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Sarah Kelly & Masie Dee

6 scenes  -  150 movie minutes



Masie Dee hand spanks Sarah over her knee then uses a studded leather paddle then she and asks Sarah what is the kinkiest thing she has ever done? Sarah smiles and says handcuffing herself to railings at the back of a night club naked. .and well you can guess what happened before they let her go! Masie produces two set of handcuffs and a chain and padlocks then asks Sarah to show her the position. Sarah without thinking quickly handcuffs and chains herself to a wooden seat before realizing she has being tricked. Masie uses some vibrating nipple clamps and a small vibrator then increases the size of the vibrators until she returns with an oscillating sander which she uses on Sarah’s nipples and between her legs until she cums.



Both Sarah and Masie Dee pick up a flogger each then they toss a coin to see who starts. They take it in turns to flog each others back slowly increasing in strength. After their back have started to turn red Sarah suggests they remove their bra’s and flog each others breasts until one gives in, they both agree and continue in the same manner as before until Sarah has to give in. Masie is pleased and commands Sarah to handcuff her wrists behind her into a set of handcuffs hanging from the ceiling with a spreader bar between her ankles so she is in a strapedo position. As Sarah is completing her task Masie changes into a PVC outfit with boots and picks up a strap-on and straps it in position on herself. Sarah is very worried as gets behind Sarah and spreads her buttocks / gropes her pussy / breasts as she tells her what is about to happen. Masie then starts to fuck her, then after some time she forces the dildo into Sarah’s mouth until it is as deep in Sarah’s throat as she can manage and starts to gag, then Masie fucks her again, this repeats until Sarah pretends to cum. Masie is not convinced and puts a pair of latex gloves on and examines Sarah’s pussy using a speculum and torch and discovers Sarah didn’t have a real orgasm and inserts a butt plug into Sarah’s bottom. Masie now starts to fuck Sarah hard saying if she doesn’t have a real orgasm this time she never will !! Eventually Sarah Starts to cum and Masie withdraws and laughs then removes the butt plug, convinced Sarah is faking it again and inserts a set of anal beads into Sarah’s ass and starts to fuck her again and as Masie is fucking Sarah she pulls the beads from Sarah’s ass and Sarah starts to have a real orgasm ! Masie asks her if it was a real one this time. Finally Masie releases Sarah and commands her to fix a dildo gag in place and lay on the floor as Masie removes her PVC outfit. Masie can now fuck the dildo gag while pulling Sarah’s nipples until Masie cums then she removes the gag and sits on Sarah’s face forcing her to lick Masie’s pussy. Finally Masie stands and tells Sarah she can stand and her penalty for losing has finished and it is time for something else.




Masie is sat on the floor as she ties a spreader bar between her ankles and inserts a plug with a thin rope tied to it into her pussy and inflates it a number of pumps then cuffs her hands behind her before teasing Sarah for not being as quick. Sarah enters with a leather hood and says to Masie, that it will give her an advantage as she places it over Masie’s head then laces and padlocks it into position. Next Sarah forces the dildo gag into Masie’s mouth and clips it onto the hood, followed by the hoods blind fold. Sarah explains the idea - “Now the idea is to use your pussy muscles to keep the plugs in and pull the other girl so you can get the keys to release the cuffs and escape, if the plug comes out then you lose also the one who gets to the keys and escapes is the winner and can punish or humiliate the loser”. Sarah pretends to put keys behind Masie and then places some keys behind herself and ties a spreader and inserts a plug as Masie did and ties the end of the rope from Masie’s plug to hers and inflates it, finally cuffing her hands behind her. After a few minutes Sarah is the winner and releases herself then removes the plug from Masie and tells Masie she is starting to get a taste for Masie and starts to caress her body while licking her pussy. Masie enjoys the attention but Sarah has a surprise and lights a number of candles and proceeds to drip wax onto Masie. Far from a punishment - Masie starts to enjoy the experience and finishes covered in wax, but before Sarah removes the hood and releases Masie, Sarah sits on her mouth so Masie can eat pussy.



Masie knows the position but this time it is going to be a bit different as they will both be on the horse together, facing each other with their nipples clamped to each other and hands cuffed behind them - The cuffs will be chained to the ceiling and their feet will not be able to reach the floor. Masie is going to win ! But when Sarah asks to be released the timer will continue to see how long Masie can last. Also as Sarah is free, she will be able to tease Masie by releasing the clamps and kissing her nipples / pulling nipples, using a vibrator on her, etc. After proving Masie is the winner by lasting ten minutes, Masie will tell Sarah to tie herself up using a chain and hand cuffs as she had done earlier but naked and with a medical gag. Masie then caress Sarah’s body, breasts and before using the Hitachi on Sarah’s clit. Masie says its her turn to torture Sarah and begins to ease her fingers into Sarah’s pussy - Sarah doesn’t know if to cum or scream but Masie continues fisting and vibrating until Sarah has a large orgasm and squirts to the delight of Masie.



Both Masie and Sarah face each other with legs apart then place as many wooden cloths pegs on their breast and nipples and pussy. Next they both place a small vibrator inside their pussy and switch it on before placing clamps on their labia. They each have a set of weights which they attach to the clamps until they both agree they have enough hanging from their labia before placing their hands behind their head. To make things interesting they agree to remove each others pegs one at a time then add more weights to their pussy clamps but neither will give in so after the surprising pain when removing the pussy clamps they decide to flip a coin - the loser will have to impale her sore pussy on the winners strap-on and fuck it while gagged and her arms pulled up behind her in a strappado by the winner.



Both Masie and Sarah tie their ankles to each other then place a double ended dildo into their pussy’s and place gas masks over their faces. Sarah starts the metronome and both place their wrists in a set of handcuffs. Both girls start to move in time with the ticking of the metronome, fucking the double ended dildo, and as they do so the air in a bag connected to the air inlet to the gas masks is being used up - will they cum before the air runs out and who will be the first to remove their gas mask for air ? Masie loses and has a crotch rope tied around her then connect the winch to the front of her crotch rope and cuff her hands behind her back. Sarah inspects Masie then suggests something is missing and produces some rope which she ties around Masie’s elbows pulling them together. Next Sarah gives the winch control to Masie and commands her to operate the winch until the crotch rope is tight and Massie onto her tip toes. Again Sarah inspects Masie and says that the crotch rope could be a bit tighter and operates the winch again Masie is forced higher on to her tip toes.. Sarah takes advantage of Masie’s predicament and starts to feel and kiss Masie’s body then produces a vibrator which she uses on herself while Masie watches her. Finally Sarah knowing that Masie’s partner will soon be home and that they will be discovered in a lesbian bondage position ties herself in front of Masie with her hands cuffed behind so she can not escape but she is able to lick Masie’s pussy





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