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Lucy Zara

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5 scenes  -  91 movie minutes



Lucy Zara adjusts the webcam and walks over and sits on the bed then removes her shoes and strokes and shows her feet to the camera. She hangs a key covered in ice to a hook in the ceiling then puts a belt around her waist then puts leather cuffs on her ankles and frog ties her ankles to her thighs with lots of rope. Lucy then ties more rope from them to her belt and padlocks a set of handcuffs to the middle of a length of chain and padlocks each end of the chain to the leather cuffs. She puts a collar with a bell around her neck and lies down and clicks her wrists behind her and into the handcuffs and looks at the laptop. Lucy grins at the camera and positions the vibrator between her legs until she cums before relaxing for a few second then positions her self under the ice covered keys and lets the cold water from the melting ice drip onto her breasts until the keys drop free and Lucy can remove the cuffs and show her ample breasts to the webcam.  



Lucy Zara dressed in stockings and tight red corset kneels on her bed to begin her second webcam self bondage game and starts by tying her ankles to the corners of the bed and with more rope ties her knees apart. She places a mirror below her pussy so we get a good view of her womanhood before tying a remote controlled “magic wand” vibrator so it is in contact with her clitoris. Lucy now fixes a red collar around her neck and ties a rope from the front of the bed to the front of the collar, finally handcuffing her hands with cuffs that are tied to the bed behind her back before switching on the vibrator and tossing its remote control out of reach. As the most powerful vibrator ever made works on her clit she starts to orgasm again and again making her pussy dribble its juices on to the mirror for the whole world to see her as a sexed up slut, and with no escape she has to continue being forced to cum repeatedly in front of her webcam with no end in sight.  



Lucy all ready has a tight crotch rope around as she sits on the bed and fits leather cuffs to her ankles and ties ropes to them that go around the bottom corners of the bed and pulls her legs apart and back around her knees. She fastens a gag in her mouth and lies back onto the bed then attaches the loose end of a weighted rope to her crotch rope and releases the weight, making her gasp into her gag. Lucy finally places her wrists into two metal cuffs with a click, one of which has an ice release mechanism. She then attaches the free end of her cuffs around the bed corner and starts to wriggles on the bed grinding her hips and heavy breathing with every wriggle she lifts her body the weight lowers and pulls the crotch rope tight. Now what is she fantasizing about ? Lucy puts leather cuffs on her ankles and wrists and ties ropes to her ankles that go to a weight on a chair. She ties a crotch rope around herself and up to the ceiling and ties it off then tapes the vibrator to this rope so it touches her pussy and switches it on then fastens a ball gag in her mouth before letting the weight on the chair hang free and attaching more ropes to her wrist cuffs. She releases the weights that slightly pull on her wrists, Now with every relaxation (orgasm) of her body the weights will pull on her ankles and wrists until she is spread eagle, unable to move and dribbling though her gag.



Lucy finishes setting the webcam up and walks into the middle of the floor and ties a rope to her ankle then looks at the webcam and smiles. She places a block of wood on the floor and places her wrists into leather cuffs and attaches the cuffs to a metal plate then stands on a block of wood with this foot and puts the plate over the electro magnet above her head which attracts the plate and she is trapped. Lucy now takes a deep breath and steps off the block and kicks it out of reach leaving her on tiptoe as she encourages her webcam viewers to click their mouse buttons to remotely raise one of her legs. Lucy’s leg very slowly starts to rise into the air a few centimetres at a time until her leg is as high as she can go. As she becomes uncomfortable she asks to be let free “If you let me free I promise you wont regret it” Eventually her leg is lowered back down and the magnet releases her. Still hand cuffed and on the floor with her large breasts on view she presses a remote to raise one leg again so her legs are wide apart then uses the ‘Magic wand’ vibrator until she climax’s in front of the webcam.



Lucy Zara is muzzled and clad in skin tight rubber walks under the robowalker (a motorised rotating arm secured to the ceiling with a chain hanging down from the end of the arm). She attaches the end of the chain to her head harness and cuffs her hands behind her back and waits. The robowalker is under the control of her webcam viewers and soon the motor starts to move, forcing Lucy to trot in a circle until it stops and a wand vibrator on a stand starts to buzz (also controlled by her viewers) and Lucy can rub herself on the wand. Then the wand stops and she has to trot again, this continues with an audible signal given as she stops and starts until Lucy is hot and sweaty and is allowed to use the wand to bring herself to full orgasm. As she rests from her climax her viewers are relentless and the robowalker starts again and she is forced to continue her motorised pony show.





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