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Frankie Babe

6 scenes  -  104 movie minutes



Frankie enters wearing a leather head harness and some very thin tight clothing that shows her nipples off and bare feet then inserts a bullet vibrator into her pussy and switches it on. Next she fastens leather cuffs to her ankles with a spreader bar between the cuffs then Frankie attaches one end of a rope and chain to the top of her head harness before switching on a Hitachi vibrator on a tripod. Finally she handcuffs her hands above her head to the other end of the rope and chain attached to her head harness and then arches her body to reach the Hibachi.



Frankie sits on a wooden church pew type seat and ties ropes around her ankles and just above her knees then ties these ropes to the back of the seat so her legs are pulled wide apart. Next she ties a Hitachi vibrator to her leg so it is in contact with her clit then prepares the dildo of the fucking machine and slides it deep into her pussy. Finally Frankie fastens a bit gag in her mouth and switches on the Hitachi to full speed then picks up a remote control and a key then handcuffs her wrists to the back of the seat and presses a button on the remote and the machine starts to fuck her. After a few mins she accidentally drops the remote control, but she doesn’t care and is enjoying the moment !! After some time and a few orgasms Frankie also drops the key to her handcuffs. Now she pulls and tugs her hands but more orgasms follow and after a few more minutes the dildo slides out from her pussy. Frankie manages to undo some of the ropes but she is still inescapably bound with the vibrator on her clit - the scene ends with Frankie looking into camera with a pleading expression on her face.



Frankie first frog ties her legs then puts leather cuffs onto her ankles and clips them between a short spreader bar. Next she uses leather straps to secure her body to the pole and raises the spreader bar and ties it off. Frankie then padlocks a chain around her waist and passes it between her legs and attaches its end to the end of a rope that goes over the hook of a winch to a weight on the floor in front of her, she then raises the winch until the weight is off the floor and the chain is pulled deep into her pussy flesh then lets the control be pulled out of reach by a rope and weight. Frankie now tapes a vibrator to her crotch chain and switches it on then fastens leather cuffs around her elbows and a collar around her neck followed by a ball gag in her mouth. She then attaching ropes to her elbow cuffs and hand cuffing her hands above and behind her head before finally tugging on the rope to her elbows and releases weights that pull the ropes tight and so spreads her elbows - Frankie is now totally secure and restricted in any type of movement !



Frankie ties her ankles to the legs of the steel work horse and more ropes around her knees up throw the legs of the horse then over the top and back down to her thighs. Next she places a crotch rope around herself and ties its end to the hook of a winch, making sure it is all in place between her pussy lips and tight. Next Frankie places a vibrator into the front of her panties and secures a ring gag in her mouth then operates the winch until crotch rope is tight. Finally she handcuffs her wrists to the horse behind her. At first it is fun with the vibrator working on her pussy and Frankie is wriggling with pleasure but after some time she starts to ache and dribble uncontrollably from her mouth but there is no escape



Frankie first uses a padlock and chain to secure a pair of handcuffs to the back of the chair, note the thin string that will be her means of escape and a good drenching also tied to the back of the chair. She sits on the chair then ties ropes around her thighs, above and below her knees and ankles and a further rope from her ankles to the back run of the chair. Frankie then ties more ropes around the chair and her waist and under her arms and over her boobs before tying the pipe from a bucket above her head into her mouth as a gag and handcuffs her hands to the back of the chair. For Frankie to escape all she has to do is pull the thin string until the key to her handcuffs is in reach, but in so doing she will open a valve and water will rush down the pipe into her mouth, also it will gush out from the pipe so she will get covered in very cold water - how long before she has to get free and suffer the cold water?



Frankie walks across grass carrying a box of bondage goodies and throws a set of keys into a paddling pool full of water. Frankie then fastens leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists then chains and padlocks them together so she is hogtied. Frankie wriggles and squirms across the grass to the edge of the pond and slides over the edge into the water to reach the keys and after some wriggling she manages to release the padlocks and escape to enjoy the sun and cool water.





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