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Caroline is very horny as she speaks on the phone to her girlfriend making sure she’s on her way. Caroline places a strap on cock so her friend will see it and will know Caroline wants a good fucking while in bondage. Caroline now sits on a wooden stool placed in front of a wooden vertical beam and fastens a leather strap around her waist and the beam so she is secured to the beam then ties ropes to her ankles. Before completing her bondage Caroline indulges her liking for a flogging that’s administered on her thighs and pussy. Caroline writes a message to her girlfriend on her now crimson thighs – FUCK BITCH before using an electric winch to raise her legs then finally cuffing her wrists behind her and around the beam to await the arrival of her girlfriend. Soon Caroline’s imagination begins to think how she could be tied naked with clover clamps on her labia that are pulled by a machine and be blind folded with pegs on her breasts – A true bondage pain slut!



Caroline doesn’t fully realise how testing her latest bondage experience is going to be as she kneels and begins to tie herself in position. First Caroline secures her ankles then fastens a crotch rope around her self that has a concrete weight attached to its end that at present is suspended via a release mechanism. Caroline then places medical forceps onto her labia that clamp unexpectedly harshly as they lock in place before tying a cord from the forceps via hooks in front of her to her posture collar. Her nipples are next as Caroline places clover clamps on her nipples and adjusts the device so they are constantly under tension. Finally Caroline handcuffs her wrists behind her and pulls a cord to release the concrete block that drops and so pulls her crotch rope agonising tight – Now Caroline understands fully the true torment of her latest self-bondage.



Caroline is dressed in stockings, a PVC cupless basque and heels as she inspects the apparatus for her next bondage test. Caroline has been left instructions on how to secure herself into position but the full description of what will happen is a little vague. Caroline places her release keys on a hook on one side of the post then secures her ankles to white ropes before pressing the activation button and fastening a collar around her neck that she padlocks to the post to restrict her movement. The final part of the instructions is for Caroline to secure her wrists into the metal handcuffs above her and wait. When nothing happens Caroline becomes disappointed, but very soon things begin to operate. First the white ropes are pulled tight to spread and hold her legs in position followed by the chain holding her handcuffs is also pulled tight to raise and stretch Caroline’s arms. Now with Caroline held strictly in position an electrode is raised until it is pressed against her pussy lips and a timer begins to count down. The counter will continue to repeatedly count down to activate a roulette electric shock game that will randomly shock Caroline’s pussy. The slow count down and the randomness of the electric shocks soon start to play with Caroline’s head.



Dressed in only her black bra and pants Caroline is on web cam and ready to do what ever is requested of her. First Caroline is asked to wear tight denim jeans and shiny black heeled boots quickly followed by removing her bra then to give her bottom a strong spanking with a hard leather paddle. Now Caroline’s bottom is glowing from her spanking its time for some bondage – leather wrist straps and a spreader bar as Caroline secures herself into a strappado. If you like a bondage girl in tight jeans and boots this is the sexy jean fetish bondage movie for you.



Caroline padlocks an ice release with a set of handcuffs to the back of the Spanish donkey before striping naked then Caroline adds pegs to her nipples and fastens a hard black rubber ball gag in her mouth. Caroline then mounts the Spanish donkey and adjusts the Tens units to give her self a significant electric shock on her pussy if she tries to support her body by placing her feet on the copper electrodes at the base of the Spanish donkey to complete the circuit. Finally Caroline cuffs her wrists into the handcuffs behind her back and the fun begins as Caroline receives more than she bargained for.





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