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In our first shoot with Sammie we gave her some instructions for a simple tie to lull her into a false sense of security. If you like a girl in jeans, bra, gagged and handcuffed - this is for you. 





We raise the difficulty level in this video! Sammie still in her tight jeans but now topless ties the electric spreader bar between her ankles before fitting a ball gag in her mouth. She then straddles the beam and jacks it high up onto her pussy so she is balancing her body weight on it. Sammie padlocks her arms behind her and raises them to the roof before operating the spreader bar pushing her legs apart and forcing more weight on to the beam. Determined not to give in - As beads of perspiration appear over her body you can see in her face this is not a comfortable position. 





Sammie fits a posture collar and gag just to make things more difficult then she ties her ankles, knees and thighs to the bench. She padlocks her wrists to chains ready to be raise up behind her and then she ties her hair to a rope behind her. Sammie attaches the rope from a small winch to the front of her posture collar and operates its remote - pulling her forward until her tied hair pulls tight then to finish she hoists her arms up behind her. Sammie totally trapped and unable to move can only watch her own misery in a small mirror in front of her until needing to be released.





Sammie always looks good in latex ! In this scene Sammie ties her ankles then her knees before gagging herself with her favourite ball gag. She then padlocks leather straps onto her wrists and then on to a rope from the ceiling and pulls the rope tight - If she wasn’t in high heeled boots she would be balancing on tip toe. Now she has to turn to show her body to the camera and into a mirror so she can see herself.





Sammie ties her foot to her other knee and her ankle to the bottom of the bed. She pushes a rolled up stocking into her mouth before placing a length of tape over her lips then places her wrists into handcuffs and around the top of the bed. After wriggling and squirming she manages to free her leg from the bottom of the bed enabling her to reach the key to her handcuffs and freedom and to be able to remove the wet stocking from her mouth.





Sammie is back in a long tight red rubber dress. She proceeds to tie her ankles, then her knees and her waist with thick black ropes. She then gags herself with a black ball gag and fastens some handcuffs to the end of a rope and places her wrists into the handcuffs - Click ! Sammie now flicks the switch on the remote and a small winch winds in the rope with her handcuffs until tight, but just to make sure she flicks the switch a second time. She lays unable to move except for her chest that heaves up and down as she concentrates on fighting the pain, finally asking for her hands to be set free. She then has to still untie the rest of her bindings leaving lovely rope marks on her ankles.





Sammie starts dressed in a tight black catsuit with her putting on her boots then she walks to the wet room. In the wet room she chains and padlocks a spreader bar to the end of a bench, then ties her ankles to the ends of the spreader bar. She puts a black ball gag in her mouth and fastens its leather buckle to hold it in place and handcuffs her hands behind her back. Totally helpless, Sammie struggles while been showered from above and sprayed from in front and getting totally soaked until her cuffs are released and she is allowed to untie herself.



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