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6 scenes  -  140 movie minutes



Candie fastens the ice release into the winch hook with a length of chain with padlocks on each end hanging from underneath it. Candie ties a spreader bar between her ankles then removes her top and ties a crotch rope around her middle leaving a length of rope free which she ties a knot in so the knot rests in just the right place and ties its end to the winch hook behind her. She next fastens a ball gag into her mouth and fastens and padlocks leather cuffs onto her wrists before wriggling a loop of rope up to her elbows and then with a click, click she padlocks the leather cuffs onto the hanging length of chain behind her. Candie now waits as she builds her courage before she operates the winch with a remote control until she can not raise her arms any more and the crotch rope is pulled tight. Candie is secured until the ice melts and she can lower her arms and reach the keys to the cuffs and release herself.



Candie gags herself by stuffing her mouth with a pair of her panties then taping over her lips with three lengths of black tape. She then wraps rope around her body, above her boobs and not too tight, and ties it off then fastens a belt around her waist with a set of handcuffs padlocked to it so they are behind her. Next Candie straps her ankles together and puts her legs over a hanging metal bar and ties a rope from her ankles to the rope above her boobs. Candie raises the hoist until she is partly off the ground then places a piece of tape over each eye and puts her wrists into the cuffs before operating the hoist until she is completely raised off the ground and hanging freely then letting the control drop out of reach. After plenty of wriggling she manages to grab hold of the winch control and lets herself down and unties the ropes but has left her keys in another room !



Candie enters and chains and padlocks a set of handcuffs to the back of a chair and switches on a timer then sits on the chair and ties her ankles to the back of the chair so her ankles are pulled off the floor. She eases her breasts from her bra and fastens leather straps around her waist and above her breasts and around the chair so she is unable to move forward then clamps her nipples - A thin chain goes from the two clamps to a nipple pulling machine on a table in front of her. Candie puts a gas mask over her head then adjusts a valve on the end of the breather pipe so it becomes difficult for her to breathe then hand cuffs her wrists to the back of the chair. After a minute the machine starts to slowly pull and relax the chain to her nipple clamps, Candie realizes this is going to be very painful and starts to protest - The machine ignores her and starts to slowly speed up until the machine is at full speed, then with Candie protesting and screaming beneath her gas mask the timer switches off the machine leaving poor Candie still bound to the chair wondering if the timer will start the machine again ?



Candie stands on two raised tiles set apart from each other and fastens leather cuffs around her ankles and an electric spreader bar onto the ankle cuffs. Next she ties a crotch rope around herself and over a hook above her and back down and ties it off making sure it is very tight. Candie ties ropes around each of her breasts and ties the ends of the ropes over more hooks above her and back down and ties them off making sure they are also tight. Now Candie fastens leather cuffs on her wrists and secures them with padlocks, then a posture collar around her neck and places a medical gag in her mouth that keeps her mouth wide open but Candie doesn’t like the look of her gag and knows she will have to plead to her mistress for her freedom when she returns so she removes it before clipping her wrist cuffs onto the ends of the clam cleat ropes and releasing the weights so her arms are pulled up and out. Finally after a few minutes the timer switches on and the electric spreader bar starts to pull her ankles apart until her feet are pulled off the raised tiles and she can’t spread them any more then it automatically stops. All ropes are now pulled tight and Candie is unable to escape and has to wait for the arrival of her mistress



On the floor is a large metal grill (60 x 60 cm) supported on 4 concrete blocks at one end where her feet will be is an electromagnet and a steam making device. Candie has already set a timer and placed a metal plate onto the electromagnet with a set of handcuffs padlocked to each end of a chain and threaded the chain under the metal grill. Candie collars and gags herself then sits on the grill and ties ropes around each ankle then threads the ropes through eyelets on the corners of the grill and pulls them tight so her feet are pulled apart, to the eyelets, and ties the ropes off. Next she places her wrists into each set of handcuffs, using both cuffs of each set so she is now unable to escape. Candie keeps trying to get comfortable and after some minutes the steam starts to be made and rises from under the grill until Candie is hot and covered in beads of sweat, She tries to keep away from the rising steam until the timer eventually releases the metal plate and so lets the chain become free and she can switch off the steam and untie her ankles then reach the keys to her cuffs and freedom.



Candie dressed in only her bra, panties and stockings opens ten tins of custard then fill ten bags and hangs them from the ceiling by strings at different heights knowing that the key to her handcuffs is in one of them, but which one ? Next she ties ropes around her ankles and knees and a set of handcuffs to the back of her ankle ropes and finally puts her wrists into the cuffs and with a click or two she is securely hogtied. All Candie has to do is use her teeth to rip open the bags and find the key - Lots of wriggling and mess!!





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