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Lucy Zara & Frankie Babe

5 scenes  -  072 movie minutes



Its the Christmas Season and another shopping day for the girls - Lucy has plans for today and has bought Frankie a large vibrator. After the two girls strip down to their sexy black underwear they tie themselves together, but if Frankie is going to enjoy it's powerful vibrations on her clit she is going to have to struggle and fight Lucy off the vibrator and Lucy's big black dildo that she has attached to the other side of the table. 



Frankie enjoys that the catsuit bought by Lucy fits in all the right places and gets her to tie herself up again with handcuffs and a spreader bar. Lucy then ties herself knelling in front of Frankie with a rope from her collar to a winch that Frankie uses to pull Lucy’s mouth down between her legs with. After licking Frankie’s nipples and tasting her pussy Lucy is allowed to release herself so that she can take full advantage of Frankie’s bound and spread body. 



Lucy has another idea for the both of them and has prepared a wooden beam, two gags, two spreader bars, leather cuffs and two dildos. They quickly attach the dildos to the beam and straddle it and the dildos then finish tying their legs between the spreader bars before fixing ball gags in their mouths. Now all they have to do is put the leather cuffs on their wrists, attach a rope that goes up to the roof and pull their arms up behind them ..But to add to the fun Lucy can pull Frankie’s arms up and Frankie’s end of the beam - pushing the dildo deep inside Frankie and Frankie can do the same to Lucy. Once all plugs are inserted and arms tied up behind them they have to wait for the ice to melt and release Lucy’s arms, which allows Lucy to play with the trapped and helpless Frankie before letting her free.



Lucy is still in a mischievous mood and dresses in thigh length leather boot, stockings, sheer black panties and a red basque and gets Frankie to wear high heels, stockings, see through black basque and panties. Lucy ties a very wide spreader bar between her ankles and pad locks a chain crotch rope around her and gets Frankie to do the same. Each end of their chain is tied together with a rope and a heavy weight tied to the middle, the weight has been placed on a stool so that when it is pull of the stool it will pull on both of the girls crotch chains pulling them hard into their pussies. Frankie complains she needs to pee and the crotch chain isn’t helping, Lucy has a surprise for Frankie and releases herself and walks over, removes the chain and puts some latex gloves on, knowing they Frankie love the feel of rubber she starts to caress Frankie’s body. Lucy starts to press Frankie’s bladder giving her pain but also pleasure with the feel of latex on her naked breasts. With the pressure on her bladder Frankie has to pee and Lucy pulls her panties aside and pulls her pussy apart as Frankie starts to piss onto the floor, still tied with legs and arms spread wide apart. When she has finish her piss Lucy teases her by playing with herself with a vibrator, pushing it in and out of her pussy until Lucy cums in front of Frankie, then she releases the teased Frankie to have her large breasts kissed and fondled by her.



Frankie Watches as Lucy dressed in a short leather skirt and silk shirt decides to play with her vibrator and tie herself up. She starts by frog tying her legs then chaining them wide apart before sliding the vibrator into her waiting pussy and handcuffing her hands behind her head. Frankie enters dressed in a skin tight rubber dress with a bottle of Champaign and quickly removers the vibrator, as she has her own plans. She pours the Champaign over Lucy’s pussy and tits, and then plays with them through the wet material of her shirt, moving down to Lucy’s pussy to lick and taste her. Frankie unbuttons the wet shirt and pours more Champaign over her tits and pussy licking and tasting Lucy again, she then lifts her dress and pours the last of its contents over her own pussy and starts to tie herself over Lucy in a 69 position. After licking and tasting each other, Frankie’s timed release operates but she hadn’t done it correctly and they are both stuck for a lot longer than she had counted on





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