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Tracey Lain

6 scenes  -  124 movie minutes



Tracey Lain padlocks a chain between a hook in the floor and a set of old handcuffs then inspects a vibrator hanging by a rope with a smile before tying ropes around her ankles, knees and waist. Next she lays on her back and threads the ends of the ropes though hooks on the floor and pulls then tight so her legs are pulled over her head and ties them off. Tracey then ties a rope around her thighs the ties this rope to the one around her waist before switching on the vibrator and cuffing her wrists. As the vibrator tries to work its magic Tracy starts to get frustrated that it is taking so long to cum and tries to escape - But this time there is no escape and this turns her on until her tight jeans becomes very wet between her legs !!



Tracey walks over to a chair and places a butterfly vibrator into the front of her panties then sits on the chair and places bells on her shoes before tying ropes to her ankles and pulling them to the back of the chair and tying them off so her legs are spread. Tracey next places clamps on her nipples with bells attached then fastens a posture collar around her neck and leans forward so she can take the length of a dildo taped to a pole in her mouth then ties a rope from her collar to the pole so she can not withdraw the dildo. Finally she switches on the butterfly vibrator and places a blind fold over her eyes before securing her wrists in a rope slip knot noose behind her. With every twitch as she come closer to orgasm we hear her bells jingle until she fulfils her goal and cums. Now Tracey tries to escape, this takes a lot longer than she had planned but did force another orgasm before she manages to free her hands and remove her blindfold and release the rest of her bonds.



Tracey checks the keys hanging from the ceiling then slowly pours water over her self so her thin top becomes transparent and her nipples erect with the coldness of the water then uses hand pliers to tighten a shackle to the middle of a set of handcuffs so it will be impossible to loosen by hand then licks two plugs and one at a time slowly teases, then inserts them into her arse and pussy. Tracey now fastens the belt with the cuffs attached around her waist so the cuffs are behind her and secures a crotch strap to the belt to keep the plugs in place. Next she uses more belts to frog tie her legs and secures a ball gag in her mouth before fastening a forth belt around her body and arms and securing her wrists into the cuffs behind her back. Tracey struggles and slides in the water that fell onto the floor, trying to reach the keys with her lips - this takes many attempts going back and forth between each key until she manages to pull one key free and release herself.



Tracey Lain walks in with a bondage magazine and sits on floor then gags herself with a dildo gag and fastens straps to her ankles and clips them to hooks on the floor so her legs are apart then starts to use a Hitachi vibrator on her nipples and pussy slowly becoming more turned on while looking at a bondage magazine until she decides to use both the Hitachi vibrator and a violet wand until she has an orgasm. Tracey now releases herself and walks off then returns with an ice release and padlocks it to a hook on the floor then threads a rope over a hook on the ceiling and sits and secures her left ankle to a hook as before. Tracey next ties one end of the rope to her ankle cuff then pulls her leg up and ties the rope off. Tracy tapes the Hitachi to her leg so it is in position on her clit and switches it on before slowly easing the dildo of the fucking machine into her arse then handcuffs one wrists to the ice release and her other to a second hook on the floor before switching on the fucking machine with a remote control and throwing the remote control out of reach. Tracey will now be fucked up her arse and her clit vibrated until the ice release melts and she is released.



Tracey Lain pushes five large anal beads up into her arse then balances on her knees in front of the metal grill and securing herself to the grill using leather straps then places pegs with lengths of string attached on her pussy lips and ties the strings off so her pussy is held open. Next she pulls a thin cord that brings a bright orange ball into reach that she places in her mouth before pulling a safety peg free that allows a weight to be only suspended by a chain which is held in place by the ball in her mouth. Tracey now secures her wrists into handcuffs by each side of her, knowing her only escape is to release the ball from her mouth and allow the weight to drop, and in so doing the weight will land on a balanced beam of wood and impale a dildo deep into her pussy. Even then her torment will not be over as she will still have to wait for a timer to count down from when the dildo enters her until the keys drop into reach !



Tracey Lain’s first experiment with electric BDSM...Tracey inserts a Tens units anal probe into her arse then straddles the horse and secures her ankles with straps and ropes then lowers her body and allows a cold metal dildo into her pussy that is attached to the top of the horse and is connected to the Tens unit. Tracey then lets a large concrete weight hang by the ropes that are attached to the ends of her ankle ropes - this pulls her legs apart and so prevents her from raising her pussy off of the metal dildo. Next she places Tens electrode patches to each side of her breasts and places vibrating nipple clamps on each nipple, then a collar around her neck and gags herself and switches both Tens units on and adjusts the power until she jumps with a shock. Tracey now starts to encourage herself to go through with what she has planned - this takes a little time of self persuasion then she switches on the nipple clamp vibrators and starts to slowly increases the power of her breast tens - She starts to grit her teeth and breath heavy - Next she turns the anal tens up and she lets out a scream. Tracy is now breathing heavy as the electricity pumps through her anal probe, metal pussy dildo and breast electrodes as she turns a Violet wand on that shoots sparks of electricity directly onto her clitoris. Tracey has never experienced anything like this before and knows that her final torture has begun and so handcuffs her hands behind her. Her body is pulsing with electricity and she is moving uncontrollably, Tracey dribbles from her gag and tears start to run down her cheeks as she screams for her torture to stop. Suddenly the lights go out and all we can see and hear is Traces agony - The pulsing lights of both Tens units and the violet wand and her very loud screams !





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