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Frankie Babe

6 scenes  -  88 movie minutes



Frankie Babe switches on a timer saying “Don’t look! Its fun not knowing how long” then padlocks a chain between a set of handcuffs and a metal plate and lets the plate fix to a magnet on the bed post. She lays down on the bed then ties her ankles together and to the bottom of the bed followed by more rope around her knees and thighs and with such a tight catsuit she don’t need a crotch rope! She starts to slowly wank her strap-on, getting faster and more excited while squeezing her tits, after a few minutes she roles over onto her front and cuffs her wrists above her head with the chained handcuffs and raises and lowers her arse as she pretends to fuck her slave with her strap-on then starts to dream about one of her favourite fantasies. Next we see Frankie with her ankles tied to the bottom corners of the bed and her wrists tie to the top corners of the bed so she is spread face up on the bed with her nipples exposed, then with her face down showing off her perfect arse. Eventually she drifts back into reality before the electro-magnet releases her.  



Frankie finishes tying her very neat four rope crotch rope that pulls and separates her pussy then fastens a thick red collar and pink ball gag in place. She ties spreader bars between her ankles and knees and ties a rope from a hook in the ceiling to the front of her crotch rope. Frankie picks up a Hitachi vibrator and tries it on her boobs / nipples and pussy before handcuffing her hands behind her back. With her hand handcuffed behind her it make it more fun to try and use the vibrator, but that what turns her on. After pressing the head of the vibrator onto her pussy making herself almost cum she manages to fasten it into her crotch rope so it stays in just the right position so she can play with her tits and bring herself to orgasm.  



Frankie gaffer tapes a locking mechanism to two corners of her bed and puts a butterfly vibrator into position. She sits on bed and puts black leather cuffs on her wrists and frog ties her legs then switches on the vibrator. She then puts the second halves of the locking mechanisms through the D’s of her cuffs and slots them into the locking metal parts taped to the bed posts so she is on her knees leaning over the dildo. She continues to suck and lick the dildo in-between enjoying the vibrator until she needs to escape.  



Frankie tapes a dildo to the seat of a chair then straps her ankles and ropes her thighs to the chair. She pulls a stocking over her head and tapes a shoe over her mouth then pulls long opera gloves on and starts the slow ticking of a metronome. Frankie handcuffs her hands behind her and releasing the weight to pull your arm up towards the ceiling. The idea is not to sit on the dildo, but eventually her legs will tire and she will slowly sit on the dildo. Soon the tip of the dildo slides past her pussy lips and she starts to fuck it until she loses her balance and she fully sits on the chair, thrusting the full length of the dildo into her now very wet cunt, Frankie now starts to slowly fuck the full length of the dildo until she cums.  



Frankie fastens leather cuffs on her wrists and a ball gag in her mouth then switches the vibrator on. She stands above the dildo and ties her ankles so an electric spreader will very slowly pull her legs slightly apart. Frankie then lowers herself so the dildo penetrates her moist pussy until the vibrator is hard against her clit and enjoys a few moments before she attaches more ropes to her wrist cuffs and releases the weights that pull her arms up and out as she starts to fuck the dildo. This is what she wants - long, hard, loud, orgasms until its time to escape and she can taste her pussy juices as she runs her tong over the dildo followed by a sexy look at her swollen lips in the mirror.  



Frankie fastens a belt around her waist and ties ropes that go around the posts at the bottom of the bed to her ankles and lays face down and ties the other end of the ropes off to the belt. She slides the dildo of the fucking machine into her pussy then puts a set of handcuffs on each wrist and lets one be magnetically fixed to the top of the bed and the other she fixes around the bed post before pressing the remote control to start the machine. The machine starts to fuck the dildo in and out of her eager pussy but the slow speed frustrates Frankie until the timer releases her and she can change a few things! Frankie now turns over and reties her legs to the bottom corners of the bed so her legs are wide apart before slowly easing the dildo into her pussy for a second time. Finally she switches on the fucking machine with a new remote control (one that will allow her to speed the machine up) then she handcuffs her wrists to the top corners of the bed in the same manner as before. She switches on the machine and the dildo slowly starts its work on her pussy but soon Frankie wants it faster and presses a button on the remote control - the machine responds. After more button pressing the machine is ramming the dildo in and out of her wet hole until Frankie has her first orgasm and drops the remote control. Frankie is now trapped, her pussy brutalized by an unstoppable machine until she is released - all she has to do is continue coming and keep the dildo lubricated with her pussy juices  





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