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Sarah Kelly & Tracey Lain

7 scenes  -  185 movie minutes



Both Sarah and Tracey Lain are curled up on the floor kissing before they remove each others clothing until they are just in pantyhose and bra and one suggests a sexy bit of fun - one of them has to balance a book on their head while the other tries to make her drop it. Sarah strips naked and stands with hands behind her head while balancing the book on her head then Tracey kisses Sarah’s nipples and pussy until Sarah loses concentration and drops the book onto the floor. Then they suggest a bit of bondage to make it even more fun and they produce leather cuffs, padlocks and a dildo gag. Then they both cuff their ankles and wrists and fasten the dildo gag in Tracey’s mouth and padlock each others ankles and wrists together so they are in a 69 position and start to please each other. After fucking Sarah with the dildo Tracey wants to taste Sarah’s pussy and removes the gag and uses her tong while Sarah rips open Tracy’s pantyhose and uses her tong deep into Tracy’s pussy - They both continue pleasuring each other until Sarah has her second orgasm.



Sarah ties a long length of string with her keys tied to the other end to the back of the chair then sits and ties her ankles and knees and a rope from her ankles to the chair then places her arms behind her and over the back of the chair and cuffs her wrists to the chain and enjoys her bondage by pulling and testing the strength of her bindings. After a few minutes Tracey enters and walks over to Sarah - Sarah desperately tries to pull the string for her keys and escape but Tracey takes the keys and places them out of reach then starts to take advantage of Sarah and feels her body as Sarah struggles to escape. Tracey slowly unfastens Sarah’s shirt as she watches her face then kisses Sarah on the lips and then her now erect nipples before untying Sarah’s knees and ankles and retying her ankles to the back of the chair so her legs are forced apart - Sarah pleads for Tracy to stop but Tracey focuses her attention between Sarah’s legs using vibrators, fingers and tong to force an orgasm from Sarah. Tracey releases a rope from above and secures the end of the rope to Sarah’s wrist cuffs - the other end of the rope goes to a hand winch on the wall that Tracey uses to raise Sarah’s arms up forcing her to bend over. Tracey then fastens a strap-on to herself and stands in front of Sarah - Sarah realizes what is about to happen and pleads for Tracey not to fuck her mouth but Tracey grabs Sarah’s hair and forces the dildo into her mouth and starts to fuck making Sarah gasp for air and gag as her mouth is violated.



Tracey Lain uses ropes to tie her ankles to corners of a St Andrews cross. Next she places a vibrator into her panties and switches it on then handcuffs her wrists to the cross so she is spread eagle and starts to enjoy her bondage. As Tracey starts to build up to her self bound orgasm Sarah enters and takes advantage of Tracey then decides to untie the ropes that secure Tracey’s ankles making Tracey think she is to be released for more sensual fun until Sarah pulls Tracey’s ankle over her head and ties the ropes off to the same point as her wrists. Now is the time for a little revenge and Sarah uses a violet wand on Tracy’s body before gently easing it into her pussy while using a vibrator for some clit stimulation. Sarah makes Tracey suck the plug telling her it will make things easier then inserts it into Tracey’s pussy and inflates it and switches on the vibrator - Tracey is relived it wasn’t her arse. Sarah then removes the plug and uses a number of different toys before she starts to use her fingers on Tracey’s pussy until she has inserted her whole hand. Finally Sarah removes the plug from Tracey’s mouth and pushes it deep into Tracey’s arse before inflating and switching on its vibrator and walking off leaving Tracy tied to the cross !



Sarah ties her ankles to ropes that go to a small hand winch via hooks on the floor then uses the winch to spread her legs. Next she fastens a crotch rope around herself and attaches its end to a bungee cord so it is constantly pulled tight - The bungee cords other end is tied to a second winch on the wall. Sarah quickly secures her wrists into cuffs hanging from the ceiling and after some wriggling of her hips Sarah decides to pull the cuffs tight so she can not escape and gives each cuff a sharp tug and start to sway her hips until she realises there is no escape and she calls out to Tracey for help. Tracy enters and caresses Sarah’s body before she uses the winch on the wall to tighten the crotch rope then after playing and sucking Sarah’s nipples Tracey places suction cups on Sarah’s nipples and removes the crotch rope then reties the ropes tighter that hold Sarah’s wrists before she slowly turning the winch that pulls her legs apart, click by click until every limb of Sarah’s is pulled tight. Tracey fondles Sarah’s pussy through her panties then cuts off the panties and plays with Sarah’s clit piecing and applies a vacuum cup to Sarah’s clit. Now that Sarah is totally at her mercy Tracey picks up a chrome anal hook and shows it to Sarah before walking purposefully behind Sarah and slowly inserts the hook into Sarah’s arse and ties a rope from the hook into Sarah’s pony tail hair forcing Sarah to keep her head up.



