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Sarah Kelly and Tracey Lain

6 scenes  -  187 movie minutes



Tracey Lain answered Mistress Sarah’s advert for a new slave girl and Tracey knows the rules - No mobile phone and the minimum of clothing. Tracey has dressed in skin tight purple disco jeans, white shirt and black shiny boots, no bra or pants to try and impress Sarah. Sarah loves a woman’s body so after a visual inspection and a good grope of Tracey, Sarah unbuttons Tracey’s shirt to kiss her nipples. Bad luck for Tracey as someone tries to ring her on the secreted mobile phone that is heard and felt inside Tracey’s pussy, and for breaking the rules Tracey receives an OTK hand spanking that allows Sarah to grope Tracey’s breasts at the same time, followed by a god hard paddle spanking which bruises Tracey’s buttocks beautifully. Now its time to remove that mobile phone but first Tracey has to strip naked and undergo some humiliating finger probing that Sarah thoroughly enjoys giving before Tracey secures herself to have the phone removed and undergo more humiliating and painful examinations using metal speculums in bother her pussy and arse. Next Sarah wants to have some fun so uses a violet wand on Tracey and especially on her sensitive female genitalia then covers an anal plug in menthol and slides it deep into Traces arse. Then as Tracey is trying to cope with the intense pain in her butt Sarah uses her skills with her big variable speed vibrator to force an orgasm from the pain riddled slave called Tracey Lain.



Mistress Sarah is enjoying some vibrator time as her new slave girl Tracey Lain enters the room to entertain her. Sarah has left a metal expanding locking butt plug and some other fun things for Tracey to use as Sarah watches. Tracey hates this butt plug as it stretches her to her limit but she must do as her mistress commands so locks it in place then after some struggling due to the size of the butt plug she inserts the ben wa balls deep into her pussy. After connecting a cord that goes up and over a pulley to a large red weight onto her butt plug she crawls on hands and knees towards Mistress Sarah so the weight pulls on her butt plug. Mistress Sarah thinks its too easy for Tracy so commands her to add pegs to her breasts and try again but still mistress Sarah isn’t impressed so Tracey has to add pegs to her pussy before crawling to her mistress. Tracey starts at Mistress Sarah’s toes kissing her feet, ankles and legs as she works her way to kiss and lick mistress Sarah’s waiting pussy. After a short while Mistress Sarah turns so slave Tracey has to lick Sarah’s arse hole which amuses and turns Sarah on before turning back for Tracey to lick and finger fuck Mistress Sarah until she cums. Still with the taste of Mistress Sarah’s pussy juices in her mouth Tracy is made to stand while her wrists are cuffed above her head. Time for Mistress Sarah to have some cruel fun and starts buy removing the pegs from slave Tracy’s breast then adds clover clamps to her slave nipples before adding a number of lead weights to each clamp. Now Mistress Sarah removes the pegs from slave Tracy’s pussy lips which makes her wince with the pain but has to thank her Mistress as each one is removed individually. After tugging on the cord that is still attached to the butt plug in slave Tracey’s arse, purely for her own amusement, Mistress Sarah runs her fingers over slave Tracey’s pussy to discover Tracey is enjoying her pain and attention as her pussy is now very wet so decides Tracey can enjoy it even more while Mistress enjoys a long hot soak in her bath.



Slave Tracey Lain has dressed to impress her Mistress in tight shinny black PVC and Mistress Sarah Kelly cant keep her hands off of Tracy and has a good grope. Mistress Sarah is intrigued to see what’s under the PVC so unbuttons Tracey’s jacked and unzippes her skirt to reveal vivid yellow lingerie that allows Sarah to have another grope of Tracey’s body. Mistress Sarah now removes Tracy’s bra and pants and soon indulgers her lesbian sexuality buy kissing and sucking Tracey’s nipples and more groping of Tracey’s naked breasts and pussy. Now it is time to prepare her slave and secures a leather arm binder on to slave Tracy followed by a puppy dog mask, which Mistress Sarah find most amusing, followed by a strap on cock to service Mistress Sarah. "Randy Puppy” slave girl Tracy Lain is them made to fuck her Mistress in many different positions until “Randy Puppy” makes her Mistress cum.



