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Beau Diamonds

07 scenes - 98 movie minutes



Beau Diamonds has arrived dressed in a long leather skirt and satin blouse to be interviewed in a very kinky manor to see if she will be suitable material to become a spy. Beau is asked to read a word written on a piece of paper and no matter what happens in the interview she is not to divulge it. After the normal front, profile and rear photos are taken she is asked to secure her ankle to ropes on each side of her. As these ropes are pulled tight her legs are spread forcing Beau to raise her skirt until she is showing her stocking tops and panties. Next Beau is asked to secure a belt around her waist and attach a weighted crotch rope to the back of the belt before allowing the weight to pull it tightly into her pussy. Beau’s wrists are next to be secured into leather cuffs before they are pulled up and out until Beau is spread eagle. With Beau now totally defenceless the interviewing captain asks his sergeant to rip open her blouse followed by some orgasm denial to see if she will divulge the secret word.




Beau Diamonds is dressed in a long leather skirt and satin blouse as she reads her instructions then begins by securing her ankles together with a black leather strap. Next beau stuffs her mouth full and tapes over her lips with black gaffer tape before securing her neck and wrists in a metal yoke that hangs from the ceiling by chains. Now Beau is secure the interviewing captain orders his sergeant to rip open Beau’s blouse and cut off her skirt to reveal her under garments. Next her basque is pulled down to expose her breasts so clover claps can be added to her nipples, then to push her limits further, weights are hung from the clamps in the form of brass padlocks. Finally a vibrator is used on her nipples before placing it in the front of her panties.




Beau Diamonds is dressed in stockings and a red basque as she reads her instructions. As Beau fastens a spreader bar between her ankles we see hanging from the ceiling, a cold metal hook with a powerful vibrators attached, but before the hook comes into play Beau fastens a posture collar around her neck and attaches weighted clover clamps to her pussy. Beau now slides the hook past her clamped lips then uses an electric hoist to pull the hook fully into her wet eager pussy then switches on the vibrator and cuffs her hands behind her back to enjoy her vibrator selfbondage. But that would be far too easy for Beau so we decide to add four clothespins around each of her nipples then paddles her bottom.




Beau Diamonds is already dressed in a fishnet body stocking, leather bra and briefs then adds leather thigh length boots on camera before inserting a remote controlled vibrator into her pussy. After using the remote control to change the vibrators rhythm until she finds her favourite, Beau uses leather straps to frog tie her legs the secures a leather hood onto her head that has eye patches and a dick gag. For Beau’s next piece of leather bondage she requires a little help to make sure it is secure and tight. Beau’s leather arm binder is pulled into place and its straps and laces pulled tight, then unknown to Beau red ropes are used to tie her ankles, wrists and hood together. Now Beau has to escape are be taken advantage of!




Police woman Beau Diamonds dangles her shoe, talks dirty and teases before starting her handcuff bondage. Beau adds one, two, three sets of standard metal handcuffs then adds a set of Speedcuffs and a thumb cuff to make sure she is totally secure. After her cuffs are released Beau is eager to try our metal modified magnetic fiddle and so Beau is soon again in bondage and teasing.




Kinky nurse Beau Diamonds raises her uniform to show off her vintage girdle and stocking tops then reveals her tied breasts and she was on duty at the hospital with them tied. Beau wastes no time in striping from her uniform and begins some bondage by first fastening a belt around her waist then places hooks into her breast ropes and clothespins on her nipples. Beau next attaches a chain between her legs and to the back of the belt, the other end of the chain is already connected to an electric winch that she uses to pull the chain tight into her pussy. In Beau’s opinion all good bondage needs a ball gag and so secures a purple one in her mouth. Finally Beau uses Speedcuffs to secure her hands behind her back then uses a remote control to operate a second winch to raise the hooks attached to her breast ropes. Beau is now in an inescapable predicament that a goon unexpectedly decides to take advantage of and grabs beau’s bound breasts.




Kinky policewoman Beau Diamonds has being issued with a new set of official UK police Speedcuffs and is instantly turned on as can be seen by her hardening nipples as she examines her new cuffs. After fondling the cuffs and listening to the locking ratchet she cant resist in cuffing her wrists behind her back to see how good they feel and sound.


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