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Tracey Lain

6 scenes  -  135 movie minutes



Tracey inspects some hooks and a collar on a table as a mobile phone starts to buzz and she quickly removes her tight skirt to show a pony tail plug in her arse. Next she removes a mobile phone from inside her pussy and redials her friend to discuss her first public orgasm - She was watched by shoppers and store assistants who thought she was having an asthma attack as the phone vibrated inside her and made her cum. Tracey now switches on a timer that energises an electromagnet screwed to the ceiling then picks up a thick metal plate with a set of handcuffs padlocked to it and places the plate over the electromagnet, and with a clunk it is secularly fixed in place. Tracey now removes the pony tail / anal plug from her bottom and licks it clean before easing one of the hooks into her bottom followed by a second into her pussy then she fastens a posture collar around her neck. Next Tracey stands on two wooden blocks so her legs are spread and releases the weights that pull the hooks into position before switching on the vibrators attached to each hook and finally placing her wrists into the cuffs above her head. Tracey tries to step of the blocks but the hooks prevent her lowering her body even slightly and with every small movement the hooks are pulled even deeper inside her. Tracey will have to stay in position with the vibrators forcing her to cum until the timer switches off the magnet releasing her hands and she can remove the hooks and freedom.



Tracey walks over to the top of the ladder that is propped up by a work bench and chains and padlocks a pair of handcuffs to the top run then fastens a ball gag in her mouth. She sits on the ladder and ties a crotch rope around herself and its end to a ladder run then she attaches a vibrator to the crotch rope with zip ties and switches the vibrator on. Next she ties ropes around the top of each leg and to another ladder run then fastens leather straps around her ankles and ties ropes from the straps to the runs of the ladder. Tracey fastens her body, both above and below her boobs, to the ladder with leather straps then puts a peg on each nipple. Next she places her wrists into the cuffs and with a click she is secure, then Tracy stays still for some time as she gathers her courage. Tracey presses the winch remote control button and partly raises the top of the ladder and then she stops, She breathes heavy again then presses the button to raise the ladder some more - she does this a few times until the ladder is as high as she dare then drops the remote control.



STracey chains & padlocks some stacked wooden pallets to the wall so she can not drag them closer to the keys hanging from the ceiling then ties a spreader bar between her knees then frog ties her legs before inserting an anal plug into her arse and a dildo into her pussy before tying a crotch rope around herself and using it to hold them in place. Next Tracey ties a long length of rope using many knots around and around the legs of pallets, leaving a short length free before tying a vibrator to her crotch rope and putting long gloves on. Now with all vibrators switched on to max she lays face down on the pallets and fastening the rope she tied around the pallets to her crotch rope and cuffs her wrists behind her back. The cuffs and the gloves and not being able to see the knots make it very difficult to untie the rope from the pallet to her crotch rope, so Tracey’s only escape is to slither off the pallets onto the floor and untie all the rope and knots she has just tied around the pallets so that she can wriggle over to the key and release herself.



STracey fills a metal bucket with lots of metal and concrete weights then switches on the electromagnet and attaches the bucket to the magnet. She then ties a spreader bar between her ankles and a crotch rope around herself and its end up and over a hook and fastens it to the bucket. Next Tracey gags herself with a bit gag and puts a thick leather collar around her neck then leans back onto the pole and handcuffs her wrists around the pole and takes hold of a remote control. Tracey looks at the bucket gathering her courage until she presses the remote and the magnet releases the bucket. The bucket drops and pulls the crotch rope tight as Tracey gasps through her gag and starts to wriggle and squirm to get comfortable. Her only escape it to slide her hands down the pole to reach the keys, that will also pull on the crotch rope !



Tracey fastens a collar around her neck then lubes her butt plug before easing into her arse. She next ties a spreader bar between her ankles and adjusts the position of the Hitachi vibrator, finally places her wrists into loops of rope and operating the winch to pull her arms up and towards the pole forcing her to bend over before she drops the winch remote control out of reach. With Tracey bent over and her legs apart the Hitachi can easily vibrate her clit, making her scream as she cums



Tracey sits on a blue inflatable chair in the centre of the room and fastens leather straps around each ankle with a spreader bar between then uses an electric hoist to lift her legs into the air before squirting baby oil over her and rubbing it into her body. Next Tracey starts to finger in pussy and anus then she uses various toys that increase in size until she fists herself. Now Tracey inserts five anal beads into her arse then connects the beads to a small winch on the floor in front of her. She now lowers and ties off a large vibrator so it touches her clit and switches it on then puts her wrist into the cuffs attached to the chain above her head. Soon the vibrators start to make her cum as the winch starts to slowly pull the beads from deep within her anal passage, one at a time forcing her to have a massive body shaking orgasm !!! As Tracey recovers from her last orgasm and tries to release her hands the chair starts to deflate leaving her hanging naked from the ceiling and unable to escape.





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