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Emily X

8 scenes  -  135 movie minutes



Emily - By her own admission is a real pain slut, contemplates what is going to happen to her in the morning when she has to impress a selection of masters. They have given her a list of bondage requests which she will have to carry out while being watched on CCTV before they bid for her ownership for the next six months. When the lights go on Emily is confused - Not knowing how or when she was put into the cage, she is handcuffed, gagged and with only a thin pipe to breathe through she finds the keys and soon frees herself then removes her clothing and two plugs that have been inside her since been put into the cage.  



Emily starts her first punishment by tying her ankles and knees to a cage so her legs are apart then reaches for the dildo of a fucking machine and with some effort eases it into her very tight pussy. She bends over the cage and handcuffs her wrists to its far side and holds onto a remote button as the fucking machine starts to push and pull the dildo into her trapped body. Emily knows what she has to do next and presses the button and a beep sound emanates from the control box and two long seconds later - “pishhhh” and the arm of the spanker is released and with it a long riding whip that puts the first strip across her unprotected bottom. But rather than being a punishment, Emily enjoys the stripes, and with her pussy being fucked she starts to become turned on by the whole experience and begins to press the button more often until with the final stinging strip and with her juices flowing she starts to cum making her muscles contract and pushes the dildo out of her pussy leaving her with the realization that she should not of cum without the masters permission and she apologizes to them and asks for extra punishment for her disobedience. Emily now prepares for her unscheduled punishment. She has decided to be tied naked to the side of the cage and have the machine give her a full frontal body whipping - from the tops of her legs, over her stomach and to the top of her breasts then back down for a second allocation of painful stripes that will last for the next few days, and as before she has to press a button to activate the machine for every single stroke !  



Emily is totally naked again except for a spiked leather posture collar as she frog ties her legs with wide black sticky pvc tape and then vacuum cups her clit extending and pulling it into the cup but decides to use pegs instead - one of which has a small bell attached. She then wraps ropes tightly around her breasts and ties them off - the other end goes via clam cleats up to the ceiling. Emily places clamps onto her nipples and a medical gag into her mouth and clicks it so her mouth is held wide open and fastens leather cuffs on her wrists which are attached together and to an ice release mechanism by a chain, the other side of the release mechanism is attached to a rope the goes up to the ceiling via a third clam cleat. She is now at the point of no return as she pulls the other end of her boob ropes which pulls her boobs towards the ceiling - making her sit up strait, finally she pulls a third rope that forces her arms behind her and also up to the ceiling. She has to stay like this, having to ring the bell pegged to her clit for the amusement of her masters until the ice melts and she can free herself.



Emily walks into shot, naked except for her high heeled shoes to show her pert bottom; she straddles a steal beam and ties a spreader bar between her ankles. She then raises the steal beam until it presses hard into her pussy then pulls long opera gloves onto her arms and puts a candle into her mouth and lights it. Emily finally handcuffs her hands behind her back and has to stay in this position letting the hot wax drip onto her tits and nipples until the candle melts down and the key attached to the candle is released. Eventually the key falls from the candle onto the floor, which she can not reach and after struggling with the beam grinding into her pussy with every movement, she pleads to her masters for her freedom.



Emily dressed in a purple latex skirt puts steal banding around her tits and red leather cuffs on her wrists. She then kneels on a low table and ties her ankles and knees to it before attaching heavy weighted clamps onto her nipples. Emily then inserts the dildo of the fucking machine into her pussy and padlocks her wrists to a chain in front of her and waits to be fucked for an hour. Soon she realises she cant last she has to press a big red button which activates a second dildo with a probe inside that has to be warmed up to temperature by it begin inserted into her arse. As she complains to the watching master’s a small winch pulls her head down forcing a third dildo into her mouth. After her arse has warmed the probe up it is slowly withdrawn from her anal passage but then as a final “punishment” the fucking machine starts to speed up until she is forced to cum before begin released.



Emily in vivid blue fishnet stockings puts on her fetish platform black boots and laces each one up before inserting a cold metal speculum and opening wide inside her pussy and looking into herself with a mirror then tying it in place. She Tests the violet wand on her new metal toy and then for added stimulation puts needles into her tits each side of her nipples then ties her arms behind her. Now all she has to do is electrocute her pussy 20 times with the wand - But she is so kinky she does another 10 with one extra long electrocution at the end for good measure then pleads to be released before her masters.



Emily ties purple ropes around her tits and ties her ankles and knees together before handcuffing her hands to her ankles in a hogtie position. On the floor is a dildo facing upward which is connected to an electronic counter so that every time it is inserted into her mouth the count is decreased from 60 down by one until zero is reached and the keys are released for her handcuffs. Emily thinks she only has 50 to complete but the cruel masters want another 10 and with her tits bound in this way, every time she pushes the dildo to the back of her throat she has to crush her tied tits with her own body, this becomes more and more painful and her body starts to ache so she needs to rest often, prolonging the task and her suffering.



In Emily’s final scene she has to tie ropes to her ankle straps then sit on the steel edge of the Spanish donkey before letting a weight swing that pulls her legs apart and her body down onto the Spanish donkey even more as a timer starts and appears in the top left corner of the screen. Finally she handcuffs her hands behind her back, unsure of how long she can stay in this position. Now sit back and watch how the pain between her legs becomes too much.





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