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Anderssen enters in only her stockings and white pants and examines the equipment for her next bondage adventure. In the room is a wooden square on the floor with eyelets on each side for her ankles and a wooden post going from the square up to the ceiling with a leather collar attached at neck height and a set of handcuffs above it. To one side is a stand with a concrete block on it that has a rope attached that goes up and over a pulley on the ceiling beam and down to a length of shiny chrome plated chain. First Anderssen fastens leather cuffs to her ankles then padlocks their attached chains to the eyelets on the wooden square before fastening a leather belt around her waist and threading the shiny chrome chain between her legs and attaching it to the back of the belt. Next Anderssen allows the concrete block to hang in the air and so pull the chain tight into her crotch before fastening her neck into the collar. Anderssen now places a number of pegs onto each of her breasts before securing her wrists into the cuffs above her head. With no escape until she is discovered Anderssen will have to suffer the slow increasing pain of the crotch chain.




Anderssen is topless but wearing black panties, stockings and a short latex mini skirt and soon uses leather straps to bind her legs together then adds leather wrist cuffs, a horse bit gag and weighted nipple clamps. Next Anderssen bends over and ties a rope around her neck and legs to keep her in position and to add to her bondage feeling then padlocks her wrist cuffs to the end of a rope. Finally Anderssen uses a remote control to activate a winch and pull the rope attached to her wrist cuffs and so her arms up to the wooden post. Anderssen is now tied in her high heels into a strict Strappado showing her panties – Perfect!




Anderssen thought the position in scene two was quite difficult but she wants to make it a bit more testing. So as she continues to wear her black panties, stockings and a short latex mini skirt Anderssen ties a spreader bar between her ankles, but no nipple clamps as they have become extremely sensitive and no gag so we can hear her sexy voice. Next Anderssen bends over as she uses a remote control to activate a winch and pull the rope attached to her wrist cuffs and so her arms up to the wooden post. Anderssen is now tied in her high heels with legs forced apart by the spreader bar into a strict Strappado showing her panties and erect nipples.




Anderssen is wearing fishnet pantyhose, hot pants and a transparent flower print top as she begins her next self bondage by adding a purple collar around her neck. Next Anderssen uses purple ropes to tie a crotch rope around herself then around a wooden post so she is tied to the post. Anderssen then pulls on long tight sexy black gloves up past her elbows then fastens a leather cuff that is connected to an electric winch around one ankle and a purple ball gag in her mouth. Now 6 feet and 1 inch tall Anderssen uses a remote control to activate the winch to raise up her leg until her foot is up high to her head height then handcuffs her hands behind her and around the post. Anderssen is now secured with legs spread wide, balancing in shiny black high heels as she begins to dribble though her ball gag.




Anderssen has been particularly naughty and so requires humiliation and punishment and Anderssen knows exactly what is needed. Firstly Anderssen is completely naked as she sits and uses zip ties to secure her legs and body to a chair then fastens a ring gag and nose hook in place followed by a posture collar. Now the humiliation is taken care of Anderssen can begin the punishment with the tower of pain and clover clamps for her nipples and more clover clamps on her labia with a small bucket attached that Anderssen adds steel ball bearings into so their weight constantly pulls and pinches these clamps. The final part of her bondage punishment is to handcuff her hands behind her and around a wooden post so there is no possibility of escape leaving her to endure the increasing pain in her nipples and labia until she is released.




Anderssen is dressed in her new favoured lingerie and stockings and has a desire to be kinky. Anderssen has elected to be tied spread eagle, mainly because the very sound of been spread is so naughty to her. But does Anderssen tie herself facing the wall or facing the camera? She decides to do both because she wants you to see her gorgeous bottom and also watch Anderssen fill her mouth with a large ball before taping over her mouth so she cant remove it before she is tied and stretched spread eagle.




Watch the visual entertainment of Anderssen struggling in strict elbows tied bondage. Rope gagged, frog tied and hogtied with thick red rope dressed in matching red lingerie, a black leather skirt, stockings and heels.




Anderssen is ready for the milking machine and is already topless, wearing only a short pleated skirt and stockings. Anderssen eases on long opera type gloves that go up past her elbows then places weighted clover clamps onto a pussy lips. To add to her bondage Anderssen fastens an inflatable gag into her mouth and inflates it to fully fill her mouth then switches on the milking machine. Anderssen takes hold of the two mechanical sucking devices destined to suck and pulse her nipples and places them onto her breasts before handcuffing her wrists into the waiting metal handcuffs hanging behind her, then using a remote control she raises her arms up into a strappado. Anderssen is now bound, clamped, gagged and is about to undergo a degrading milking.




Anderssen dressed in only her panty’s and bra decides to chain herself to a chair. Anderssen firstly chains her waist to the back of the chair then uses thumb cuff to secure a spreader bar between her big toes. Next Anderssen chains her ankles to the chair legs then fastens a tongue clamp onto her tongue to gag herself before using ChimeraBondage’s modified metal fiddle to secure her wrists to her neck. Then to add to her bondage Anderssen adds an extra set of thumb cuffs to her thumbs. Anderssen is now secure and begins to dribble.




For this scene Anderssen has decided to do some naked rope bondage and to add a bit of spice, Anderssen will clamp her nipples and add a ball gag. Anderssen sits cross legged and ties a chest rope then frog ties her legs before tying ropes from her chest rope to her frog tie ropes. After fastening leather cuffs onto her wrists Anderssen ties a further rope from her chest rope to her big toes and fastens the ball gag in her mouth. Time to place those horrible clamps onto her nipples and adjust them so they pull and pinch painfully then Anderssen padlocks her wrists together behind her back and onto the hook of a winch, finally raising her arms up behind her into a strict strappado.



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