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Cate Harrington

8 scenes  -  145 movie minutes



Cate Harrington chains and padlocks an ice release to one corner of the bed, then removes her panties and puts leather cuffs on her wrists. She likes to feel totally bound so fastens straps around her body and ropes around her ankles and to corners of the bed before teasing her pussy with a large inflatable dildo. Cate then finishes tying the ropes from her ankles around the bed corners and back to one of the straps around her waist and pushes the dildo deep inside her wet pussy before attaching ropes from the ice release and the forth corner of the bed to her wrist cuffs. She stuffs her panties into her mouth and pulls on ropes which pull her hands out to the corners of the bed. She is now trapped on the bed, spread with panties in her mouth and a dildo inside her pussy. As she wriggles on the bed the dildo soon works its way out and she becomes frustrated and tries to escape but she has to wait until the ice melts and releases her. Once released she soon uses the length and width of the inflatable dildo in her pussy to bring her to a satisfying orgasm.  



Cate prepares ropes and handcuffs for her wrists and leaves them in reach on the bed then tapes a large body massager to the corner of the bed and stands over it before tying more ropes from two far corners of the bed to her ankles and knees that spread her legs apart. She puts a metal medical gag into her mouth and pegs on her nipples then switches on the vibrating massager and puts both wrists into the handcuffs behind her back and pulls a rope tight via a clam cleat which pulls her arms backwards and locks them in position. She now uses the wooden corner of the bed and the massager on her labia and clit as she starts to dribble over her breasts and pulls her wrist ropes tighter. Cate then starts to fuck the wooden bed corner making her tits bounce up and down until she gets so excited and her tits bounce so much that the pegs are forced from her nipples and she starts to cum.  



Cate Harrington enjoys a good selfbondage hogtie and loves the taste of pussy ! First she licks and sucks her dildo then slides it into her pussy and fucks it until covered with her juices before getting down to some bondage. Cate straps her ankles and knees together then fastens a chain to her ankle strap and padlocks a set of handcuffs to the chain. After spanking her own bottom until it turns a nice pink colour she places her wrists into the cuffs and we here the cuffs click as they close around her them. She now wants to taste pussy and wriggle until she can smell herself on the dildo before starting to lick it clean and fucking it with her mouth. Now all she has to do is get into position to reach the key when the ice melts and it drops from above the bed and release herself leaving some nice strap marks on her legs.



Cate is dressed in a tight little red dress with no panties and nipples clearly visible through the thin material as she fastens red leather cuffs to her wrists and the ropes from two corners of the bed head board behind her to her ankles. Next she places a black heavy leather hood over her head and secures it in place with lacings and a leather strap padlocked in place. She then places a length of chain through an eyelet in one of her wrist cuffs and bends over backwards until she is lying on the bed with her knees bent so her toes are facing back towards her head and clips the top of the mask to a third rope tied to the middle of the head board. To finally secure her Cate struggles with both hands behind her back to pass the chain though the eyelet of the other cuff and padlock it to a forth rope that is tied to the bottom of the bed and using a clam cleat she pulls it tight so only the padlock and chain is in reach so she cant unfasten the rope knots to get free. The only thing she can reach is a large vibrator that she struggles to place over her pussy and enjoys its deep vibrations until she switches it onto high power and has body shacking orgasm. Now all she has to do is get free which she manages to do from this difficult position. If you love to see her struggling and squirming then you will love the ending to this !



Cate dressed in a tight little black dress this time with stockings is a true exhibitionist so she had to tie herself in front of a mirror didn’t she! First she ties her ankle to a rope that goes up to an electric winch on a ceiling beam then eases a gold egg shaped vibrator into her pussy to stimulate her, and some movement. Cate switched on the vibrator and handcuffs her hands above her head to another roof beam and enjoys the sensation deep inside her pussy which starts to make her body move. With every twitch and wriggle of her body a sensor detects her movement and activates the winch for a short length of time, lifting her leg bit by bit into the air. Eventually her leg has been lift high into the air and her crotch and arse are in full view as she continues to savour the buzzing vibrations beneath her tight, damp, red panties until she cums while watching herself in the mirror.



In front of Cate is a shiny metal dildo on a stand with a digital temperature readout on a table. She removes her damp panties and puts them in her mouth and tapes over her lips before easing her boobs from her bra and putting a key into her stocking top. Cate looks at the dildo and checks the handcuffs that are hanging from the ceiling by a chain then slides the full length of the metal dildo with ease into her wet pussy. She puts her arms behind her, and her wrists into the hanging cuffs with a click and starts to fuck the dildo. Cate has to keep the dildo inside her until its temperature rises to 33 deg C when a magnet releases the cuffs and she can lower her arms to reach the key in her stocking top and unlock the cuffs and remove the panties from her mouth.



Cate Harrington dressed in sexy PVC hot pants, jacket and long boots, walks over to a chair and checks herself out in a long mirror. She sits on the chair and ties ropes to her ankles and pulls them to the back of the chair and ties them off so her ankles are off the floor and her legs are spread. Cate next ties a vibrator to her so it is in contact with her clit and switches it on. She fastens a ball gag into her mouth and puts her hand behind her, and the back of the chair and puts her wrists into some handcuffs previously tied to the back of the chair. She stays like this enjoying the experience for a while but after she has had a few orgasms and her cleavage is wet with dribble her expression changes. She tries to get free, looking into the camera as another orgasm hits and really not liking been forced to cum time and time again. With tears in her eyes and her makeup running she looks into the camera with a pleading look to be released.



Cate walks through a garden to a spot between some trees and looks around and inserts a set of duo balls deep into her pussy then ropes her ankles, to the trees so one leg is pulled up of the floor so her pussy is naughtily in full view. She pulls long gloves up her arms and fastens her leather hood over her head and clips a dildo gag and blind fold in place onto the hood before easing her ample natural breast free and roping her wrists to the trees on each side of her. As Cate contemplates her situation she becomes turned on and with the balls in her pussy she soon has her first public orgasm - not knowing if she was been watched, which excites her even more. Then she hears someone whisper in her ear and touch her body.





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