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News reader Lucy is fired on air for publishing lurid pictures and video’s of herself on the internet. After telling all the studio staff to leave the studio Lucy realises the cameras have accidentally been left on so Lucy decides to show everyone watching the type of things she puts on the internet live on air. After removing her skirt and blouse to reveal Lucy is wearing a corset, black panties and stockings Lucy then removes her panties and removes a set of Ben Wa balls from her pussy to taste and lick them clean. Next Lucy inserts a small vibrator into her pussy then spanks her bottom with a leather paddle until her bottom begins to turn red. Lucy then adds weighted clover clamps to her nipples and labia before tying a spreader bar between her ankles and then fastens a ball gag in her mouth to prevent her screaming too loud after she adds menthol to her pussy and it begins to feel like her pussy lips are burning hot. Finally Lucy handcuffs her hands behind her back so she will have to endure her pain and suffering until someone breaks down the studio door.




Lucy is dressed in her gym clothing and begins to do a warm up set with plenty of bending and stretching but soon her hard nipples are telling her she desires some bondage. After attaching one ankle to the winch line Lucy fastens a ring gag in her mouth and placing a blindfold over her eyes and secures her wrists onto a second winch. Lucy now operates both winces to raise her arms and to raise her leg forcing her legs wide and to balance on just one leg. Lucy enjoys her strict bondage position and dreams to be dressed in only her sexy lingerie or even totally naked.




Lucy slides a vibrator into her wet waiting pussy then fastens a metal bit gag in her mouth before securing leather cuffs to her ankles and attaches a rope to each cuff that goes to a winch. Next Lucy sits on the Spanish donkey and places clover clamps onto each nipple that have a cords attached that go to a small winch then she places pegs on her breasts for extra punishment. After picking up her remote control Lucy handcuffs her wrists behind her back into a set of handcuffs hanging by a rope that is connected to a winch. Determined to prove how much of a pain slut she is Lucy operates the winches via her remote control to spread her legs so all her weight is supported by her pussy on the hard metal edge of the Spanish donkey then her arms are raised behind her into a strappado position and finally the cord attached to her nipple clamps is pulled tight. Lucy is now going to feel the slow rising pain of her predicament.




Lucy is dressed in a thin tight black latex catsuit with jeans over the top and thigh length leather boots and has been left frog tied with a leather hood over her head, leather armbinder that is tied to a crotch rope and a vibrator in her pussy. Lucy’s challenge is to escape and prepare for her next bondage adventure, but it soon proves much more difficult than she imagined and the crotch rope and vibrator distract her escape attempt with a number of orgasms.




Lucy is back in her tight black latex catsuit with black shinny boots and decides to give her catsuit a slow sexy shine before her bondage. First Lucy fastens a chain between her legs and around her waist so it acts as a crotch chain that has a large vibrator attached and goes up to a winch above her. Next Lucy fastens a ball gag in her mouth and frog ties her legs then secures her neck and wrists with a metal fiddle. Now balancing on her hands and knees Lucy adjusts a mirror so she can watch herself then uses a remote to operate the winch and pull her crotch chain tight. Finally Lucy increases the speed of the vibrator until her first orgasm then Lucy has more and more orgasms force from her body until she begs for it to stop, but for Lucy there is no end or escape, just a stream of forced orgasms until someone discovers her and Lucy is released.




Lucy has accepted a present and a free upgrade to her home network so she can control all of her gadgets via her mobile phone or laptop. Now Lucy is in conversation via her laptop to the person who generously donated her gifts and has been asked to try her present while in bondage. Lucy opens her present to find a remote controlled vibrator with copper bands around it and excitedly eases it into her pussy and sits on an air bed to complete her bondage. First Lucy secures a spreader bar between her ankles then ties cords onto her big toes with the other end of the cord tied to clover clamps that she places on her labia. Above Lucy is a number of pegs hanging by cords that she places on her body, breasts and nipples. To add to her feeling of total submissive bondage Lucy is told to fasten a posture collar around her neck before handcuffing her wrists behind her head. Next her patron using Lucy’s upgraded network remotely switches on her vibrator that quickly work its magic and starts to bring Lucy to orgasm but just as Lucy is about to cum the vibrator is switched off to deny her the orgasm she was looking forward to. Lucy is not happy and swears out loud which quickly results in punishment with her receiving a powerful electric shock deep inside her via the vibrator making her body uncontrollably move and so the clamps on her pussy are painfully pulled via her toes. After promising not to swear the shocks stop and the vibrator is switched on again to bring her to orgasm but again she is denied and again she swears and receives an electric shock and to make a point the cords attached to the pegs are slightly raised. After further vibrations and electric shocks Lucy asks to be released and is teased when the keys are remotely lowered into reach then raised out of reach again. Eventually Lucy decides to use her last resort painful escape plan that she know her patron has been waiting to watch via the camera on her laptop. Lucy releases the air valve of the airbed so that she will be lowered to the floor where she will be able to reach her spare set of keys. The painful part of her escape is as she lowers to the floor the pegs will be pulled from her body and her now very sensitive nipples.




Lucy enters wearing only her suntan nylon pantyhose and proceeds to tie a crotch rope around her self with its end tied to an electric winch above her. Lucy operates the winch so the rope pulls deep into her pussy and forces her up onto her toes. While balancing on her toes Lucy begins to paddle her bottom then uses an old wooden school ruler until her bottom turns a warm crimson color. Being spanked and the rope against her clit turns Lucy on and she uses the rope to rub her clit until she cums.




Lucy places clover clamps onto her labia that have small metal buckets attached then fastens a hard black rubber ball gag in her mouth followed by wrapping a red bandage over the top of her mouth to make sure no sound can come from her. Lucy now uses vacuum cups on her nipples then fills the small buckets with 1Kg (2.2 lbs) of lead shot that so the clover clamps painfully pull and pinch her labia. Finally Lucy handcuffs her wrists behind her back and waits for the key to release her as her torment from the clamps and vacuum cups steadily increases.





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