Eva Knowles

3 scenes  -  019 movie minutes




Eva Knowles finds something she wants to be tied to and strips to change into a white blouse, red latex mini skirt and pvc thigh high boots. Janine ties herself to the back of a sports car but is discovered and has water poured over her. Eva then has to pay for tying herself to the car by allowing herself to be tied spread eagle in an old basement. Eva is gagged and has ropes tied to her wrists and ankles then as a ratchet turns she is pulled spread eagle to await the second part of her payment - a tight crotch rope. A bucket is tied to the other end of her crotch rope and is filled with water pulling the crotch rope even tighter. 




Eva Knowles ties her ankles and places a gag in her mouth before handcuffing her arms behind her back. Then she has to walk the knotted rope - pushing the knots passed her pussy lips then her bra is removed then later has her elbows tied - pushing her breasts forward only to have weighted clamps placed on her nipples. Eva has to hobble over a few more knots until her panties are cut off and removed to wait with her naked pussy pressing onto the largest knot in the rope. 




When Eva Knowles is driving she just can’t resist stopping her car and striping her clothes off to tie her self up. It looks cold and windy and very close to the road - you can see and hear the cars passing - but she doesn’t care she just needs Bondage ! Then Eva has an idea, she wants to tie herself to a high wall outside with her arms and legs spread. Then when she can’t escape she wants to be hosed down with ice cold water. Eva suddenly realises - when it is too late how cold the water is ! You can see the hot breath from her mouth in the cold air and her body shivering. When the high pressure water hits her she can’t take it - But she still gets sprayed with the cold water.




Eva Knowles walks over to a rocking chair, sits and ties her legs above her head and to the back of the chair. Eva then places a medical gag in her mouth and adjusts it so her mouth is wide open before fastening her wrists into handcuffs fastened to the chair above her head. Eva then starts to rock the chair back and forth by sensually rocking her body.