Frankie Babe

2 scenes  -  023 movie minutes



Frankie reads her instructions then proceeds to fasten leather cuffs onto her ankles that she padlocks apart and to the floor. She then ties red ropes above her knees and to the floor further keeping her legs wide apart before roping a large vibrator onto her pussy. Frankie padlocks a chain over her waist and to the floor before securing a bright red ball gag into her mouth. Next Frankie handcuffs one wrist to the floor above her head and the other to a metal plate that she secures to an electro magnet. After cumming more than once she really needs to escape but she will have to wait until the timer switches of the magnet and she can squeeze and stroke her swollen nipples and pussy. 



Frankie dressed in a short black rubber mini dress fastens red leather cuffs to her ankles before using thin red rope to tie a tight crotch rope over her latex covered pussy. Next she locks her ankle cuffs together then using more red rope ties her legs together above and below her knees and puts a red ball gag in her mouth and fastens it in place. To finish off her self-bondage Frankie ties a rope from the ceiling to her crotch rope so as she moves it pulls it deeper into her pussy. Finally Frankie padlocks her metal handcuffs to her crotch rope behind her back and ‘clicks’ her wrists into the cuffs. All she now has to do is enjoy her bondage and escape !