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In this scene while Anderssen was researching for some ideas, she gets a job advertising a new product she found while in America - The Spank-O-Matic made by We see her recording her advertisement - Anderssen ties her ankles slightly apart raises her skirt then switches on the The Spank-O-Matic before securing her arms in a Strappado. How many times does her pert bottom get spanked ? If you think you know email me, because I lost count !



Anderssen has an idea to use different things for bondage to fit the persons wrong doing; in this case she uses bin bags for not taking out the trash. After removing her stockings and tying her legs with bin bags she pegs her toes before removing her clothing and tying more bags around her body. Next she pegs her nipples then gags and bags her head before securing her hands behind her. Before she can release herself she must ping all the pegs from her toes and nipples - Very painful !


Everyone loves a hogtie and Anderssen is no exception, especially if its with rough itchy rope ! Anderssen ties ropes around her upper body just to make it uncomfortable then ties her toes, ankles and knees together before making a rope gag and securing her arms behind her in a hogtie. As Anderssen wriggles and struggles to get free the rope bites into her skin so when she does eventually get free it leaves lovely marks.



Anderssen first uses large strong metal padlocks to secure the leather straps for her wrists to a steel girder above her head then she ties a very long spreader bar between her ankles forcing her legs very wide apart. Next Anderssen fastens a ball gag into her mouth before attaching clover clamps to her nipples that are tied to the same steel girder above her with elastic bands so they constantly apply tension to her nipples and a higher degree of pain. Finally Anderssen secures her wrists into the leather straps so she is spread eagle - Now any movement she makes will increase the pain in her nipples !



After her painful nipple torment Anderssen decides to do a selfbondage suspension. Anderssen enters dressed in just her bra and pantyhose and proceeds to tie ropes to various fixings above her before tying ropes around her body, waist, thighs, knees and ankles. While sitting on a tall stool Anderssen ties the previously secured ropes hanging down from above her to the ropes she tied around her body and legs before removing the stool so she is left hanging by the ropes then she finally handcuffs her hands behind her back to enjoy the suspension while still able to move and fully spread her legs.



Wearing a sexy semi see-through lace white teddy Anderssen places a rope around her as a crotch rope then she sits on a chair and uses four inch wide clear tape to secure her legs and body to the chair, and to add to her bondage she adds more tape around her breasts. Next Anderssen connects her crotch rope to a rope hanging down in front of her with a force meter attached; this she uses to increase the tightness and discomfort of her crotch rope to a visually displayed level. With her crotch rope set Anderssen places more clear tape over her mouth and secures her hands behind her with a set of old classic handcuffs. Now all Anderssen has to do is try and escape !



Dressed in a 1950’s outfit Anderssen starts to artistically rope her legs together before deciding to do another suspension,.Because she enjoys a suspension, and in her mind bondage is about punishment, she elects to spank her bottom with a studded leather paddle that soon turns her bottom red. Suitably punished Anderssen now sets up the ropes to suspend her then proceeds to tie herself with arms and legs spread and also with one leg frog tied.





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