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Tracey Lain

6 scenes  -  158 movie minutes



Tracey dressed in her red underwear, stockings and suspender belt finishes setting up a video camera to film herself then places a key in the foot of her stocking and a vibrator inside her before she starts to dress - pantyhose over her red stockings, then tight red shiny pants, a transparent shirt and kinky red shiny boots. Next Tracey ties ropes around her ankles and knees and a crotch rope followed by more rope around her breasts then adds an elastic bandage to muffle her. Finally Tracey places long gloves on and cuffs her hands behind her back. To escape all Tracey has to do is remove all the ropes, boots pants, tights and stockings to get to the key and release her handcuffs.....She may be some time!



Tracey Lain secures the spreader bar between her ankles then ties a crotch rope around herself that goes to a concrete weight held to the ceiling by an electro magnet. Next Tracy puts mouse traps on her nipples then puts her arms behind her and wriggles leather cuffs hanging from the hoist up to her elbows and raises the hoist so her arms are pulled up high behind her. Tracey tries to get into a comfortable position for a few minutes until she hears a beep sound and knows what is about to happen. A few seconds later the electro magnet is switched off and the weight drops pulling her crotch rope tight. Tracey now has to endure this painful position until the timer releases her.


Tracey sets a timer then secures leather straps to her ankles and a long metal spreader bar between them. Next she ties the Hitachi vibrator in place then gags herself and switches the Hitachi on. Finally Tracey secures her wrist cuffs onto a wooden beam hanging from the hoist hook above her and raises the hoist so she is spread eagle before releasing the hoist control so she can not escape until the timer lowers the hoist. The first few orgasms are fun but the constantly forced orgasms soon becomes torturous and she can only hope for her release.



Tracey switches on her video camera then fastens straps around her ankles and fastens a spreader bar between her ankles with a dildo attached to is middle. Tracey lays on the floor belly down and slowly allows a dildo to slide into her pussy then fastens her wrists into leather cuffs behind her back before activating the electric shock device and the winch to pull her arms towards her feet and raise her breasts off the floor and away from an electric shock. Now it is decision time, when her body can not take the position any longer she can lower herself but her breasts will be electrocuted as they touch the contracts. She can always raise herself away from the shocks when it becomes too much, if her body can take it ! This will continue until her pussy has warmed the dildo to a sufficient temperature that the electric shock machine is switched off and she can escape.



Tracey places a piece of paper with a lock combination code on a step at the far side of the room and hangs a set of keys on the wall so she will not be able to reach them until she has released the combination lock then weighs a 6 lb red metal weight and attaches it to a rope that goes over a pulley on the ceiling. Next she tests the special metal anal plug before using speculum and mirror to exam herself then inserts the anal plug in her pussy and opens it, but decides it should be in her arse so then uses an anal speculum to stretch her anal opening before insetting the special metal anal plug into her arse. Tracey then padlocks cuffs onto her ankles and wrists and padlocks metal bars and chains between her limbs and neck. Finally after expanding the anal plug and locking it so it stays open and can not be removed Tracey attaches the other end of the rope with the weight on to the anal plug then locks her collar and wrists so she is locked into a hands and knees position. To escape Tracey has to make her way to the paper with the combination lock code on the other side of the room, release the combination lock then she will be able to reach the keys hanging on the wall and release herself and remove the plug.



Tracey cuts holes in a number of trash bags then sets a timer and places a key on an electromagnet on the ceiling then slides a vibrator inside herself. Now Tracey puts the bags into each other and steps into the bags, puts her arms and legs trough them and tapes the bags shut round her neck. Next Tracey places lots of bags over each leg and tapes them so they don’t move then more bags over both of her legs and tapes her ankles, knees and thighs together then with rope around her knees and ankles before taping more bags over her arms and hogtieing herself on the floor by placing her wrists into the cuffs behind her back - Trash bag encasement and a hogtie!





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