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Tracey Lain

8 scenes  -  179 movie minutes




Your favourite milf Tracey Lain, dressed in a tight clingy white dress, stockings and heels has been left hogtied, gagged and with a red rubber blindfold in place, all at her own request. The feeling of tight ropes and having to struggle until she escapes makes Tracey’s pussy so wet and the reason she keeps asking to be tied up. This time Tracey has been told there is an ejaculating dildo in the room to encourage her to struggle even more to escape, which once she escapes Tracey can fucks and squirts its cum deep into her pussy.




Magician Tracey Lain is dressed in top hat and tails with fish net pantyhose and hot pants as she introduces her next trick – Escaping from metal bondage. First Tracey ties a tight knotted crotch rope around her self then padlocks a chain around her ankles and uses a set of handcuffs to secure a second set of handcuffs to the chain around her ankles before padlocking the handcuffs to a chain hanging down from an electric winch above her. Tracey now secures her wrists into the handcuffs so she is hogtied. After some initial struggling Tracey makes her bondage much stricter by using a remote control to operate the winch to pull her handcuffs upwards and so restrict her movement even more. After more struggling Tracey realises her escapology trick has gone wrong and is unable to escape and has to ask her audience for help.




Tracey Lain Fastens a dog trainer electric shock collar around her neck ready for her on-line chat with her master. If at anytime Tracey delays any request given to her or dosnt please her master in any way Tracey will receive a painful electric shock. First task is for Tracey to remove her shirt and skirt to reveal her quarter cup bra and crotch less pants before made to use a shock stick to electrocute her breasts and pussy for her master’s amusement. Next task is to add a weighted clover clamp to each nipple and two weighted clover clamps to each labia lip this is followed by adding pegs to her breasts and labia. Her master enjoys watching her face wince as pain is inflicted on her and to this end Tracey is commanded to remove the pegs and the clamps – Her face is pure pleasure to watch. Now all tasks are complete Tracey must prepare herself for her master’s imminent return. A butt plug pony tail, blindfold and handcuffs are her chosen items to show her master she is his bondage whore.




Time for some nasty chair bondage with Tracey Lain. First Tracey inserts a 5 inch stainless steel butt plug that shrinks her anus on contact due to its icy cold temperature and proves difficult to fully insert. Next Tracy shackles her ankles and inserts the tens electrode deep into her pussy then connects ropes to her ankle straps and places clover clamps onto her labia that have cords connected to the pulling machine. Tracey now moves on to her worst fear of this scenario, the pillar of pain nipple clamps – Clover clamps that clamp, pull and stretch her already sensitive nipples. Bondage wouldn’t be bondage without a gag and Tracey has elected for a medical gag that will constantly make her feel subservient. Tracy increases the power from the tens unit until the pain is only just bearable then with the remote control in hand Tracey handcuffs her wrists to a beam suspended above her and uses the remote to raise the beam and to pull her legs back and up into a more strict and painful position. Knowing there will be no escape or stopping her punishment Tracey presses the last button on her remote to start the pulling machine that stretches and increases the clamps force on the most female parts of her body with every pull of its cruel design.




Tracey is wearing a black satin top and short micro mini leather skirt and pantyhose as she begins. First Tracey unbuttons her satin top and drops it to the floor then straddles a metal trestle and secures her ankles to two of its legs. Tracey removes her bra then raises her skirt and adjusts the position of a large vibrator before lowering her body onto the trestle and placing the suction cups of a milking machine onto her nipples then Tracey handcuffs her wrist to the other two legs of the trestle in front of her. The powerful suction soon begins to inflict pain on her nipples but the vibrator also gives her pleasure, this mixture begins to stimulate Tracey to the first of many forced orgasms.




Tracey has one thing on her mind – Punishment! Pain slut Tracey lain has collected a number of implements to punish her breast, bottom and pussy and wastes no time in whipping her breasts with a blue fibre glass rod. Next her bottom receives a good spanking with a leather paddle, then her pussy followed by her breasts and bottom receiving a second punishment. As Tracey watches every stroke of her punishment in a mirror the sight of her red skin and new marks begins to excite her so much Tracey eases a metal dildo into her pussy and begins to fuck herself while continuing to chastise her body until finally Tracey’s body erupts into the orgasm she now so desperately needs.




Tracey Lain spins a roulette wheel to discover how many minutes she will have to suffer for and enters this number into a digital timer. After many attempts Tracey pushes her inflatable enema butt plug into her arse then fastens a spreader bar between her ankles. After taking hold of a large glass syringe Tracey pulls back its plunger and fills it with cold water then pushes down on the syringes handle forcing the water through her butt plug and into her rectum inflating her belly. Tracey repeats this process until all four litres from the container is fully pumped inside her with this confirmed by the cramps and a weight sensor under the container that changes a light from red to green. After fastening cuffs to each wrist Tracey operates a winch to rise up her arms and start the timer. Tracey now has to endure the cramps that her large enema is inflicting on her for the next ten minutes until the timer lowers her arms and Tracey can release her self.




We made this short movie for a friend who wanted a model in a catsuit holding a candelabra with lit candles. We then thought why not have Tracey Lain strut her stuff and wiggle her bottom, so we did. Hope you like as it has no bondage, but Tracey does look good in her red catsuit and black shiny boots!



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