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Chloe is walking home when a thunderstorm begins and she runs for cover into an old disused building and switches on a light and we see her clothes are soaking wet and her nipples are clearly visible though her thin tee shirt. Chloe is getting cold when she notices a towel and dress and after a quick look around she decides to dry herself and put the dress on. In the room there is also a bed and a locked wooden box that Chloe can’t resist opening and soon finds a key and opens it to find inside are a set of handcuffs, gag, vibrator, collar, leather cuffs, vibrating nipple clamps and a typed script. Shocked but also intrigued she places the items on the bed and starts to read the script to herself becoming aroused by what she is reading and plays with the bondage equipment and the vibrator. Chloe then looks around the room and up to find a chain fixed to a hook on the ceiling and a spreader bar at each end of the bed and this gives her an idea, she removes her dress and ties a crotch rope around herself and gets onto the bed and secures leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists then fastens a spreader bar between her ankles. Next Chloe attaches her crotch rope to the chain that is hanging down above her before fastening a ball gag in her mouth and padlocking her wrists to each end of the second spreader bar above her head. Chloe starts to pull at her bindings enjoying her bondage and wriggles on the bed until the old inflatable bed starts to leak and deflate, leaving Chloe struggling to escape with her crotch rope becoming agonisingly tight. After a few minutes the door opens and in walks a stranger who walks slowly towards the bed as Chloe watches and struggles violently to escape as the stranger bends over her with a pair of clover clamps and she realises her nipples will be painfully clamped and there is nothing she can do to stop it!



Chloe Lovette finishes dressing then liberally applies menthol cream onto the base of a large black dildo attached to the top of a special stand before starting a ball bearing roller coaster toy to switches on an electromagnet that is hanging above her from the hook of a winch, she then secures a metal plate to this electromagnet that has a chain hanging down from it to attach her wrist cuffs to later. The idea of the toy is as the balls go around and around they reset a two minute count down timer, Chloe is hoping that the balls will come off the tracks and the counter will be able to count down to zero and switch off the magnet and release her. Chloe now ties ropes from each side to her ankles so her legs are apart then fastens a collar around her neck and a ring gag in her mouth before securing leather cuffs to both wrists and easing the tip of the dildo inside her. The dildo is screwed to the top of raising device with a thin metal pole attached to it that she connects to the front of her collar then padlocks her cuffs to a chain hanging behind her and raises her arms up behind her by using a remote control to operate the winch. Chloe now fucks the dildo and begins to dribble uncontrollably from her ring gag and with her body moments she now and again pushes the thin pole down with her collar making the dildo rise and slightly push deeper inside her until she is forced onto her tip toes so the menthol cream doesn’t touch her sensitive pussy lips but eventually the menthol cream does comes in contact with her and she starts to feel a burning feeling between her legs. Chloe now has to endure this position with the burning between her legs that makes her body wriggle and tears run down her face until the counter is allowed to count down.



Chloe Lovette sits on a low wooden stool and fastens leather cuffs to both ankles and attaches a short spreader bar between them that is also fixed to the front of the stool. Next she ties ropes from just below each knee to hooks on the wall behind her so her knees are pulls apart before adjusting the Hitachi vibrator so it is in perfect contact. Chloe fastens a leather belt around her waist that will hold her in position to the wall then finally she handcuffs one wrist to the wall behind her and the other to a chain that goes to an electro-magnet and will release her when she comes and drips her juices onto a sensor below her. Chloe continues to talk to the camera as the vibrator slowly brings her to a climax then the vibrator forces her to come again and again until her juices dribble onto the sensor and the electro magnet is switched off and she can release herself.



