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Ayla Sky

5 scenes  -  115 movie minutes



Ayla checks the weights hanging from electromagnets as she walks in before she sets two times on a remote control panel for the magnets to release and pull various ropes tight then fastens a rope around her waist and starts to caress her body with a vibrator before fastening leather cuffs to her ankles. Next she secures a leather collar around her neck then ties ropes from her ankle cuffs to hooks screwed into a wooden board then she lays back and ties the ropes from her collar to more hooks on the wooden board then puts her arms behind her and slides her wrists into leather cuffs and pulls them tight. Ayla grasps hold of a vibrator and starts to use it on her pussy and slowly starts to bring herself to orgasm, occasionally looking up at the hanging weights - Suddenly one weight is released and pulls Ayla’s wrist cuffs tight - Ayla struggles to get free but with every movement the weight pulls her body into a more painful position. After a minute of her struggling the second weight is released and pulls her waist up towards the ceiling.



Ayla walks in with a box of ropes etc. at one end of the room is a pair of scissors suspended from a hook on the ceiling with a slip knot in the string and its end is left hanging down so Ayla can pull it and release the scissors. Ayla tips out the contents of the box and proceeds to ease a vibrator into her pussy and tie it in place with a crotch rope then she ties her ankles, knees and thighs and around the top of her body with rope then ties a rope for her wrists to her ankle rope and places a second loop of rope in easy reach on the floor. Next she fills her mouth with a pair of her panties and tapes over her lips followed by more tape over her eyes and ties a stocking around her head and over her eyes then pulls a pair of pantyhose over her head and ties the legs of the pantyhose around her head. Ayla now places her shoe over her nose and mouth and tapes it in place before placing her hands behind her and secures her wrists to her ankles, then she lays flat on the floor so she is in the classic hogtie position. Ayla wriggles and struggles for a few minutes then struggles across the floor to the hanging string and pulls the slip knot free but the scissors don’t drop to the floor as the string is caught - Ayla desperately pulls the string but only pulls the scissors higher. Now Ayla really starts to try and escape while wriggling back into the centre of the floor.



Ayla Sky ties a rope gag into her mouth and a coil of rope around her neck then switches on the vibrator taped to the pole dildo and padlocks a spreader to her neck rope. She stands on two wooden blocks and slides the dildo into her pussy before handcuffing her wrists to the ceiling. Now Ayla starts to fuck the dildo and to place the vibrator on her clit after some mins she kicks the blocks away so she is now forced onto her tip toes as the vibrator slowly forces her to cum. After her orgasm she tries to get of the dildo but even on tiptoe she can not slid off of the dildo and the vibrator distracts her until she cums again. Now she is desperate to escape and frantically looks around her and tries to turn so the vibrator is not on her clit, but all this does is delay the inevitable next orgasm, after her sixth or seventh orgasm her feet start to ache and her body is covered in perspiration and she tries to lower her body but the dildo is too deep inside and she screams into her gag and shakes her head as another powerful orgasm rips though her body.



Ayla walks in and attaches a bag of water & ice to a clip hanging from the ceiling then checks the keys are attached to the winch control and it is tied to the back of the chair before oiling her body so it starts to shine then ties a crotch rope around herself and sits on a chair. She ties her ankles to the front legs of the chair then fixes a gag and collar in place. Next she lowers a winch and attaches the end of her crotch rope to its hook and allows the winch to pull the crotch rope tight. Ayla uses tape to attach a vibrator to the crotch rope and switches it on before pricking 5 or 6 small holes into the bottom of the bag of water so it starts to drip onto her and hand cuffing her wrists to the chair back and enjoys the vibrator. After a minute Ayla decides to operate the winch to tighten the crotch rope then after some time she operates the winch again so now she has to lift her bottom off the chair then after a longer delay as she decides if she dare, she operates the winch until her bottom is pulled much higher and really starts to cum with the vibrator but she releases the winch control in her enjoyment and it becomes untied and is pulled out of reach with her keys - Ayla tries to catch them but is too late and is left tied with no escape !



Ayla walks past a bottle of Champaign, some pipe, ropes with weights attached to one end, a hanging cork and weight all placed in the middle of the room. She attaches leather straps to the ropes then oils her body. Ayla then ties a crotch rope around herself using very rough hemp rope before using more of the same type of rope to tie her ankles to each side of the room so her legs are spread. She then fastens the leather straps onto her wrists and grips the cork with her teeth then removes the safety counter weight and allows the weights to pull the ropes to the leather straps tight so she becomes spread eagle and has to keep the string in her teeth or she will get squirted with very cold Champaign. As her body starts to tire and her legs ache her mobile phone starts to ring and she looses concentration and lets the cork go free from her mouth which allows a weight to drop onto an air valve so compressed gas flows into the Champagne bottle and “excites” the Champaign and she is covered in the cold Champaign as it squirts out of the bottle.





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