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Tracey Lain

7 scenes  -  133 movie minutes




Tracey Lain looks magnificent dressed in a smoky semi-translucent latex dress, fishnet stockings, garter belt and heels and even better when she is tied spread eagle. Tracy confesses one of her fantasies it to be tied and groped from behind – How could we refuse! Tracy blindfolds herself and again is tied spread eagle, but this time she has her back to the camera. A stranger enters with ideas far more than a simple grope as he unzips her dress and caresses her naked back. Before Tracey knows what’s happening her back is being flogged so her skin turns a nice pink color then her punishment stops leaving Tracey wondering what else is in store for her. She didn’t have to wait long as a pink butt plug is forced into her arse followed by the placement of a large vibrator on her clit until her first noisy orgasm is achieved. Tracey now thinks she will be released but that would be too easy. The full length of a large black dildo is mercilessly thrust into her wet pussy for some double penetration then fucks her until her second climax is forced from her wanton body.




Tracey Lain enters dressed in a black and white latex dress, fishnet stockings and garter belt. And immediately eases a string of five balls into her arse. Next Tracey fastens leather cuffs to her ankles then padlocks chains that are connected to a winch to each cuff then operates the winch so her legs are pulled up and apart to allow a perfect view of her freshly shaved pussy. Tracey now eases the dildo of a fucking machine into her pussy that is now quiet tight due to the balls in her arse before handcuffing her wrists to the back of the chair and switching on the machine. Two orgasms later the timer drops the key to her handcuffs but Tracey doesn’t move – Tracey is on for a third climax.




Tracey Lain is dressed in tight purple spandex trousers, purple heels and a lace shirt that allows you to easily see her black bra as she enters the punishment room. Tracey explains that her husband discovered she had been dogging while he was hard at work paying the bills and now she was to pay 1000 Euros of her own money to be suitably punished.Tracy hands over a tightly rolled number of bank notes and the clothes she always dressed in when dogging before finding the usual position over her punisher’s knee to have her spandex covered bottom spanked and the sexually stimulating grope between her legs that she needed. Next her shirt is removed then her bra and spandex, all followed by more spanking before her panties are pulled down to administer even more spanks onto her now red bottom. Next Tracey is told to dress in her “dogging clothes” so we can see what a slut she looks like in her stockings, leather skirt and transparent white shirt with no bra or panties. Tracey’s husband knows how much Tracey hates clover claps on her labia and nipples so sent some earlier to be used for punishment, plus and extra item for her humiliation. Tracey is told to place the weighted clamps on her labia and nipples before the final item is handed to her – a pony tail butt plug that Tracey obediently inserts in her arse then slowly turns to face the camera with her hands placed behind her head.




Tracey Lain enjoys her bondage and to that end has a secret dungeon room hidden in an old building that she rents for her bondage play times. Tracey believes no one knows of her room, but she has been observed by a perverse doctor who was struck off for un-needed extreme gynecological examinations and today Tracey will be his next victim. Tracey needs to be in bondage today and has dressed for her day of fun, Tracey parks her car out of sight then enters her special room. Tracy sits on her bondage toy box and secures leather straps to her ankles and attaches chains to them then handcuffs her wrists to the wall behind and above her head then operates a winch to pull up and spread her legs to naughtily expose her red panties, now Tracey is in the bondage she desired and enjoying every second. The door to her secret room opens and in walks the doctor and her perverse nightmare begins. First he puts on latex surgical gloves then cuts off her panties to expose her shaven pussy then teases her anus and pussy before drizzling his medical lube onto her pussy and uses a small paint brush to stimulate her cliterous. Now its time for his degrading gynecological exam to begin as he eases a small metal anal spreader into Tracy’s anus and opens her anus then uses a paint brush and his finger in her arse. Next the doctor removes the spreader from Tracey’s anus with Tracey hoping its all over but a metal speculum is produced and slid into her vagina and opened to it maximum allowing the doctor to see deep into her pussy while he inserts a finger into Tracey’s anus. The doctor now removes the speculum and inserts a specially shaped porcelain device into Tracey’s pussy to determine her pussy size, and then the same instrument is forced into Tracey’s anus until he is happy with her humiliation. What else can be done to poor Tracey? The doctor knows and four clover clamps are used to pull her labia in four different directions to open her pussy lips and expose her cliterous to the pain of an electric tooth brush on her sexual nub. Once her clit torture is over a metal butt plug is slid into her anus before a long metal dildo is pushed into her vagina until it presses against her cervix then the electric tooth brush is fastened back onto her cliterous which works its magic and makes Tracey have her first forced orgasm as the doctor leaves the room and Tracey to her bondage fate.




Tracey Lain is dressed in a black satin blouse, clingy short skirt and stockings as she prepares for some self bondage fun. Tracey secures leather cuffs onto her wrists then one to her left ankle with a black rope attached to it. Next Tracey padlocks her wrist cuffs to a metal ring suspended above her by a chain then operates a winch to raise the chain and ring, then Tracey presses another button on her remote control and her leg is raised up to reveal she is not wearing any pants. While Tracey is bound and balancing on one leg a creep enters the room and begins to tickle Tracy before unbuttoning her blouse and continues to tickle Tracey’s body, leg and the sole of her raised and defenceless foot. After the creep uses feathers to further tickle Tracey he leaves her with no means of escape to be discovered hours later that day by her room mate.




Tracey Lain is dressed in a 60’s period cotton mini dress as she uses thumb cuffs to secure a spreader bar between her big toes. Next Tracey fastens a belt around her waist and attaches a crotch chain between her legs and to the back of the belt, on the other end of the chain is a metal bucket hanging from the ceiling via a pulley. Tracey then attaches weighted clover clamps to her labia and places part of the release mechanism in her mouth. Now Tracey fastens a set of handcuffs around each wrist then each cuff is locked onto hooks above her on the ceiling so her arms are spread. After a few minutes Tracey releases part of the release mechanism from her mouth that turns on a valve and she begins to be sprayed with water, which that allows her dress to become transparent and also begins to fill the bucket. As the bucket fills it pulls the chain hard into Tracey’s pussy increasing her agony minute on minute and forcing the buckets weight lower towards the ground until a steal pin is pulled free and releases one of Tracey’s hands and allowing her to escape.




Tracey Lain dressed in pantyhose, a thin tee-shirt and a very short tartan mini skirt enters the wet room holding a pink butt plug. Tracey lowers her pantyhose and slides the full length of the butt plug into her arse without any effort then pulls her pantyhose back into place. After teasing her nipples until they are visibly hard Tracy kneels on the floor to begin her bondage. Using black leather straps Tracey frog ties her legs then uses two sets of handcuff she secures her wrists to the wall behind her then using a remote control Tracey directs a jet of water to thoroughly soak her.



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