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Rachel is talking on her phone as she tries some of the equipment in a friends secret room. After her conversation, Rachel puts down the phone and walks over to a video camera and checks its working to record a short video to surprise her friend. Rachel ties her ankles and knees then slowly unbuttons her shirt one button at a time (deciding how many buttons, until all of them are unfastened) then she eases her breasts from her bra and fastens a belt around her breasts and a collar with a small bell attached around her neck then places a dildo in the middle of the stool before cuffing her hands behind her back. Rachel starts to suck and fuck the dildo with her mouth getting turned on and making suggestive comments to the camera for her friend to watch. Rachel now needs the key which is hanging from a string and has to use her mouth to pull them into reach to release herself.



Rachel walks in with a box of bondage goodies which she places on the floor before stripping off her clothes and squeezing her curves into a white corset and PVC leggings and easing a set of Ben Wa balls into her pussy. Next Rachel fastens a black rubber bit gag in her mouth then uses ropes to frog tie both legs and padlocks a chain between her ankles. To complete her hogtie Rachel handcuffs her wrists behind her back then padlocks the handcuffs to the chain between her ankles. Rachel now struggles to reach the Hitachi vibrator and use it on herself - eventually Rachel needs to escape and has to pull a string using her teeth for the key until the key drops and she can release herself and admire the rope marks left on her legs.



Rachel sits on the metal edge of the Spanish donkey and secures her ankles to a chain on the wall to prevent her feet from reaching the floor. Finally she puts her hand in to leather cuffs hanging from the ceiling and pulls them tight around her wrists. How long can Rachel endure ?



Rachel ties her ankles and knees apart to the floor with lenths of rope and to metal rings on the wall behind her with springs in-between to keep her legs under tension and apart. Next Rachel makes sure the key to the padlocks are in reach behind her before positioning a small set of weighing scales in front of her with a wire coming from them to a small winch above her. Next Rachel gags herself and secures her wrists into leather cuffs and padlocks them to a chain behind her then pulls a rope to raise her arms. Very quickly Rachel starts to dribble which is collected in a container on the scales - All she has to do is keep filling the container with her drool until the weight is enough to operate the electrical contacts and switch on the winch to lower her arms so she can reach the key to her handcuffs and release herself.



Rachel has previously payed out a long length of string and attached a peg to its end then placed it in reach for later use with more pegs. Rachel enters and fastens a posture collar around her neck then leather cuffs to her ankles and padlocks her ankle cuffs to the wall so her legs are apart before she slides a dildo on a pole into her pussy and switches on its vibrator and briefly pleasures herself. Next Rachel chains and padlocks each side of her posture collar to metal rings on the wall on each side of her before placing pegs onto her breasts with the string from earlier running between them. Finally Rachel takes hold of a remote control then clicks a set of handcuffs onto each wrist and secures the handcuffs to more rings above her on the wall so she is spread eagle. Rachel now starts to fuck the dildo and grind her hips slowly as she tries to look down at the pegs while slowly becoming more turned on - Rachel says to the camera with a worried look “I am scared !!” Then as she starts to cum she presses a button on the remote control and drops it to the floor - The string is quickly gathered up by an electric motor placed on a stand in front of her and pulls the pegs from Rachel’s breasts as she lets out a scream and closes her eyes.



After Rachel uses a strap on her bottom to get her in the mood she decides she will do some tape bondage. She first tapes her boots together then her boots before standing up and wrapping tape tightly around her skirt and up over her basque. Finally Rachel lays on the floor uses more tape to fasten her hands behind her back - The tape is Very strong and sticky so can Rachel struggle and manage to escape?





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