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“Welcome Miss Anderssen, Your sister told us you want to become a secret agent, if you pass this simple test you will go straight to the written exam, but if you fail you will have to pass the full set of test” Anderssen puts a key at the very top of a sloping plank then fastens leather cuffs on her ankles and wrists followed by a bit gag in her mouth before removing her jacket. She chains all her cuffs together with padlocks so she is loosely hogtied on the floor then wriggles to the base of the plank before trying to climb it to get the key. Anderssen is determined not to do the full set of tests. She tries first on her back then her front, but keeps sliding back down; this continues until she is exhausted and gives up. A key is thrown on the floor and she releases herself. “I am so stupid for not putting the key near the bottom. . . I can spank my bottom instead of doing the tests” Anderssen lifts her skirt and hand spanks her own bottom then she pulls her panties down to her knees and spanks herself again, then in a final bid not to do the tests she picks up a horse’s riding crop and applies its thin stings across her bottom. 



“For your first test you have to balance a book on your head while your hand is chained to your ankle, then without dropping the book you have to unfasten all buttons, zips, clasps, etc and remove your clothing except stockings and panties. You will punish yourself at the end with one stroke of your belt on the top of you thighs for every dropped book”. After removing her clothing and dropping the book six times in the process, Anderssen clamps her nipples with forceps in an effort to gain extra points then spanks herself on both thighs with her leather belt while counting aloud, leaving thick red marks on her skin. 




Anderssen knows her tests are been monitored by ten people including her sister, so starts to get upset and asks what sort of test is this and criticizes her sister for asking her to do this in front of an audience. She thinks it is her sister been cruel because she can, but then after a delay an embarrassed Anderssen switches on the vibrator and touches her nipples and starts to caress herself until the “Voice” tells her to stop and continue with the next test. Anderssen reads her instructions from a sheet of paper then fasten ropes to her ankle straps and let a weight hang, that pulls her legs apart. She puts clamps onto her labia with a metal “cup” hanging from them which pulls on her lips then fastens a medical gag in her mouth, holding it wide open. Next she clamps her nipples and adds weights to the clamps so her nipples are constantly been pulled and with thoughts of gaining extra points, she also puts some of these weights into the “cup” so her pussy lips are stretched still further. Anderssen attaching her wrist cuffs to two more ropes and release two weights which pull her arms apart and up to the ceiling, finally she lets all the weights pull all her arms and legs apart until she is spread eagle and unable to move.  



Anderssen reads her next instructions then ties eight meters of very rough rope around herself into a body harness then stands on a small rubber tile on the floor and handcuffs her wrists to the ceiling. A curtain drops away to the floor to reveal Sally (Anderssen’s twin sister) tied to a wall with legs and arms spread wide apart using more of the rough old rope to metal rings in the wall. Her skirt pulled down around one ankle showing wires from a Tens machine to electrode patches at the tops of Sally’s legs. “All you have to do Anderssen is stay motionless on ballet pointe or your poor Sister will be automatically electrocuted for 5 seconds on your every movement - Her fate is in your hands! - Anderssen’s toes soon start to hurt and she has to stretch. Anderssen explains this to Sally saying she is very sorry - as soon as Anderssen moves we hear an electrical hum and a scream from Sally - this continues on every movement until Anderssen moves just to electrocute her sister for making her use the vibrator earlier, with a ‘got even’ smile on her face. At the end Sally is stood with rope rapped around her head as a gag, elbows tied with rope and wrists cuffed behind her back, Anderssen watches as Sally is led away by a further rope tied around her neck.  



Anderssen ties a spreader bar between her ankles and a loose loop of thick rope around her neck then ties a second rope to its front with another loop of thick rope in its free end which she leaves hanging. Anderssen picks up a remote control and feeds her arms through a loop of thick rope hanging from a winch on the ceiling and wriggles it up until it is around her elbows before putting her wrists into the thick rope loop left hanging from around her neck and pulls it tight. Anderssen now presses the remote control and the winch pulls her elbows up towards the ceiling and together, this also pulls tight the rope from her neck via her crotch to her wrists. She is now trapped with the rope rubbing her crotch and her elbows together  



Anderssen ties ropes around her ankles then a crotch rope around herself before kneeling on a buffet with her back up against a steel pole and ties a rope from the top of the pole to her crotch rope. She then wraps thick tape around her waist and the pole and ties ropes from the ceiling to her ankle ropes then ties another rope under her arms and around the pole. Finally she puts more thick tape around her and the pole then gags herself with a ball gag and place pegs on her nipples, cuffs her wrists above her head and around the pole. The buffet is removed so she is suspended by the tape and ropes while a violet wand is placed between her legs and its power adjusted until she wriggles and squirms  



Anderssen is sat upright on a wooden pallet and ties lengths of string to her big toes then use 5 zip ties per leg to tie her legs apart and onto the lattes of the pallets. She puts two clamps onto her labia and ties the strings from her toes to the clamps and attaches wires from the tens unit to these clamps, adjusts its power and lays down. Next Anderssen fastens a black ball gag in her mouth then uses more zip ties around her body to tie her body down to the pallet before clamping her nipples and hanging weights onto the end of a string from the ceiling so her nipples are constantly pulled. Finally she puts metal handcuffs onto each wrist and closes a box around her head then fastens the cuffs above her head to a steel pole. As the Tens unit works it makes her curl her toes which pulls on her labia - this is the only movement she can make



Anderssen attaches four electrodes that hang down from the ceiling onto her stomach then puts her hands into a set of handcuffs padlocked to the ceiling and waits nervously. Then Anderssen’s sister arrives and explains that everyone else including the judges, that have being watching Anderssen’s progress, have gone home leaving just the two of them. Sally wants revenge after her earlier electrocutions because of Anderssen, so has devised a plan. If Anderssen doesn’t press a button that will activate the spanking machine and cane Anderssen’s bottom every 20 seconds Anderssen will be electrocuted until she does. Sally walks away leaving Anderssen to decide electrocution or the cane, Saying if there are no stripes on Anderssen’s bottom when she returns she will cane her herself. After 20 seconds Anderssen is electrocuted - she tries to endure it but eventually Anderssen has to press the button and the machine canes her bottom and the electric stops. The second part to Anderssen’s punishment is that the machine will not leave any marks on her bottom until its power is turned up - something that Anderssen will have to do herself ! After many canings and electrocutions Anderssen has turned the machine up to full power and is desperate to have marks on her bottom. Sally returns, sits on a high stool and crosses her legs to gloat at her poor twin sister’s predicament - we hear the machine cane Anderssen again and Sally winces then smiles





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