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Librarian Lucy enters fully dressed, feeling kinky and begins to talk to camera as she removes her jacket. Lucy then lifts her skirt to show her stocking tops and unfastens some of the buttons of her crisp white office blouse before teasing you then Lucy fully removes her blouse and skirt. Lucy now dressed in only her lingerie, stockings and heeled shoes now wants to do some bondage so fastens leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists. Lucy loves to show off her legs and bottom so decides to face the wall as she attaches ropes to her cuffs to give the best view of her assets to the camera before activating the four linear actuates to pull her into a spread eagle position. But in case you wanted to see her from the front she then releases herself faces the camera and reconnects the ropes and activates the actuators so Lucy is again pulled into a strict spread eagle position.




Lucy Is dressed in only her lingerie, stockings, garter belt and shoes and needs a little girl fun, so after removing her bra and panties Lucy ties her favourite powerful vibrator in just the right place for full effect. Lucy is a kinky girl so she wants to add some bondage, the thought of tied spread eagle naked and forced to cum is already exciting her. Lucy stands with her back to the wall and places a rope around her neck and pulls it up tight then connects ropes to her ankle and wrist cuffs and switches on the actuators so her arms and legs are pulled apart, this also has the effect of lowering her body slightly so pulls the noose rope around her neck tighter, this continues until Lucy is pulled into a strict spread eagle position. Now it’s time to switch on the vibrator, and it soon begins to have the effect Lucy requires, so much so that she drops the remote control making her escape now impossible and the vibrator that was once her friend has become an instrument of torture continually forcing orgasm after orgasm from Lucy Lauren.




Lucy has to get fit for her upcoming holiday so today is exercise day. Lucy dressed in a very tight shinny bikini gym outfit begins with some stretching and running then moves on to the vibrating plate. As Lucy stands on the plate her bottom and breast begin to jiggle and then Lucy removes her top to allow maximum movement for her breasts. All the vibrations soon begin to excite Lucy and her kinky brain has an idea to try some bondage on the vibrating plate. Lucy removes her pants so she is naked and fastens a spreader bar between her ankles then adds weighted clover clamps to her nipples and labia before fastening a hard rubber ball gag in her mouth. Lucy is already dribbling uncontrollably as she handcuffs her hands behind her back and switches on the vibrating plate which makes the weights swing and pull the clamps increasing their pain factor for Lucy until the machine is stopped.




Lucy is horny and wants to do some strict bondage, so after striping off her clothes down to her pantyhose she begins by securing leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists. Next Lucy places some nasty painful clamps on her nipples that she adjusts so her nipples are constantly pulled. After placing a chain around herself to act as a crotch rope Lucy fastens a posture collar around her neck that is already chained to the floor then attaches more chains to her ankles so her legs are pulled up towards her head. To add to her pain Lucy now adds clothespins to her breasts before forcing a large foam ball in her mouth to keep her gagged. Now Lucy attaches her crotch chain to a winch and padlocks her wrist cuffs to a chain and rope that is connected to a second winch. The final part of Lucy’s bondage is to use a remote control to activate the winches to pull her crotch chain tight and force her to arch her back and to pull her arms between her legs. Lucy is now in a sort of strict reverse hogtie position and this makes Lucy wet between her legs, so with the addition of her powerful vibrator it wont take her long to have her first orgasm.




Lucy is excited with the purchase of her very own milking machine that arrived earlier in the day and has dressed in some new kinky clothing in anticipation of the day’s proceedings. After removing her panty’s and exposing her breasts Lucy secures her legs wide apart and places weighted clover claps to her labia, before adding extra weights to increase her torment. Lucy has a tongue piercing and has decided to hang a weight to it for that extra bondage feeling that she always enjoys. Now its time for the new milking machine as Lucy switches the machine on and places the cups on each nipple that gives an unexpected extra powerful pumping that she didn’t expect, but masochistically enjoys. Finally Lucy places her wrists into the waiting handcuffs hanging behind her then uses the winch they are padlocked to and raises her arms into a strappado. Enjoy her discomfort until its time for her release and the removal of the clover clamps with their extra pain as they are removed, and we discover what the milking machine has done to her nipples.



Lucy is in trouble for been late two times in two days and as punishment Lucy has to film herself spanking her own bottom with a leather paddle over her tight red catsuit then Lucy chastising her naked breasts with a thin fibreglass cane.




Lucy wriggles out of her bright red catsuit and adds a pair of stockings and garter belt before placing a mirror so Lucy can keep an eye on her bottom as it changes colour. After some hand spanking it is obvious an implement or two is require to change the colour of her bottom so Lucy uses a leather paddle on her butt cheeks followed by a long wooden school ruler. With her bottom nicely changing colour Lucy decides her back should match and begins to flog herself but she cant deliver enough power to make an impression so asks the camera man to flog her!




Lucy has elected to try out our compressed air powered spanking machine, she’s a little apprehensive at first but her confidence grows. Lucy first tries the wooden paddle but it only turned her bottom pink so she then moves on to a nice heavier leather implement that begins to make a colourful impression on her bottom before finally attaching a thin wooden cane, that Lucy managed to snap as it hits her unprotected naked bottom.




Lucy has elected to punish her bottom using a Dressage horse whip that is about 43 inch (110cm) in length. Lucy first tries to punish herself but then attaches the implement to the spanking machine. After some testing and an increase in power Lucy handcuffs her hands above her head and is ready to proceed, in what will turn out to be the hardest ever punishment given at ChimeraBondage and a black and blue bruised bottom for Lucy.




Lucy hears running water so goes to investigate. Lucy wants to keep dry so puts on her rain coat and soon discovers water spraying into her basement from the burst pipe. But Lucy being Lucy, soon finds a kinky way to enjoy the spraying water and quickly removes her rain coat so her clothes can become soaking wet. Then its time to remove her clothes and bra and begin some water bondage. A spreader bar is the first part of her bondage followed by a crotch rope with a bucket attached to its end and clover clamps with smaller buckets for her nipples. Next Lucy places part of her release mechanism in her mouth then cuffs her wrists to a beam above her head. As the water sprays over Lucy the buckets fill with water pulling the clamps on her nipples until one is painfully pull off and Lucy lets go of the release mechanism from her mouth but it is stuck and doesn’t release forcing Lucy to watch as more water fills the larger bucket attached to her crotch rope that is pulled ever tighter and deeper into her pussy. Her friend arrives home to discover Lucy and cant resist spraying her with more cold water.




Lucy is dressed in a smoky semi-transparent latex dress and pantyhose and is holding a metal bondage fiddle. Lucy sits on the floor and places the fiddle around her neck then folds her arms under her legs and into the fiddle and locks it in position. Just as Lucy is about to start wriggling to enjoy the feeling of inescapability cold water starts to spray over her, then Lucy falls onto her side and discovers she is stuck.



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