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Roswell is bound in a strict reverse arch with a purple ball gag in her mouth and her arms in a leather arm binder with her ankle cuffs secured to metal plates held in place by powerful electromagnets fixed to each side of her. Roswell also has a rope tied to the arm binder that goes between her legs so it acts as a crotch rope and is held tight by another electromagnet on the ceiling above her. Suspended above her are three candles with electric heaters attached that Roswell is staring up at intently as she decides to press a button on the remote control in her hand or not. With her body beginning to ache from the strict position she presses the button and starts a timer that after the predetermined time will switch off the electromagnets but also switches on the heaters. Roswell starts to wriggle as the heating elements heat the candles and wax starts to drip, first onto one breasts then the other, then between, until the timer counts down to zero and switches off the electromagnets and she can try to escape the armbinder.



Roswell dresses in stockings, suspender belt and shoes then ties her breasts with rope and fastens leather cuffs onto her ankles and more leather cuffs onto her wrists that she secures with padlocks so they can not be undone. Next Roswell fastens a chain between her ankles then sets a timer that is on the floor in front of her before running a rope that goes to a weight held in place by an electromagnet between her legs and tying it off to the rope tied around her breasts. Roswell places pegs on her breasts then padlocks her wrist cuffs to a chain that goes though a metal ring on the wall in front of her and to an electric winch then with a remote control in her hand Roswell bends over and leans against the wall allowing her long auburn red hair to cascade down as she raises her arms and presses a button on her remote control to operate the winch until her arms are pulled up and against the wall above her. After a short time Roswell realises the pegs are a bad idea as they soon start to hurt her delicate flesh, so she brushes the pegs against the wall the best she can until they are all knocked off her breasts then she presses a button on her remote control and the weight drops and pulls the rope between her legs tight and pulls on her breasts making her wriggle to try and get the thin rope in a comfortable position. In this position Roswell is forced to look at the timer on the floor were she makes a discovery – She has not set the timer for eight minutes, she has set it for eight hours! Roswell now tries to escape and manages to pull on the rope that is acting as a crotch rope and free the ropes from her breasts but the crotch rope is still in place and her arms are held firm leaving Roswell to suffer in this position for the next seven hours and forty five minutes.



After dressing in a corset to extenuate her curvaceous body, black panties and stockings Roswell switches on a video camera to record a special video for a very special friend and introduces herself before setting an electronic counter to 100 that’s connected to the spanking machine to count down the stokes it administers onto Roswell’s bottom. Next Roswell steps onto a wooden plinth and ties her ankles to shackle rings screwed onto the plinth so her legs are kept apart then positions a violet wand onto the front of her panties. Roswell switches on the Violet wand and adjusts its intensity so it becomes a good deterrent to keep her bottom in position and not lean forward away from the spanking machine then she quickly cuffs her hands above her head onto the ends of chains hanging down above her, one of which is connected to an electromagnet for her release when the allotted number of strokes from the spanking machine has been reached. Roswell now takes hold of a remote control and presses its button to activate the spanking machines (one press for each stroke) as she faces the camera and counts every stroke aloud until her punishment is completed and the electromagnet is disengaged so she can release herself.



Roswell finishes dressing then sets a timer and places a key under low wooden stool before standing on the stool and onto a short wooden pole with a single rope tied to its middle. Roswell then proceeds to place straps around her ankles and above and below her knees with this rope place under the straps so securing the rope to herself. Next Roswell fastens the end of the rope to the hook of a winch using a carabineer and fastens a strap around her waist with a set of handcuffs padlocked to it so the cuffs are behind her back. Then two more straps that go under and above her breasts are fastened followed by a medical type gag in her mouth. Roswell puts her arms behind her back and wriggles a strap up her arms to her elbows then handcuffs her wrists securely. Roswell wriggles in her bindings to off balance’s herself and off the wooden stool, that she kicks out of reach so there is no chance of her using it again. Now Roswell is left suspended and wriggling until the timer switched on the winch and lowers Roswell to the floor so she can reach the keys and release herself.



Roswell hangs her key on the hand of a clock on the wall behind her then she fastens a red ball gag in her mouth before tying a spreader bar between her ankles with clean new white rope and a knotted crotch rope around herself with more of the same white rope then ties her crotch rope to a weight on the floor via a pulley system supported by the hook of a winch in front of her. Next Roswell fastens and padlocks leather cuffs on to each wrist then places the pads of an EMS unit onto the tops of her legs and switches it on so its inbuilt timer begins to count down until the unit switches on fully and gives her a strong pulsing electrical shock if she doesn’t escape in time. Roswell padlocks her leather wrist cuffs behind her back and to a metal frame bolted to the wall she is held in place with no chance of escape. Finally with a remote control in her hand she raises the hoist until a weight is raised off the floor and her crotch rope is pulled tight making her shuffle her feet slightly and arch her body then she drops the remote to the floor and out of reach. Now every movement allows the knots of the crotch rope to torment Roswell as she watches the hand of the clock slowly turn and allow the key to drop into her reach, and with the ever present thought that the EMS unit will deliver its strong electrical shocks into the top of her legs making her uncontrollably move and pull the crotch rope deeper, tighter and more painfully between her legs - This is not going to be an easy wait!



Roswell dressed in latex rubber and ballet boots walks over to the wall and sets a timer control for her release then secures leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists and securely padlocks them so she can not release them without a key before fastening a leather head harness in position. Rowell now on the floor blindfolds herself then fastens zip ties between her ankle and wrist cuffs so she is hogtied and begins to pull on her ankles so her back is dramatically arched backwards. Roswell then starts to pull the zip ties bit by bit so her wrists are permanently pulled to her ankles to make her hogtie stricter until the timer switches off the electromagnet above her to release a set of wire cutters to cut the zip tie and escape.



Roswell is dressed in latex and now standing in her ballet boots while on the phone to her friend to make sure if she can’t escape her friend will be there to release her – Safety first! Next we see Roswell on an inflatable bed securing leather straps to each ankle and padlocking a spreader bar between that is chained to the far wall with a long thick rusty old chain. Roswell then fastens more leather cuffs to her wrists that she secures with small padlocks making them impossible to escape from without the key then uses more padlocks to attach her wrist cuffs to each end of the second spreader bar that is chained to the wall behind her so she is spread eagle on the un-inflated bed. After a few minutes of testing and enjoying her bondage Roswell reaches for a remote control and presses one of its buttons activating an air pump and the bed starts to inflate. As Roswell rises off the floor on the bed as it fills with air the chains pull tight and she is held stretched in her spread eagle position as she struggles against her bondage. Eventually she decides its time to escape so she presses a second button on the remote control and a motor starts pulling a string but it stalls and Roswell frantically presses the buttons on the remote control and pulls at her chains until the motor starts again and pulls a cork from the air bed allowing it to deflate and Roswell to reach her keys, but as she tries to unlock herself she accidentally flicks the keys out of reach and now really hopes her friend wont be too long and not the next day like the last time she need her help!





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