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8 scenes  -  132 movie minutes



All dressed up and nowhere to go, so Anderssen decides to have some fun ..Bondage fun! She screws down the electromagnet to the floor and sits on a stool to fasten leather cuffs to her wrists - padlocking them so they can not be removed without a key. She then ties a rope around her waist and to the front of the stool and attaches an ice release between a thick metal plate and a length of chain before tying her ankles up to the top of the stool. Anderssen puts three pegs on her tong and padlocks the chain to her wrist cuffs before lowering the metal plate over a suspended bar and down to the magnet - She is now trapped until the ice melts !  



Anderssen now ups the ante. She removes her dress and attaches her Violet wand to a tripod then bends over and adjusts its high level with her pussy. She fastens a diamantine covered collar around her neck and attaches a clam cleat with a rope and chain to the ceiling before switching on the wand and a modified remote (The remote slightly lowers the keys every time it sensors she has been zapped by the wand). Anderssen ropes a spreader bar between her ankles and fastens a black ball gag in her mouth. She stands in front of the wand and bends over to tie a rope from her collar to the centre of the spreader then handcuffs herself behind her back and padlocks the cuffs to the chain hanging from the ceiling. Pulling the other end of the rope through the cleat raisers her arms up to the ceiling - Her only escape is to ease her pussy back towards the wand and a painful electrocution of her pussy. Anderssen has to do this many times making her scream into her gag before the keys are lowered enough to reach and her escape.  



This is a short scene but very intense. Real pain and real tears as Anderssen has to choose between having her nipples pulled by weighted clamps OR a chain crotch rope with a heavy block weight tied to the end pulled hard between her legs. In this scene she has to wear a posture collar so we can see her face and eyes, a medical gag and have her hands tied behind her head so she can’t reach anything to help ease the pain.



Anderssen is totally naked as she powers up a steam maker with timer then straddles a length of suspended cold steel pipe and ties ropes to her ankles and a spreader bar between. She then puts a leather mask over her head and padlocks and laces it in place before putting vacuum cups on her nipples which pulls and extends them. She puts a dildo gag in her mouth and clips it to the mask and clips the eye covers on so she can’t see then handcuffs her hands above her head and waits for the steam. As the steam gushes into the end of the pipe it heats up and Anderssen has to back up down the pipe until she reaches the other end where she is safe from the heat but has to rest her pussy on a raised angular metal horse. You can see the steam rise out of small holes along the length of the pipe until the timer switches it off and Arial can test to see if it has cooled down. She has been stood on tiptoe with her pussy pressing into cold steel for some time before it is safe for Anderssen to make her way back to the other end of the pipe for the keys and release.



After switching on a steamer with time switch, Anderssen stands over a pipe so as the steam escapes it will add to her ordeal until she needs to escape. She ties her legs apart with ropes around her ankles and knees and up to the ceiling then attaches over 20 pegs to her body, tits, nipples and pussy which are all tied to a small winch. She puts an inflatable gag in her mouth and inflates it until it fills her mouth then ties one hand up to the roof and padlocks a metal plate to the other and attaches it to a waiting electro-magnet screwed to the roof. The hot steam starts to rise, which adds to the pain of all the pegs - Her only escape is to endure more pain and operate the winch which will pull the pegs from her body making her scream loudly into her gag and finally release the magnet so she can untie herself.



Endurance - After her first attempt with the chain crotch rope let’s see how she does this time? Anderssen in black lingerie puts a posture collar on her neck and leather cuffs on her ankles with a chain between and also chained down to the floor so her legs are spread apart, she then puts more leather cuffs on her wrists that are chained to a thick metal plate behind her back. Anderssen holding a remote stands and puts a chain around her waist and up into her crotch and ties a rope to its end that has a heavy weight on its other end that pulls the chain deep into her pussy. She then puts clamps on her nipples which are attached to a small winch on the ceiling and lowers the metal plate onto the waiting electro-magnet. She now presses the button on the remote and the winch pulls the clamp upward forcing Anderssen onto her tip toes before she switches it off. She now has to stay in this position until the timer switches off the electro-magnet.



100 plus ! - Anderssen is sat on a pallet, next to a pneumatic powered spanking machine as she puts leather cuffs on her wrists and padlocks them so they can not be removed. She then ties ropes from her ankles to two corners of the pallet and pulls the ropes tight - forcing her legs apart. She then lays face down allowing our first view of her pert bottom as she ties more ropes around the tops of her legs and to the two remaining corners of the pallet before fastening a ball gag in her mouth and padlocking a length of chain between her leather cuffs. Anderssen clips the chain onto a hanging rope above her and switches on a control box which first operates a small winch that pulls the chain and her arms up towards the ceiling. After keeping Anderssen waiting in this uncomfortable position the control box starts the spanking machine which soon starts to turn her bottom pink. The machine continues to spank her bottom as Anderssen screams into her gag giving her a short brake every ten strokes to let the pain burn in, until her bottom has been paddled over 100 times, then the control box starts to lower her arms until she can free the chain and her arms and switch off the control box before untying herself and rubbing her bottom.



Anderssen finishes off her make up and checks her face, her tight jeans and how her nipples are clearly visible through the thin material then with a glint in her eye she handcuffs her hands behind her back. With her hands handcuffed she unfastens her tight denim jeans and pulls them down over her long legs to reveal a tight red thong as she admires her pert, heart-shaped bottom in a long mirror. She then sits on the floor and frog ties one ankle to her thigh and ties a rope from the ceiling to her other ankle before pulling it up to the ceiling spreading her legs wide apart with one long leg pointing upward. Anderssen starts to fantasise what could happen to her now she is bound and helpless. The garage door starts to open and Anderssen starts to panic as she becomes exposed to the passing cars and her partner. Without a word the door shuts again and he begins to punish her by caning the sole of her foot and with every plea to stop she receives a stroke to the back of her leg. Eventually she starts to enjoy the pain and asks for more and after hundreds of strokes to her foot and many to the back of her leg she is gagged and left to contemplate her predicament or was it just a dream ?





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