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Tracey Lain

6 scenes  -  105 movie minutes



Tracey Lain dressed in her black shiny PVC clothing, fishnet stockings and black patent leather high heels shoes is struggling on the floor trying is to escape after her flat mate left her hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. After many long minutes Tracey manages to get her hands free and remove her blindfold, head harness and gag then the rest of the ropes that bound her before removing her PVC clothing followed by a tight crotch rope that leave its mark on her delicate skin.



Tracey sets a timer and spays some aerosol into the beam of a laser to illuminate its beam then breaks the beam with her hand to test the spanking machine applies three strokes then presses a button on a remote control to temporary switch the machine off as she walks over to the machine. Once in front of the machine she adjusts a stand with two metal strips along its top edge (and a neon bulb to indicate a voltage in excess of 80 volts is present) connected to a Tens unit so it is just out of contact with her pussy when she is on tip toe. Tracey fastens and padlocks leather cuffs on her wrists then places vacuum cups on both her nipples before padlocking her cuffs to a looped rope above her head that goes to an electromagnet where it is held until the timer switches off its power and she is released. Tracey wriggles into position then presses a button on the remote control that switches on the Tens unit and the spanking machine then drops the remote control on to the floor so she can not change her mind and what designed to happen will happen. With her wrists slightly behind her and the Tens unit encouraging her to move back with its electric shocks Tracy tries desperately not to break the beam of the laser but inevitable her pussy receives its first electric shock making Tracey jump back so her bottom brakes the beam of the laser to activate the spanker so it can administer the first set of three strokes onto her bottom. On tip toes Tracey tries to keep her pussy away from another electric shock and just forward enough not to break the beam of the laser but by the time she is released her arms, feet and toes ache, nipples are large, erect and painful, bottom is bruised and her pussy tingles from all the electric shocks – A true pain slut!



More true pain: Tracey is talking to Jane, her room mate on the phone and asking her to ring Tracey when she arrives so Tracey can give her some instructions then hangs up and sets the phone to auto answer and check on wires that are connected to the phone that goes to a vaginal probe and padlock. Next Tracey ties a string across the floor then kneels on the floor and fastens leather cuffs to her ankles with a spreader bar between them that is chained to the far wall behind her. Now Tracey ties ropes from the wall in front of her to both her knees before slowly easing a metal expanding and lockable anal plug inside her arse and padlocking it in its fully expanded state with the padlock that is connected to the phone via a wire to a chain and rope that go up to the ceiling. Tracey then with some difficulty due to the size of the anal plug already inside her forces the vaginal probe deep inside her that is also connected to the phone with a second wire. Tracey pulls the other end of the rope from the anal plug tight via a clam cleat so her bottom is permanently pulled up into the air before placing a number of pegs onto the lips of her pussy and tying the string from across the floor to them. Finally Tracey padlocks a set of metal handcuffs to the centre of the spreader bar and secures her wrists into them ready for Jane to ring a few minutes later. Tracey receives a powerful electric shock every time the phone rings making her jump and scream then Tracey realises the phone must be faulty and not auto answering so instead of only the two rings and be able to talk to Jane she receives six then a pause then three more then another six rings as Jane tries to contact Tracey as planed. Jane thinking something is wrong unlocks the door and quickly enters but despite Tracey trying to tell Jane not to come any closer Jane ignores her and strides towards Tracey pulling the string connected to the pegs with her foot so ripping them all very painfully from Tracey’s pussy and making her scream loudly.



Tracey dressed in only a bra fastens an ice release to the hook of a winch that also has a wooden beam with a rope tied between its ends attached to the same hook then attaches a strap, that can be pulled and shortened and chain arrangement to the ice release for use later to secure her arms. Tracey next fastens a leather posture collar around her neck and a ring gag in her mouth then locks leather cuffs onto her wrists and ankles before lowering the winch hook. Tracey straddles the rope that hangs down and padlocks a spreader bar between her ankles then padlocks her wrist to each end of the chain and pulls the strap so it ends are pulled together making it impossible for her to reach the floor. Finally Tracey operates the winch so the rope pulls tight between her legs acting as a crotch rope forcing her onto her tiptoes then drops the winch control onto the floor and out of reach. Tracey soon begins to dribble uncontrollably while balancing on her tip toes to keep the crotch rope from punishing her too much until the ice release melts and she can reach the winch control but Tracey finds out that the tightness of the crotch rope stops her from bending and reaching the winch control - Tracey will now have to suffer the crotch rope until her room mate returns...



Tracey Lain picks up a string of five balls and one by one pushes them deep into her pussy then straddles a workers metal horse and uses leather straps to secure her ankles to the legs of the horse before lying along the horse, making sure she is in position with the Hitachi vibrator fastened to the horse then handcuffs her wrists to the other two legs of metal horse. Tracey presses a button on a remote control hanging in reach and switches on the powerful Hitachi vibrator that she made sure was in contact with her clitirious and begins to work up to an orgasm and with the addition of the balls inside her this wont take long but she needs an incentive to escape so presses the second button on the remote control to start a motor that slowly extends a dildo towards her arse then she throws the remote control out of reach so she can not stop the Hitachi vibrator or the fate of her arse from the dildo unless she can escape in time. Tracey begins to untie a rope with hundreds of knots tied into it keeping the key to her handcuffs out of reach but the vibrations keep distracting her. Tracey feels the coldness of the dildo touch her anus making her panic and drop the rope, then as she picks up the rope again and frantically continues to undo the knots the dildo slowly starts to penetrate her arse. Tracey is far too slow at untying the knots and after the dildo has extended to its full length it begins to rotate. After what feels like hours of anal assault and many forced orgasms Tracey releases one wrist and manages to reach a second remote control and switch the dildo into reverse so it will withdraw from her. After releasing her second wrist and her ankles Tracey turns around and feeling extremely turned on by her latest self-bondage experiment begins to run her tongue up and down the dildo that was buried in her arse just a few moments before then she slowly pulls the balls from her pussy that have filled her from the start and begins to lick and fill her mouth with them so she can taste herself. This dramatically increases her need for another orgasm and Tracey lowers her pussy back onto the vibrator and with her anus still aching and the smell and taste of her juices in her mouth and nose she works herself up to another noisy climax



Tracey Lain dressed in a rubber dress, stockings and very high heeled shoes sets an electronic timer before she walks across the room and sits down on the floor to tie ropes around her knees and fasten leather cuffs to her ankles. To these Tracey fastens one way slide pulls on each side of her that are anchored to the wall then pulls them tight so her legs are pulled up and apart. Tracey inserts a cold metal speculum into her pussy and opens it inside her to its maximum before pumping a suction cup on her clitirious with a vibrator inside so it is in constant contact with her now enlarged clitirious bud then slowly eases an enema butt plug into her arse with a noticeable look of relief when it is fully in position. Tracey now pulls a string that opens a valve above her so 2.5 US quarts of liquid begins to flow into her via the butt plug. Tracey secures her hands and neck with a metal fiddle and looks up at the bag of enema fluid empting into her and with no way to stop it so begins her first enema torment. After all the liquid has flowed inside her Tracey wonders if she had set the timer for too long a time as the discomfort and cramping feeling start to increase from her enema. Tracey manages to force part of the plug out of her arse but not enough to release the liquid inside her, then to her relief the timer activates with a beep and switches on a small winch and the plug is pulled completely out allowing the pressure to release and the torment to end. Tracey’s self made enema torment maybe over but she is still left bound for her room mate to discover her and inflict her own torments on Tracey.





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