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Sammie sets up a video camera then sits on a bed and introduces herself for the making of a video diary. She is excited that her partner is returning later that evening after a sales trip to America for 3 months (Sam doesn't know what he sells). She explains that since he has being away she has discovered bondage and how it makes her feel and that he doesn't know and she is going to tie herself up to be discovered by her partner as a surprise for him when he arrives. To get her in the mood and remove any fears of tying herself up for her partner she will do some self bondage and film it as part of her diary. In this scene she starts of with a simple hogtie then after releasing herself and with more confidence she removes her skirt, ties a crotch rope in place and unfastens some buttons to her shirt, before placing her wrists into the handcuffs for a second time and her second hogtie.



Sammie attaches a key to an electromagnet hooked to the ceiling and tells her diary that when the timer switches off the magnet the key will drop and she can escape. She fastens a collar with a bell around her neck then fastens straps around her ankles and knees then one around her waist with a set of handcuffs padlocked to it so the cuff are behind her then one last strap above her breasts. Sammie ties her big toes together with rope leaving its length free then lays down on the bed and ties a rope from the back of a strap above her breasts to her ankle strap and the end of the rope from her toes around her head so it acts as a gag and pulls the toes tight. Sammie then places her wrists into the cuffs behind her back and with a click she is securely bound until the keys drop and she can struggle to release herself.



Sammie dressed in a red basque, panties and black fishnet stockings sits on the bed and lasses a ballet boot onto each foot. She ties a leather belt / harness around her waist and between her legs then ties her ankles and knees with rope then also tapes over the rope with thin red tape then uses thick black tape around her middle so it acts like a corset pulling her middle in. Sammie next pulls the leather hood over her head then laces and padlocking the hood onto her head and ties the rope from her ankles to the top of the hoods "D" ring leaving it slack. Sammie attaches the hook from the winch to the middle of the rope from her ankles to the hood, locks her hands into a set of cuffs so the rope from her ankles to the hood runs between her arms then finally operates the winch control that pulls the rope up to the ceiling pulling her head up as she allows her cuffs to be pulled to her ankles until she stops the winch. She wriggles as much as she can then operates the remote winch for a few seconds to tighten all the ropes still further.



Sammie switches on a timer so the magnet is energised and puts a metal plate onto it so the plate is held to the magnet then padlocks a chain to the plate. She ties a Key so it hangs down above the middle of the bed then gags herself with a ball gag. Sam a crotch rope around herself with a long length of rope and ties the ends of her crotch rope to the bottom corners of the bed then shuffles her body until the ropes are tight and she is in the middle of the bed. Sam padlocks a pair of metal handcuffs to the chain from the magnet then frog ties her legs and ties ropes from the top corners of the bed to these ropes. She puts her hands behind her back and cuffs her wrists with a click - Sammie is now securely bound until the timer switches off the magnet !



Sammie walks into shoot and explains one of her favourite bondage games to her camera diary - To be in bondage while having to do the house work. First she explains the timer will drop the key so she can escape but to make it interesting a sounder will beep at random intervals and she will have to hobble over and blow into a pipe to operate the air switch, If she doesn't blow into the pipe in ten seconds from the sound of the beep then an extra two minutes will be added to the timer and she will have to continue working. Sammie straps and padlocks her ankles together with enough slack so she can walk (hobble). Next she fastens a posture collar in place and padlocks a thick heavy chain to the ankle straps with a set of metal handcuffs padlocked to its end and secures her wrists into the cuffs. Sammie now starts to do the house work until the buzzer sounds and she rushes to the pipe to activate the switch in time, then she continues her chores until the magnet drops the key, with the buzzer sounding every now and again.



Sammie dressed in her PVC catsuit explains what she is going to do to her video diary then starts her latest bondage game by fastening a red velvet collar around her neck before slowly pulling on her ballet boots and lacing them up nice and tight. Sammie now fastens a ball gag in her mouth then ties a spreader bar and a length of rope between her ankles before wriggling a loop of rope up to her elbows and a second chinced rope around her wrists. Sammie is on her knees as she clips the hook of the winch to the rope between her ankles and wrists, then she switches on the winch with a remote switch until she is balanced on her knees - All she can do is struggle until the timer releases the winch !



18 Ropes and four concrete blocks are already in position as Sammie explains to her video diary camera that she is going to tie herself up as a surprise for when her partner arrives back home. Sammie steps onto the concrete blocks so her legs are apart and ties the spreader bar between her ankles and four ropes in front and behind her hanging from the ceiling to her ankles. Next she ties a second shorter spreader bar between her knees and ropes from its ends to hooks in the ceiling before tying more thick ropes around the tops of her legs, she complains the dress is in the way and that she bought it especially for the surprise but has to pull it over her head and remove it. Next Sammie ties rope around her waist followed by two more ropes from the ceiling to this rope and a further two ropes to the ropes around her thighs. Then she fastens a posture collar around her neck and two ropes from behind and two in front of her to each side of the collar. She is still annoyed about the dress because she wanted it all to be special then she knows what she has to do to make it special and is very scared but also excited - She will be totally naked and totally bound for him to do with her as he pleases! Sammie now fastens a bit gag in place and the leather cuffs on her wrist, with her chest heaving up and down; she switches out the lights, leaving the only light from the candles and a small electric spot lamp above her, and cuts off her panties then she fastens her wrist cuffs to the electro magnets on the ceiling so she is spread eagle scared and totally naked. After some minuets a door opens and Sam turns to look then follows her partner as he walks across the room and sits in front of her. He doesn't say a word and Sam starts to struggle as she feels his eyes move over her naked body. Then he opens his briefcase to show Sammie what he has being selling on his trip - vibrators, floggers etc. Sammie starts to smile until he picks up a flogger and she starts to shake her head and struggle, she watches him walk across the room and behind her and to a musician's metronome that he switches on. Next we see Sammie's face winces as the flogger lands on her back in time with the slow tick of the metronome - Sam turns to look at him then directly into camera as she bites down on the gag - the flogger impacts again and again as the camera fades out.





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