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9 scenes  -  130 movie minutes



Updates started: June 01, 2008

Anderssen returns with two hogties. The first is a simple legs tied with rope and hands cuffed to her ankles as she waits for the keys to be released from some melting ice; the second is her fantasy and a much stricter tie. She has straps around her ankles, above and below her knees and tits with more around her wrists and elbows which pull her elbows tightly together. To make sure she can’t see or make a noise a leather hood is laced and padlocked over her head which includes a dildo gag. Then rope is used to tie her wrists to her ankles and her elbows to a strap around her chest and finally a rope is tied from her toes to the top of the mask which keeps her movement to a minimum.  


Updates started: June 11, 2008

Anderssen dressed in white underwear tapes a large body massager to the corner of her bed and puts long silk opera gloves on. She sits on the corner of the bed and ties ropes to her ankles and knees that spread her legs apart as she faces the massager before fastening a ball gag into her mouth and a crotch rope around her body. Aerial ties the end of her crotch rope to a second rope from the opposite corner of the bed, this rope also has a slip knot loop which she puts both wrists into and pulls the rope tight via a clam cleat which pulls her arms back into a Strappado and pulls her crotch rope tight. She now realizes the crotch rope is so tight that she can not rest her pussy on the vibrating massager and sweat starts to run down her body as she struggles desperately to do so. After some time she eventually turns her attention from the massager to getting free before telling herself off for being so stupid and not been able to enjoy the massager.  


Updates started: June 15, 2008

Anderssen dressed in a very see through purple bikini, wraps each red rope around her ankles and ties them off then kneels on the bed and puts the rope once around the bed corners and back to her waist and ties them off. She starts to lay face down which pulls the ropes around her waist and pull her ankles apart and to the corners of the bed. She puts some red panties into her mouth and red tape over her lips to keep them in place then puts her wrist into metal handcuffs on the other corners of the bed with a satisfying click. Anderssen is now face down and spread eagle until the ice melts and frees one hand so she can release herself. The ice melts far too quickly for Anderssen and after spanking her own bottom for her failings she returns with a new ice release and puts more red ropes on the bed and ties a crotch rope around her leaving two long free ends behind. She ties short red ropes to her ankles and around the bottom corners of the bed and pulls the ropes tight, pulling her legs apart and to the bed posts and ties them off. She fastens a ball gag in her mouth and lies back onto the bed then pulls the loose ends of her crotch rope tight, making her gasp into her gag and ties them to the top corners of the bed then secures her wrists into the cuffs as before and starts to wriggles on the bed grinding her hips with erect nipples and heavy breathing until the ice melts again.


Updates started: June 25, 2008

Anderssen locks her room door then tapes a violet wand to a tripod and a key under the table then checks to see if the senor and the wand work. She ties ropes around her ankles and around the legs of the table then positions the end of the wand so it just touches her pussy and lays down on the table then ties more rope around her waist and the table. Finally she handcuffs her hands under the table and presses the remote control that activates the movement sensor and drops it to the floor - she now has to stay very still, but suddenly we here Knock Knock (her friend has forgotten something and has returned). Anderssen has panic in her eyes and lifts her head up which switches the wand on and after a short and “difficult” conversation her friend leaves, leaving Anderssen’s nipples erect and her chest heaving up and down with sweat forming over her skin. She struggles for the key, switching the wand on and off and after some time and a lot of zaps she gets it and calms down and the wand stops. She releases the cuffs and starts untie herself which keeps switching the wand switches on until she is free.


Updates started: July 02, 2008

Anderssen loves a good spanking, whipping or caning and decides on a whipping using the automatic machine to administer her torment. She first ties her ankles with thin red rope so she cant move too far then lifts her skirt and eases down her panties then bends over and handcuffs her self in position and waits for the machine to start. Whack, Whack, Whack the machine delivers its programmed amount of pain onto her lovely round bottom before she can release herself, but Anderssen wants more and she wants to use a hard wooden cane and be in control! Now with the cane attached and the machine in manual mode (which means Anderssen will have to press a button once for every single stroke to be given) Anderssen lifts her skirt again and lets her panties drop around her ankles then handcuffs her hands to the ceiling above her head and grasping hold of the remote control she leaves some time between pressing the button but soon she has built herself up into a frenzy and the machine can hardly keep up!


Updates started: July 09, 2008

Anderssen has entered into the competition and oils her body that makes her skin shine in the light as she ties ropes to her ankle straps then sit on the cold steel edged Spanish donkey before letting a weight swing that pulls her legs apart and her body down onto the horse even more. This is a timed event so we see a timer appear in the top left corner of the screen as Anderssen handcuffs her hands behind her back. She hates the Spanish donkey and is unsure of how long she can stay in this position before using her long legs to her advantage and dismounting.


Updates started: July 13, 2008

Anderssen examines the forty candles attached to a bar suspended from the ceiling - the candles span from below her neck to her toes with one candle above her hands with a key attached so as it melts the key will eventually be released into her reach. She ties one ankle to a hook on the floor and lights the candles before quickly stretching her naked body and handcuffing her wrists to a second hook in the floor. Anderssen now roles under the candles where she has to endure the hot dripping wax onto her unprotected skin, turning onto her side and then onto her front to try and elevate the pain of the hot wax until her body is covered in red melted wax before the keys drop into her hands.


Updates started: July 18, 2008

An electro-magnet with a release timer is slowly ‘ticking’ down as Anderssen dressed in only a short, shiny rubber skirt ties her ankles between a spreader bar. She checks a movement sensor, electric water sprinkler valve and remote control to switch the sensor on is in place then fits a black ball gag in her mouth and puts on a black rubber gas mask. Anderssen switches on the sensor and throws the remote far out of reach; she has a few seconds delay before the sensor becomes ‘active’ and puts her arms behind her back so she is in a reverse prayer and into a hanging noose rope that goes over a hook in the ceiling and to the electromagnet. She pulls the rope tight around her wrists so she is trapped in this position until the timer on the electro magnet releases her arms. Anderssen knows that if she moves she will get wet so stays as still as possible but after a few minutes she needs to rest her shoulders and moves, which is detected and she is covered in water for the first time, from now on she is going to become very cold as well as ache. This process of trying to stay still but moving because of her increasing coldness repeats a further 11 cycles until the magnet releases her and she can remove the mask and gag, Anderssen is shivering uncontrollably as she unties her legs.


Updates started: July 23, 2008

Anderssen sits on a stool and ties many ropes to her legs and body with her legs wide apart and to add a bit of spice to her selfbondage Anderssen attaches clover clamps to her pussy lips before knocking over the stool so she is suspended in bondage from the ceiling and cuffing her hands.





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