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Caroline Pierce

6 scenes  -  139 movie minutes



Caroline has decided that a life in the army isn’t for her – she prefers something a lot more fetish so is auditioning for a job at a famous fetish club. She hopes they like a woman in uniform so arrived dressed in her army uniform, but they don’t seem too interested as she is tied up in the centre of the room while the committee watch, then she is told to escape from her ropes as a test (and for their enjoyment). Once she has escaped she is directed to turn left, right, touch her toes and various other positions while they watch her every move. Next Caroline’s told to remove her uniform and again ordered to turn left, right, etc before she has to strip naked with all the eyes of the committee watching as her nakedness is revealed, then again Caroline is required to turn left, right, touch her toes and spread her legs allowing the committee to inspect every part of her naked body. Finally Caroline is told to face the committee and prove that she is the right girl for the job. Caroline elects to show she is the perfect candidate by using a ring gag, pegs and a set of handcuffs.



Caroline is dresses in black tight shiny latex as she laces on her shiny black ballet boots, first her left boot then the right before fastening leather cuffs onto her ankles. Next Caroline ties one of her favourite powerful vibrators between her legs and switches it on before attaching straps to her ankles from the wall behind her and pulls them tight so her legs are pulled wide apart and behind her. Finally she secures her neck and wrists into a meat bondage fiddle and places the locking pin in place that will be pulled out to release her when an ice mechanism melts and drops a weight to pull it free. The position looked great but it was far too painful for Caroline so a new position is used in part two where the vibrator gives her pleasure, but frustratingly not enough to make her cum. Caroline will have to wait until the ice melts and she is released before she is allowed to place the vibrator in just the right spot and enjoy the full benefits of her vibrator.



Caroline removes her jacket revealing her magnificent pierced nipples then sets her release timer and begins to secure herself. First Caroline ties an electric extending spreader bar between her ankles then ties a crotch rope around herself and to the hook of a winch that she uses to pull tight her crotch rope. Next Caroline switches on the nipple sucking machine and places its cups onto her breasts then handcuffs her hands behind her back. Caroline uses a remote control to activate the second part of the nipple sucking machine and her nipples begin to be rhythmically sucked and rereleased then she operates the spreader bar and her legs are slowly forced apart that slightly lowers her body and increase the tension of her crotch rope. Finally the nipple sucking machine changes to apply a much stronger and longer suction onto her nipples until she is released.



Caroline arranges for her girl friend to arrive in two hours to release her from her self bondage fun dressed in latex and corset with her favourite vibrator. First Caroline sits astride her vibrator and frog ties her legs, switches on the vibrator and secures leather bondage mittens over her hands with zip ties. Next she operates a remote control with her toes that switches on an electric winch to pull her arms apart and up before kicking it out of reach. Caroline enjoys the vibrator between her legs and quickly has her first orgasm but after her third forced orgasm wonders if she will be able to cope for the next two hours and what state she will be in when her friend arrives.



Caroline zips her white latex straight jacket onto her body then secures her ankles and legs to the chair she is sat on. Next Caroline places the electrodes of the tens machine on her inner thighs and adjusts its power level before attaching the arms of her straight jacket to the hooks of the winch. Caroline then uses her toe to press a button on a remote control to operate the winch to pull her arms into position. Caroline enjoys the tight restrictive feeling and the electrical pulses but eventually she has to struggle and wriggle free as there is no other way of escape, then she can increase the power of the tens machine until her leg muscles are seen to contract and relax in time with the pulse of the machine.



Caroline needs some rope bondage and we supply her needs with a bunch of red rope. Caroline ties a chest harness, her knees, ankles and toes then ties her wrists to her ankles so she is securely hogtied. After some wriggling as she enjoys her bondage Caroline really needs her elbows tied together, who are we to argue? Now Caroline is strictly hogtied with her elbows tied and her piercings adding to her gorgeousness.





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