows her instructions and fastens a collar around her neck then padlocks a chain to the front of the collar before padlocking a set of metal handcuffs to the other end of this chain and secures her wrists into them. Frankie lowers herself onto the dildo and starts to fuck it until a beeper sounds and Frankie has to immediately stop and suck the dildo before the beeper sounds again and she can continue to fuck the dildo, this continues many numbers of times while her Mistress commands her to bark like a dog and speaking aloud demeaning sentences.



Frankie Babe dressed in a clingy wool dress fastens leather cuff to each ankle and attached a ratchet to each cuff and proceeds to ratchet her legs apart as she straddles a dildo that can be extended by remote control to slide up between her legs and fill her. Finally Frankie fastens a second set of leather cuffs to each wrist and padlocks them to short chains above her, one having a metal plate attached to an electro-magnet so she is bound spread eagle and can be released remotely by her Mistress. Frankie fucks the dildo as it starts to ease deep inside her until she panics as the dildo starts to go too deep inside her and she screams for her Mistress to stop it, the dildo stops for a few seconds then restarts again making Frankie scream again before the dildo stops. Frankie asks what her Mistress wants her to do, as she can hardly move but nothing happens then suddenly water starts to be sprayed at Frankie’s feet making her scream and struggle even more determinedly. The water starts to move up her body making the wool dress transparent and cling to Frankie’s sexy curves as she tries to escape the relentless jet of cold water. After what was far too long for Frankie the water stops and she is left dripping wet and cold until the electro-magnet is switched off and Frankie is able to release herself only to reluctantly secure herself in a metal fiddle around her neck and wrists ready for the Mistresses maid to kiss, humiliate and fuck her new play toy, Frankie!





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