Chloe Lovette wants to play a naughty game of bingo in front of the camera – This game will include a selection of dildo’s and bondage. Chloe selects her first number by turning a bingo number picker until one is randomly selected which she places on the board (27) then takes a dildo and handcuffs her hands before fucking herself with the dildo 27 times. Her second picked number is 67 and after tying her ankles she uses a second dildo 30 times before adding more rope and tying her knees together and completing the remaining 37 fucks. After picking 16 Chloe removes her skirt and padlocks a chain between her ankles then uses red lipstick to paint her right nipple and pink lipstick for her left then writes “FUCK ME” across her body before easing an inflatable dildo inside her and progressively pumps it 16 times then when fully inflated Chloe slowly pulls it out of her. Next Chloe picks the number 56 then fastens a bit gag in her mouth and walks over to a smooth earthenware dildo on a low four legs stool and slides the cool object inside her and fucks it 56 times, leaving it covered in her juices when she withdraws and removes her gag. Finally Chloe picks the number 63 and locks her wrists and neck into a metal fiddle restraint and begins to fuck a metal dildo rising from the floor until she is pushed over the edge and into climatic bliss



Chloe switches on the machine at the power socket then fastens leather cuffs on both ankles before testing an inflatable dildo and inserting it inside herself. Next she sits on a saddle and reconnects the pipe of the inflating dildo to part of the machine then she connects the ankle cuffs to ropes that go to clam cleats above and on each side of her. Chloe fastens a ring gag in her mouth then tucks a microphone into its left side and ties a large vibrator so it is in contact between her legs then she pulls the ropes that are connected to her ankles so her legs are pulled apart. She now places vacuum cups on her nipples and makes a noise loud enough for the microphone to start the machine and suck some of the air from the vacuum cups so they are held in place. Everything is now connected to the machine – The nipple vacuum cups, the pipe to the inflatable dildo, the vibrator between her legs and of cause the microphone, with the volume detector set to the medium setting so soft moans won’t do anything but medium and high screams will increase the size of the dildo inside her, start the large vibrator, and increases the vacuum on the nipple cups. Finally Chloe switches on the vibrator of the dildo that is now pushed deep inside her then places her wrists into the leather cuffs above and to each side of her and pulls them tight so she can not escape. Slowly the vibrations start to have an effect on Chloe and she begins to moan and wriggle until her moans become too loud and the machine is activated, switching on the large vibrator, increasing the size of the dildo and increasing the vacuum so her nipples are sucked hard bringing her to her first of many orgasms. As her orgasm subsides and she becomes quieter the machine resets all the devices to their original state except the large vibrator that has its rhythm changed forcing Chloe to climax again with the sound of her pleasure becoming too loud for the machine and the cycle repeats.



Chloe presses buttons on a water sprinkler timer to set it’s on and off time then she straddles a rope that is tied to the ceiling behind her and in front it goes up and over a pulley on the ceiling to a large water bottle where the hose from the sprinkler timer has been inserted in its neck. Chloe adjusts the placement of rope that runs over her crotch then placers her hands into leather self tightening cuffs and pulls on them to tighten them around her wrists and can not escape then waits nervously. After what seems way too long the timer switches on and water and it slowly fills the water bottle pulling her crotch rope tighter and tighter into her sex until the timer stops the flow of water. With every small movement Chloe makes to alleviate her discomfort the crotch rope pulls ever tighter forcing her on to her tip toes and when she thinks things couldn’t get any worse cold water suddenly starts to spray over Chloe making her scream and struggle to escape as her thin cotton top become transparent and her nipples erect with the cold water.



Chloe Lovette is dressed in her sexy black latex clothing as she padlocks a leather cuff to her ankle the padlocks a thick metal chain that is secured to the wall to her ankle cuff. Chloe now slowly pours part of a carton of custard into her mouth then unzips her top by a few inches and dribbles custard inside and over her breasts then she pours more custard over herself and hair and face before removing her skirt. Chloe pours more custard over herself and even a can of icy cold beer before she begins to pull corks from bottles of custard, honey and other messy ingredients covering her in even more goo to find the key to the padlock securing her ankle to the wall that is hidden in one of the bottles.





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