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6 scenes  -  080 movie minutes



After been spanked yet again, the bratty young Pandora’s Aunt takes her to see a hypnotherapist in the hope he can change her attitude. What no one knows is that after hypnotising his female subjects he commands them to use a spanking machine, floggers, use self bondage and generally inflict pain or humiliate themselves for his pleasure. Once they arrive, Pandora’s Aunt soon signs the release papers and leaves Pandora to the day’s events. Pandora doesn’t realise what’s happening and she is soon hypnotised to use a leather strap on her bottom before trying some self-bondage. Her first attempt needed some adjustment but once hogtied, she has to crawl across the dirty floor to get to the keys to her handcuffs. With a click from a dogs training clicker Pandora remove her dirty jeans, then while still wearing her shirt she tries to wash it with a wet sponge before using an old wooden school ruler to spank the insides of her thighs until red. Then after another click Pandora (like a well trained puppy) puts her wrists into a set of handcuffs hanging from the roof before her therapist decides to increase Pandora’s humiliation by ripping and cutting the shirt from Pandora’s body to expose her breasts followed by some entertainment as the young brat has to flog her naked back. 



Pandora believes she is going to lunch and has put on a nice dress but the twisted hypnotherapist has other ideas and with a click Pandora is soon confirming she will have to be naked except for her stockings and shoes. Pandora strips and straddles the bamboo pole and places a collar around her neck. Next she ties her ankles so that only one foot can touch the floor at a time and places painful clamps on her nipples before using a pulley system to raise her arms up behind her. She now has to balance on the pole knowing that she will be spanked twice for every time she touches the floor later. Pandora begins to tire and struggles to balance as her weight crushes her unprotected pussy into the bamboo pole and inevitably she puts her foot down and the tally starts to rise ! 



Pandora’s hypnotherapist has decided he would like to see her dressed in black PVC and with it Pandora is on form as the cocky brat, saying she can handle anything! This is like music to the therapist’s ears and confirms his plan is working perfectly. He soon decides she needs more punishment and after a brief spell of hypnotism to re-enforce his will on her Pandora raises her skirt and use a twin tongued leather strap on her thighs then she removes her top and uses a wooden school ruler to punish her breasts followed by a flogger on her back, only changing her self inflicted punishments after her skin has turned red. Now for one of the hypnotherapist favourite pieces of equipment - The Spanking Machine, and if his plan comes together it will also be Pandora’s! With a click from the therapist Pandora chains and ties herself down laying on her back with her legs tied apart and to the ceiling and has to wear a posture collar which is also tied down to the bench. Pandora switches on the machine herself knowing what will soon happen to her bottom then binds her wrists to wait for what seems an eternity before the spanking machine swings into action !



As Pandora’s training continues she needs less and less hypnotism for her to participate in the scenarios - only a click now and again from the hypnotherapist. He decides to allow Pandora to choose her next dress and he is not disappointed when she returns in a skin tight red rubber nurses outfit. Does Pandora remember how many times her feet touched the floor when she was on the bamboo poll earlier? She remembers! And is ready to have her bottom spanked for the forty strokes from the unfeeling contraption and as a final humiliation Pandora counts down aloud the number of strokes left.



The therapist realizes why Pandora is so naughty and is constantly been spanked - It turns her on and she enjoys it! Now his search has come to an end - He has found a young woman who enjoys chastising herself, pain, being humiliated and is turned on by spanking. Without any hypnotism, Pandora wants to try the spanking machine again and dressed in only boots, stockings and a black rubber skirt she quickly starts to tie herself in front of the spanking machine. She places clamps on her nipples and pulls her skirt up before switching on the spanking machine and gagging herself. She fastens her wrists with ropes and lets a small winch attached to the gag pull her into a sitting up position to wait for her bottom to be spanked. With every movement the clamps swing, biting into her nipples increasing her discomfort, but rather than hate her painful predicament she becomes increasingly sexually aroused which allows her juices to dribble from her pussy and down the inside of her thigh.



Pandora may have thought she was going to be spanked again but for Pandora’s final session the therapist decides he wants her to endure many hours of total naked humiliation. After punishing her own breasts again with a wooden school ruler Pandora dressed in just her panties, stockings and shoes ties herself spread eagle with a ball gag secured in her mouth. When Pandora is completely secure and unable to escape her panties are cut from her body allowing the therapists gaze to slowly look over every inch of her naked female body presented entirely for his own private and total enjoyment.





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