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Katie K

6 scenes  -  108 movie minutes



Katie K ties a rope around her waist then ties a looped rope to the back of it before tying her ankles together. She then ties a short length of rope to her ankle rope with a second looped rope tied into its end for her elbows. Katie then attaches the rope from a clam cleat that is hanging from a hook in the ceiling to the middle of the rope from her ankles and wriggles her arms through the loop in its end until it is up around her elbows. She pulls a length of string which releases a weight on the clam cleat that starts to pull the ropes up to the ceiling. Katie now lets the weight drop so it pulls her ankles and elbows up towards the ceiling leaving her to struggle in one of her favourite bondage positions.  



Katie fastens a collar around her neck and leather cuffs on her wrists followed by an Hitachi “wand” vibrator onto her pussy, a bit gag in her mouth and pegs on her nipples. She then attaches a rope from a small winch to the front of her collar then rests the metal plates that are pad locked to her wrist cuffs onto electro magnets behind her on the head board of the bed and operates the remote control, a small winch starts to reel the rope in and pulls on her collar and stretched her until she clicks the remote again and the winch stops. Katie uses a second button on the remote control to switch the vibrator on and she starts to grind her hips as she looks at the camera, she wriggles, struggles and breathes deeply until she cums.  



Katie picks up some instruction papers and goes straight to the last page and hardly reads it then puts a plug into her pussy before chaining one ankle to a metal ring on the wall and handcuffing her wrists to a chain attached it to a magnetic release on the ceiling. Katie starts to read the papers left on a bench in front of her. “The only way to get free is to warm the metal dildo up by the body heat (inserted into pussy) - If you cant then mouth or arse !” Katie struggles to get free and empty her pussy of the plug but eventually realizes what she has to do and kneels on the bench and eases her body backwards until the dildo touches her anus. Then very very slowly pushes her body backward again, with a pause or two until the dildo is fully inserted into her arse. Katie starts to wriggle then fuck the dildo enjoying the new sensation of having her arse fucked while her pussy is full and the feeling of its full length sliding into her virgin arse she withdraws it fully then slides it back into her arse before fucking it again until the temperature is reached and the magnet releases her arms and she withdraws the dildo from her arse and the plug from her pussy.



Katie opens an envelope and reads the note inside and smiles. She eases her jeans down and inserts a plug into her arse and fastens her jeans, then tapes her ankles, knees and thighs with thick black tape and pulls her jeans belt extra tight so it pulls her waist in and tight between her legs. Katie gags her self with a ball gag and handcuffs her hands behind her back and starts to struggle on the bed until she reaches the body massager vibrator then unfastens her shirt buttons and uses it on her nipples then between her legs and on the plug in her arse until she cums. After she cuts the tape around her legs with the scissors and unfastens her belt and jeans she removes her jeans and releases her cuffs and removes her gag. Katie writs a note to her lesbian lover and starts to tie her legs to corners of the bed then stuffs her mouth with her lovers used panties and wraps black tape around her mouth and head. She ties more rope from the corners of the bed to one wrist and knee then puts a set of handcuffs around her other wrist and the head board and waits leaving herself on display. Katie struggles and tests her bindings trying to touch herself; then we hear a door open and Katie looks up to see her lover enter the room.



Katie ties a crotch rope around herself and fastens the straps of her leather head harness securely. She then faces a window knowing that there is an old footpath that runs past that hardly anyone uses but the thought of being seen is addictive and she proceeds to rope a spreader bar between her ankles. Katie clamps each nipple with a pair of forceps that she bought especially for today and attaches the end of a rope to her crotch rope that goes up and over a hook in the ceiling and back down to a weight on a tall stool. She lets the weight swing free then holding onto a remote control she slides her arms into a loop of rope suspended from a winch also attached to the ceiling and handcuffs her hands behind her back. Katie is ready for the final part and operates the remote control that starts the winch until her elbows are pulled up tight and she stops it. Katie thrusts her hips forwards and up so the weight drops and pulls the crotch rope tighter until she is on tip toe but before she can enjoy herself, something catches her eye and she looks up at the window to see the silhouette of a hooded stranger appear and begins to watch her.



Katie ties her ankles to the corners of her bed so her legs are pulled behind her head and wide apart. She wants to be the dirtiest slut she can be and pours lube onto her pussy before forcing her widest plug into her pussy until her cunt can’t stretch any more. She removes this plug before slowly easing a second plug into her arse and inflating it. She loves to talk dirty when been watched as she rubs her pussy and ties more rope from the bottom of the bed to her knees and attaches the end of the ‘wand vibrator’ to the front of her collar then handcuffs her wrists to the head board. Finally she switches the vibrator on and try’s to move her head (and neck) to place the wand onto her clit - she enjoys the struggling to reach her clit and soon has her first orgasm, followed by a second and a third - what a slut !





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