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Masie Dee

8 scenes  -  121 movie minutes



Masie Dee inserts a set of duo balls into her pussy and rubs “menthol rub” into her clit and pussy lips and redresses then chains and padlocks her shorts so she can’t remove them and ease the burning sensation of the menthol rub. She ties leather straps to her ankles and ropes to the straps then sits on a horse saddle on a stand and pulls her legs up using the ropes tied to her ankle straps before removing her shirt and bra. Masie puts pegs on her nipples and breasts then gags herself with a ball gag and handcuffs her hands behind her back and starts to rock herself to stimulate her pussy with the duo balls while spanking and pulling off the pegs from her breasts and nipples. Been gagged and in bondage with her pussy feeling like it is on fire, the duo balls working inside her and her breasts being pegged turns her on and she brings herself to an intense orgasm.  



Masie ties a spreader bar between her ankles and a crotch rope around her and its end to a second rope which goes over a hook in the ceiling and to an empty bucket. She then handcuffs one wrist above her head then pulls a string with her free hand that opens a valve allowing water to slowly fill the bucket before also handcuffing this hand above her head. As the bucket fills it pulls on her crotch rope, pulling it into her pussy until the water stops and the bucket is full. She now has to endure this predicament, forcing her body to shake and her face to contort with the pain until the ice release mechanism melts, which is fastening her handcuffs to the ceiling and she can lower her arms and untie the crotch rope and the spreader bar before releasing her cuffs.  



Masie lights six candles above a low coffee table and tests her new purple dildo in her pussy before fastening a ball gag in her mouth. She then kneels on the table under the dripping wax from the candles and uses the sucker on the dildo to fix it to a wall mirror behind her. Masie finally handcuffs her wrists to a chain which is attached to a magnetic time release and eases the dildo into her wet pussy and fucks it while the wax continues to drip onto her until she is released. Once released she sits on her vibrating dildo and drips wax from a candle onto her breasts and pussy finally bringing herself to a satisfying orgasm.



Masie Dee knows how long both Emily and Ariel Anderssen have lasted on the Spanish donkey and as a horse rider she thinks she can easily win. She sits on the cold steel edge of the Spanish donkey before letting a weight swing which pulls her legs apart and her body down onto the Spanish donkey. The timer appears in the top left corner of the screen as Masie remembers to handcuffs her hands behind her back. She may or may not have won (You will have to watch) but she really did need a rest after she dismounted !



Masie ties leather cuffs to her ankles and a steel spreader bar between forcing her legs apart. She then puts a vibrator into her panties so it rests on her clit and eases her tits from her bra and clamps her nipples. Masie handcuffs her wrists behind her back and to the ceiling then operates a remote control in her hand. A small winch pulls her clamps and stretches her nipples - She is stuck like this until the ice release melts and her handcuffs are no longer tied to the ceiling and she can reach the keys but she has left the wrong keys on the floor and has to dash outside for her spare set in only her bright red underwear.



Masie has a very sensitive clit and loves to cum so she is going to see how many time she can orgasm before she has to release herself (unless something goes wrong !). She first ties her ankles to the bottom of the bed so her legs are wide apart then ties an electric orbital sander over her panties and to her pussy, making sure she has the remote control to switch its power on AND off. Next she puts 10 pegs onto her breasts and nipples and handcuffs her wrists to the top corners of the bed so she is spread and switches on the power. At first she enjoys the vibrations that vibrate her clit and soon has her first orgasm she teases herself by switching on and off the machine until she loses her concentration and drops the remote control. With no escape until she is rescued and her pussy and clit being so vigorously stimulated she has wave after wave of orgasms making her skin sweat all over and what was at first fun has now turned into her torture as she screams for someone to help her.



Masie Dee walks through her garden to a path between some trees and checks to see if anyone can see her before she removes her dress and ties a crotch rope around herself. She then ties one ankle to one side of the path and ties more rope around the other ankle before passing it over a branch and pulling it tight so that one leg is raised up into the air then ties it off. After looking around again she gags herself and puts her wrists into loops of rope on each side of the path with slip knots in and pulls them tight so she cants pull her hands free. With every noise she looks around in nervousness pulling on her ropes. We hear voices as some walkers go by and she starts to shake and struggle until they go past. The thought of nearly been found by strangers, half naked, bound and gagged starts to turn her on and she use the crotch rope to make her cum after managing to ease one hand free and escape.



After setting the sprinkler system timer to come on after her partner arrives from work she shouldn’t get wet and cold because he will release her wont he ? She sits on the grass and ties her legs apart by tying her ankles to two ground anchors screwed into the ground and teases her pussy with an inflatable dildo which fills and stretches her inside. She then ties a rope from a third anchor to the front of her collar which will keep her sat upright then pushes the dildo fully into her pussy. Masie handcuffs her arms behind her back and to a fourth ground anchor and reaches for the air bulb and inflates her dildo. Now all she has to do is wait to be rescued but when her partner arrives home and see's what she is up to, he lets the sprinkler system activate and soak her with icy cold water making her scream for release.





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