Mistress Sarah Kelly is in a bad mood as a client has cancelled and she has some time to kill with Slave Tracey Lain. Tracey is thrown onto the bed and told to place pegs onto her nipples then chain herself down. After looking at Tracey dressed in a sluttish short leather skirt, stockings and thin cotton shirt Mistress Sarah cant resist groping Tracey then she unbuttons Tracey’s shirt to kiss her nipples. Mistress Sarah loves to enjoy her female slaves so cuts open Tracey’s leather skirt and begins to feel Tracy’s pussy over the thin material of her panties while also pulling and squeezing Tracey’s nipples then begins to tease Tracey with a large powerful vibrator before cutting off Tracy’s panties to finger and vibrate her naked pussy. There is no pleasure without pain and Mistress Sarah administers some pain by adding pegs to Tracy’s breasts and pussy then slowly pulls them off one at a time before kissing Tracey better and enjoying the taste of Tracey’s pussy. Time for more pain and Mistress Sarah inserts a probe into Tracey’s arse and switches on a Tens unit then slowly increases the power and the pain while placing the vibrator back on Tracey’s clit and flogs her breasts before leaving Slave Tracey to endure the Tens unit until Sarah’s return.



Mistress Sarah Kelly has decided Tracey needs some forced exercise, but as always there is a twist. First Mistress inserts a large black rubber butt plug into Tracey’s arse followed by five balls on a string into Tracey’s pussy, but the butt plug seems to have taken the space for the last ball and is proving difficult to push inside until Mistress Sarah mercilessly forces it into Tracey’s over full pussy making Tracey wince with pain. Mistress always likes to see her slaves wearing something tight so Tracey is told to wear a slightly too small wetsuit that will also make sure none of the toys can accidentally come out of Tracey. Now Tracey is told to stand on the exercise step machine where a spiked leather collar is fastened around her neck and her wrists are cuffed to keep her in position. Mistress now explains Tracey will have to complete 5000 steps with no orgasms before she is released knowing how the butt plug and all the balls will be made to move and inter-react with each other inside Tracey, and that for some slaves after only a 1000 steps their body erupts into a body shaking orgasm. For Slave Tracey this will be a test of orgasm denial and stamina if she wants to be set free.



Slave Tracey Lain enters dressed in a thin tee shirt and skin tight PVC jeans and is commanded to secure herself legs apart and hands padlocked above her head to a winch that her Mistress uses to pull her arms up tight. Mistress Sarah Kelly now takes the first of many opportunities to grope Tracey’s breasts and pussy then cuts off Tracey’s tee shirt and bra before another grope and kissing of Tracey’s breasts and nipples. Tracey’s jeans and panties are cut off next before Mistress Sarah enjoys another grope and the licking of Tracey’s pussy. Mistress Sarah now fastens a corset and posture collar in place then puts on blue latex gloves and inserts as many fingers as she can force into Traces arse to expand her anus for later whilst the fingers of Sarah’s other hand probe painfully deep into Tracey’s pussy. A large enema butt plug is lubed up in front of Tracey so she knows exactly what is about to happen to her then the plug is forced into Tracey’s arse and connected to an enema bag. Clover clamps with small metal buckets attached are placed on Tracey’s labia and the buckets are filled with lead shoot by Mistress Sarah to cruelly increase the pain factor. Next a Tower of pain nipple clamp is fastened to the front of Tracey’s posture collar and its attached clover clamps placed on Tracey’s nipples and adjusted so tension is placed on Tracey’s nipples. Mistress Sarah now fills the enema bag with the equivalent of two bottles of wine and adds ice cubes because she is a bitch then squeezes the bag cruelly to force the icy cold water quickly into Tracey’s arse then pulls Tracey’s corset even tighter to inflict more pain on her bound slave. After rubbing menthol over and into Tracey’s pussy so it feels like it is on fire and burning Mistress Sarah uses a powerful vibrator on Tracy’s clit, so even with all the pain Tracey is enduring she is forced to cum for her Mistress.





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