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Tracey Lain

5 scenes  -  110 movie minutes



Tracey sets the timer and hangs a key onto an electromagnet so the key is suspended out of reach. Next she fastens a crotch rope around herself making sure it is tight and connected to the winch correctly then she straps her ankles to the bottom of a pole and a second around her knees but not around the pole. Tracey looks at the suspended key then puts a strap around her neck and pole so she is secured to the pole and finally takes hold of the winch control and handcuffs her hands behind the pole. Tracey now operates the winch until her hips are pulled forward and she finds it difficult to breathe. She will have to endure this position and difficulty in breathing until the timer releases her key.



Tracey places a set of keys on a table next to her then eases a butt plug into her ass before she fastens leather straps to her ankles and places a vibrating egg deep into her pussy. Tracey fastens a ball gag into her mouth before clamping her labia with two clover clamps and hanging a 2 lb weight from the clamps. Next she puts leather straps around her wrists and padlocks them securely before she padlocks her wrist cuffs to the ice release hanging down behind her so she is in a strappado position. Finally Tracey has to wait for the ice to melt and she can lower her arms and reach the keys and freedom.



Tracey walks in next to a table where a Hitachi vibrator is tied to the middle of the table top and sets a timer. Next she fastens leather stapes to her ankles and ropes to the straps then inserts a small bullet vibrator into her ass and a second into her pussy then lies on the table so the Hitachi vibrator is positioned between her legs. Tracey now treads the ropes tied to her ankles under the table and ties them off and attaches her head harness to the hook of the winch above her before operating the winch so her head is pulled up. Finally she places her wrists into a set of metal handcuffs chained to the table and is now forced to watch herself in a mirror positioned in front of her as the bullet vibrators start to make her grind her hips. After some time and without warning the timer switches on the Hitachi vibrator to full power and is easily heard as it makes Tracey’s eyes widen and scream and wriggle and eventually cum. Her body starts to shake and her eyes roll as she is constantly forced to cum and the orgasms take there toll as her body becomes covered in perspiration, then with no escape, her eyes close again and her body starts to shake then violently convulse as she screams into her gag.



Tracey lain ties ropes to her ankles and secures a posture collar around her neck and a ball gag in her mouth then ties the ropes from her ankles to hooks on each side of the table. Next she straps a vibrator on a tripod to her legs so it touches her clit then lies down on the table placing her head between what look like wooden book ends so she cannot turn her head and fastens a strap over her forehead so she cannot raise her head. Tracey next fastens leather straps to her wrists and padlocks her wrist straps to metal plates before switching the vibrator to full power. Finally she allows the metal plates to be secured to the electromagnets on each side of the table so she can not escape and will now be forced to orgasm time and time again until the timer releases the electromagnets.



Tracey has decided she is going to tie herself up as a special treat for her man so she will be found by him when he returns. Tracey firsts sets a temperature activated release control in case she needs to escape and tries to remember what body temperature is - “Is it 36.8 or 38.6 centigrade ?” Next she places a key on the electro-magnetic of the release mechanism then chains and padlocks her left ankle to the wall and hangs a set off keys at the bottom of a pole. She then stands on two blocks of wood placed so her legs are apart then puts a belt around her neck and pole and handcuffs her wrists behind her and around the pole. After a while her legs start to ache and she can not stay like this until her husband arrives so she steps off the blocks with the belt around her neck hindering her movements, she tries to reach the keys but a dildo on a low buffet stops her. Next Tracey removes her skirt and panties the eases herself down the pole until she reaches the dildo which she has to let slide inside her pussy. Now seated on the buffet and the dildo deep inside her she can reach the keys and release the handcuffs. Now free from the pole Tracey tries to reach the key on the magnet but can not, so has to ease a metal dildo inside her ass (for maximum heat transfer to the dildo) so her body can warm it up to the temperature she selected earlier but after some time she decides the temperature will not be reached and the keys will not drop. Tracey removes the metal dildo and decides to get ready for her husbands return so fastens a spreader bar between her ankles and fastening a leather hood over her head then pegs her pussy before placing her wrists into leather straps above her and pulling them tight - She is now secure and obediently waits.





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