Sarah eases bullet vibrators into her pussy and arse then gags herself with a metal medical type gag and secures herself to a wooden cross so she is spread-eagle and starts to enjoy the vibrators. Tracey walks in and secures Sarah’s metal gag to the floor with thin wires so she can not move her head then eases a vibrator into her own pussy and ties a crotch rope around herself before fastening her special dribble ball gag into her mouth. She then lowers a device that she had previously made ready to pull her arms up towards the ceiling and attaches an ice release to it. She then ties her ankles to the same point on the cross as Sarah’s wrists before attaching her own wrist cuffs to the device’s ice release and raises her arms so she is in a strappado position bent above Sarah then she starts to dribble into Sarah’s held open mouth. After some time (and dribbling) the ice release melts and Tracey releases herself then asks Sarah if she wants to be released ..But she has to pay the price of having to pleasure Tracey. Sarah agrees and Tracey removes the vibrator from her own pussy, panties and Sarah’s gag before Tracey squats over Sarah’s face and lowers her pussy so Tracey can begin to use her tongue.



Tracey reads a sheet of paper with instructions written on it “You are in for a surprise - Please use the handcuffs to secure your wrists and wait for me to arrive - signed your naughty lover, Sarah”. Tracey secures her wrists into the handcuffs and comments on how easy it would be to. Soon Sarah arrives and starts to kiss and caress Tracey until Sarah ties a rope around one of Tracey’s ankles and pulls it through a hook on the ceiling so Tracey’s leg is pulled up towards the ceiling then Sarah pulls the chain to the handcuff tight so Tracey’s hands are pulled above her head. Sarah again takes advantage of Tracey for a while before walking over to a coiled hose pipe and unrolls it and turns the water on. Tracy screams at Sarah to stop but Tracy is sprayed with water for some time until every part of her is dripping wet before Sarah turns the water off. Next Sarah cuts Tracey’s cold wet dress off but then decides to spray Tracey again with water, including into her pussy before feeling sorry for her and towels her dry. Sarah then clamps Tracey’s pussy and uses a dildo to fuck her pussy and then her arse then turns the hose pipe on again and eases the pipe into Tracey’s arse to give her an enema, then when Sarah feels Tracey is full she inserts a butt plug to seal Tracy’s arse. Sarah finally presses and feels Tracey’s stomach making Tracey gasp before releasing her and laughs as Tracey has to quickly run to the toilet.



Sarah admits to Tracey that she has been very naughty (unfaithful to Tracey with a man) and that Tracey should punish her right now. Sarah stands in front of Tracey and places her hands on her head and says “I am ready to be punished” Tracey grabs Sarah’s crotch and breasts calling her a slut then tells her to bend over her knee. After some hand spanking of Sarah’s bottom Sarah says “I deserve more” then after more spanking Sarah stands and is asked if that was enough punishment - Sarah says No and that she requires more. Tracey commands Sarah to remove her pants then put her hands on the wall and push her naughty bottom out - Tracey again spanks Sarah’s bottom a few times then produces a butt plug and slowly inserts it into Sarah’s arse making Sarah gasp. Tracy then tells Sarah to spread her legs wide and inserts a number of balls into Sarah’s pussy with each ball making Sarah gasp as her pussy is filled. Tracey asks “how does that feel slut ? AND call me Mistress from now on” Sarah replies “Thank you Mistress - it feels very uncomfortable - but I need to be punished even more” Tracey commands Sarah to strip naked and face the wall. Tracey produces an arm binder and fastens it in place on Sarah followed by a thick leather collar and a short spreader bar between Sarah’s ankles then tells Sarah to turn and face her. Next Tracey places pegs on Sarah’s breast and nipples - with Sarah saying “thank you mistress” or “another please mistress”. Tracey next uses the Hitachi vibrator on Sarah’s pussy to almost bring her to orgasm but stops after Sarah begs to be allowed to cum - Tracey is annoyed that Sarah spoke and removes a number of pegs making Sarah scream and apologise - Tracy continues again with the vibrator but now every time Sarah nearly cums Tracy stops the vibrator and also remove a few pegs - this continues until there are no pegs left. Tracey finally exposes her own breasts and commands Sarah to suck her until Tracey fastens a ball gag in Sarah’s mouth and commands Sarah to follow Tracey back across the garden to the house so everyone can see what a dirty whore she is.





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