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Shay walks over to a table where there are a number of different floggers / spankers and picks them up one at a time to feel, caress, smell and taste them. She then lifts her skirt and bends over the back of a chair in the middle of the floor and start to spank her bottom with one of the spankers, using first her left then right hand to spank each cheek. Next she removes her skirt, picks up a different leather strap and sits on the chair with her legs spread, then uses it on the insides of both legs. Shay removes her shirt to reveal her ample breasts and pierced nipples and picks up a flogger with a dildo handle then walks to the centre of the floor and fucks herself with the handle - she starts to get turned on and stops to lick the dildo, then picks a second flogger up. Shay flogs between her legs from behind then impales her self on a dildo and starts to flog and fuck - Shay get more frenzied as she flogs herself and fucks the dildo until she reaches orgasm.



Shay attaches leather cuffs to your ankles then checks how secure a chain to the ceiling with some handcuffs padlock to it are. She attaches ropes to her ankle straps and places the two electrodes of the tens unit close to her pussy then mounts the Spanish donkey and takes a block weight off a stool letting it hang - this pulls her legs apart and down. Shay attach a chain hanging from the ceiling to the front of her collar then reach behind her to place her wrists into the cuffs hanging from the ceiling. She doesn’t do much more than 6 mins before the pain in her pussy becomes too much !



Hendrix fastens leather straps to her ankles and wrists and ropes to her ankle straps to keep her legs apart. She places pegs on her body and breasts then puts clamps onto her labia with a metal “cup” hanging from them which pulls on her lips, Shay adds more magnetic weights until she cannot add any more then attaches her wrist cuffs to two more ropes and releases two weights which pull her arms up and spread so she is spread eagle. Shay has beaten her friend Masie with the amount of weight by 0.5 lb - That is a total of 3.5 lb of weight hanging from Shay’s stretched labia !



Shay straddles a wooden board, suspended at each end by chains and along its top edge has two metal strips connected to a Tens unit. She puts leather straps around her ankles then clips a spreader bar between, keeping her legs wide apart. Next shay fastens a ball gag in her mouth and a posture collar around her neck to keep her head up then handcuffs her wrists over a rope above her. There are keys padlocked at each end of the wooden board in such a way as she has to keep struggling from one end to the other to get a key to unlock a padlock to get another key to unlock another padlock to get a key, eventually releasing the key to her handcuffs and freedom, and very time Shay makes her way along the wooden board her pussy flesh is electrocuted by the Tens unit !



After squeezing into her shiny black boots and pink and black corset Shay fastens a belt around her waist with a set of handcuffs padlocked so they are behind her back. Next she fills her pussy with ice and ties a crotch rope in place to keep the ice inside her then fastens the hook of an electric hoist to the front of her crotch rope. Shay puts her arms behind her and wriggles a looped strap up her arms until it is around her elbows then secures her wrists into the handcuffs padlocked around her waist. Finally Shay operates the winch until it pulls her crotch rope tight then lets the winch control fall out of her reach. As shay struggles the crotch rope works its way deep into her naked pussy and presses hard against her clit and with every small movement of her body the pain starts to become increasing difficult to ignore and tears start to run down her face !



Hendrix fastens leather cuffs onto her wrists then opens a box with an electric dog trainer collar inside and fastens the training collar around her neck. Next she removes her thin tight dress to reveal each of her breasts has been taped around and a carabiner added. Shay tests a movement sensor and slides a metal dildo on a stand that has a temperature sensor built inside into her pussy until a vibrator attached to the dildo is in contact with her clit. She then fastens the carabiners to a rope and pulls the rope tight and ties it off so she will be unable to get away from the sensor because her breasts are now tied to the ceiling. Finally she handcuffs her hands behind her back and switches on the sensor that will switch on the electric dog trainer collar with her movements and electrocute her. All Shay has to do is keep completely still until her pussy warms the dildo up to a predetermined temperature and the rope keeping her in place by her breasts is released, then she can switch off the sensor, get to her keys and freedom. But the dildo in her pussy and the vibrator on her clit start to work on Shay and she starts wriggle and move as she starts to cum, and with every movement she is electrocuted !



Shay lights two tee light candles and places them under a work table before tying her ankles and thighs to the same work table. Next she eases the dildo of a fucking machine into her eager wet pussy and pulls her top down to expose her breasts then she bends over so her breasts fall between an open slot in the table top so the heat from the candles can work on her nipples. Finally Shay puts her wrists into a loop of rope hanging above her from a winch and operates the winch so the loop pulls tight and raises her arms. With her arms raised her head is forced down and her mouth onto a dildo which she greedily starts to lick and suck. Now the fucking machine slowly starts to slide the dildo in and out of Shays horny pussy, teasing her, then the machine starts to speed up until after some minutes the machine is ramming the dildo in and out of shay, forcing her to cum. Shay is fucked and forced to cum until the ice melts and her arms are released, but the sluty Shay leaves the machine fucking her as she waits to cum again !



Hendrix chains and padlocks a set of steel handcuffs to the back of a wooden chair then removes her rubber skirt and puts a pair of four inch stiletto shoes on her feet before tying a spreader bar between her ankles and winching her legs into the air. Shay then pegs her labia and tapes the pegs to the tops of her legs and slides an egg shaped vibrator into her pussy. Next she places three electrodes on her and wires them to the Tens machine and switches the electricity on then places ear plugs into her ears so she can not hear, blind folds and gags herself finally placing her wrists into the cuffs behind her. With her sight and hearing removed, the vibrations in her pussy and the electric shocks from the Tens machine are intensified and soon bring Shay to orgasm and with no way of escape she could be trapped like this for days !





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