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Caroline Pierce

5 scenes  -  141 movie minutes



Caroline is dressed in a leopard print dress and heels as she inspect a set of handcuffs, a ballgag and various keys padlocked to hooks around the room. After stripping naked Caroline slowly and carefully dresses in a tight black latex catsuit, latex gloves and bondage ballet boots then walks across the room to fasten a black hard rubber ball gag in her mouth and cuff her hands behind her back. To release herself Caroline will have to walk back and forth across the room to release a key from one of the padlocks that in turn will release another key and so on until she finds the key that will release the key to her handcuffs. To make if more difficult Caroline doesn’t know which key fits which lock and so will have to walk from one lock to the next in her bondage ballet boots until she finds a match.



Everyone likes a girl in a catsuit so Caroline is going to wear three, one black latex, one black PVC and one red PVC that will restrict her movement as the layers are added before Caroline even begins her bondage. For her bondage Caroline uses five bands of zip ties to frog tie each leg, making sure they are as tight as she can bare then adds more around her body, above and below her breasts that restrict her breathing so when Caroline tries to wear her gasmask she finds it too difficult to breath and has to abandon it. Caroline uses more zip ties to secure her wrists behind her back then cleverly slides her arms into a zip tie hanging from the ceiling to around her elbows then pulls it tight until it is then also released from the ceiling. Caroline is now in a strict zip tie hogtie until the timer lowers a pair of scissors into reach and Caroline can cut through the zip ties, gain her freedom and peel away all her catsuits tight hot layers to reveal the zip ties marks left on her skin.



Caroline’s favoured toy is a big vibrator so we acquired one for her that after a brief test of how the variable power feature performed Caroline tied in place between her legs in just the right spot over her pantyhose. Next Caroline tied ropes to her ankle cuffs and secured her leather wrist cuffs above her to a hook on the ceiling then using a remote control operates a winch that raises and pulls her legs far wider than she had anticipated. Caroline is enjoying the unexpected extreme position and the powerful vibrations working on her clit but then realises there is no way to escape!



Caroline’s Enters and walks the length of the steam pipe to switch on and test the Tens unit that will give her a shock later if she relaxes. Caroline returns to the other end of the steam pipe and with the metal steam pipe between her legs she secures a spreader bar between her ankles then clamps her nipples and switches on the steam making apparatus then handcuffs her wrists over a cord above her that runs the length of the steam pipe. Quickly the steam starts to flow into the end of the steam pipe heating its metal (as can be seen on the digital display) and forces Caroline to move along the pipe away from the heat. At the other end of the pipe she is safe from the hot steam but has to stay on tip toe or she will receive an electric shock from the Tens unit. Caroline is forced to stay in this position receiving many many electric shocks until the timer switches off the steam and the metal of the pipe cools down sufficient for Caroline to move back along the pipe and acquire the keys to release herself.



Normally it takes me ages to write this paragraph, but this time I am not going to write one – You will just have to watch it, I think you will like the full version as it is our longest movie ever at 54 mins. We have split it into 3 versions.    Only nun, No nun and Full version.




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