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5 scenes  -  110 movie minutes



After the sound of breaking glass Kitty enters into a dimly lit room and fumbles for a light switch. The room lights switch on revealing a small movie set at one end of the room and Kitty goes over to investigate. Kitty opens an old school desk and finds various bondage items and an old wooden school ruler and swiftly spanks her bottom with the ruler over her skin tight jean then she pulls down her jeans and spanks her bare bottom - first one cheek and then the other, pausing to feel the growing warmth of her bottom as she increases the power of the strokes until they are visible red and marked. After looking through a bondage magazine and discovering an old diagram for a bondage shoot she decides she will try to tie herself up as the idea and takes out some chain, handcuffs, padlocks, rope and keys from the desk. Kitty padlocks various keys to opposite walls so she will have to struggle from one side of the room to the other to release the keys to release the padlocks that holds the key to her release. Next Kitty ties a crotch rope around herself and more rope around her ankles and knees then padlocks a length of chain to her ankles with the handcuffs padlocked to this chain. Kitty lays on her front and secures her wrists behind her into the handcuffs so she is hogtied and imagines what a real secure hogtie would look and feel like before she proceeds to escape by struggling from one side of the room to the other releasing the keys until she has the key to her handcuffs and releases herself.



Kitty feels her body though the tight shiny latex catsuit and then ties a stocking filled with ice to a chain then threads the chain though the hook of a winch above her - this will allow her to pull her arms free when the ice melts. Next she ties a crotch rope and waist rope around herself leaving a length of rope free for later then gags herself and ties a spreader bar between her ankles. Finally Kitty makes sure the remote control is in her hand and secures her wrist cuffs and the free end of the rope from before to the chain on the hook behind her then operates the remote control until her arms and waist rope are both pulled up behind her before dropping the remote control out of reach begins to pull and struggle until the ice to melt and she can escape.



Kitty starts dressed in white blouse, bra, denim skirt and pantyhose wearing her favourite gasmask and holding a lit candle. Kitty drips the hot wax from the candle onto her clothes then slowly removes her blouse and skirt to further drip the wax onto her bra and pantyhose until she removes them so she is naked and continues to drip the hot wax onto her toes, feet, legs, body, bottom and breasts.



Kitty places the key to her handcuffs into a recess on the inside of a metal plate and attaches the plate to an electro-magnet screwed to the ceiling so the plate is held securely and she can not get the key. Next Kitty secures a ball gag in her mouth and ties a spreader bar between her ankles then ties a crotch rope around herself and attaches it to a rope that goes over a gin wheel that is hooked to the ceiling and down to a weight on the floor behind her before handcuffing her hands in front of her with the handcuffs attached to a second rope that goes over a hook in the ceiling in front of her and down to a another weight that she releases so it pulls on her cuffs around her wrists. To alleviate the pain of the cuffs cutting into her wrists she will have to move forward and lower the weight in front of her onto the floor, but this will then lift the weight behind her and pull her crotch rope painfully tight. Kitty will now have to decide which she can endure - the tight crotch rope pulled between her legs or her metal handcuffs cutting into her wrists (or a bit of both) until the electro-magnet releases and she can reach her keys and escape her torment.



Kitty was about to leave stealing (or was it borrowing?) the tight black latex catsuit but her curiosity gets the better of her and investigates what is below a trap door. Big mistake ! The owner of the catsuit is waiting and ties Kitty up and hoists her into the air then uses a leather belt to punish Kitty’s bottom hard before her nipples are tormented with painful clover clamps.





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