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Lucy Zara

4 scenes  -  057 movie minutes




Lucy finds some ropes, a dildo and a black catsuit - She plays with the dildo - rubbing and teasing her pussy before pushing it deep inside herself and squeezing into her tight PVC catsuit and boots. She ties a crotch rope over her cat suit - pushing her dildo even deeper before tying her ankles and knees. Lucy ties her handcuffs to a rope from her ankles and puts her wrists into them with a click. Lucy starts to make too much noise and has a pink ball gag put into her mouth - She now feels very helpless and starts to get very excited finally erupting into an orgasm before been released. She then strips and slides the vibrator from her pussy and starts to lick her juices from it while looking into the camera. 





Lucy decides to have some fun and straddles a cold steel hanging beam so her pussy lips fits into its U shape. Lucy ties her ankles to an electric spreader bar and puts her wrists into some handcuffs before pulling them up behind her back. She flicks the switch and her legs slowly starts to spread, making her pussy push deeper into the U shaped metal. Lucy has her bottom spanked and asks if she can do it herself - One arm is released and she spanks her own bottom getting very excited - But before she cums her arm is re-tied and a vibrator is taped to the beam between her legs and gagged to keep her quiet ! Lucy’s legs are spread wide making her push her pussy hard onto the vibrator her arms are pulled up behind her forcing her to lean forward allowing her large breasts to sway as she struggles. She starts to cum but luckily she is gagged so she can’t make too much noise ! 





Lucy dressed in red basque, tight pants and boots finds a short wooden beam that can be jacked up. She rubs herself on the beam before tying her legs apart and jacking the beam between her legs - finally binding her wrists into waiting ropes. She squirms and rubs her pussy onto the beam enjoying the pleasure it brings. A dildo is attached to the top the beam and Lucy is un-tied so she can strip naked to ride the beam. Lucy re-ties her legs apart and lubricates the dildo before inserting it into her pussy, ready to be jacked up deep inside her. Lucy slowly jacks up the beam - pushing the dildo to its full length deep inside her. With the beam pressing against Lucy’s pussy lips she starts to grind her hips - working herself until she cums.





Lucy checks her escape timer then sits at the side of her bed and ties her feet together and her knees apart with a spreader bar. She then ties a big vibrator hard against her naked pussy before testing it, and then ties her hands above and behind her - She is trapped to enjoy the powerful vibrations between her legs until the timer releases her. She wriggles and pants with no escape waiting to be released. Lucy’s arms are eventually released by a timer switching off an electro magnet. She doesn’t waste any time in removing the big vibrator so she can slide her favourite small vibrator into her teased pussy bringing herself to full relief.




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