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Eva Knowles

5 scenes  -  030 movie minutes




Eva Knowles starts her adventures into Self bondage for the first time. She ties her body and ankles with ropes before picking up her ball gag and fitting it into her mouth. She places her delicate wrists behind her back and into her handcuffs and then to get the key to her handcuffs she has to unfasten her jeans and slide them down her shapely leg showing her black panties and stocking tops before releasing herself. 




Eva Knowles wearing fishnet stockings, short leather skirt and white blouse ties herself bent over backwards over a stool showing her stocking tops and panties. Eva’s buttons are slowly unfastened and her skirt is pulled up then her bra is unfastened to reveal her erect nipples as she waits in this torturous position for the timer to release her. 




Eva Knowles in just her bra, panties and stockings uses a spreader bar to tie her legs apart before pulling her arms into the air behind her with a pulley arrangement. Then while helpless her bra is removed to show her beautiful natural breasts and clamps placed on her nipples for her first time. Eva has to struggle to move her tied spread legs to turn and pose for the camera - how long can she last ?




Eva Knowles starts to strip to music by removing her blouse and leather mini skirt - dancing in her basque and panties before striping her basque from her body and dropping it to the floor. Eva now ties her legs apart and steps onto blocks of wood to fit a crotch rope and then ties a rope from the ceiling to the front of her crotch rope. Eva then ties a blind fold over her eyes and steps off the wooden blocks pulling her crotch rope tight - we see her perfect body from all sides until she needs to be set free.




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