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Anderssen is wearing a shirt, pantyhose, tight black hot pants and boots as she ties a crotch rope around herself using white rope before removing her shirt and adding a collar around her neck then a solid black rubber ball gag in her mouth. Next Anderssen attaches “The Pillar of Pain” nipple clamp device to the front of her collar and claps her nipples with its attached clover clamps then adjusts it so her nipples are constantly pulled and pinched. Anderssen now adds four more clover clamps around each nipple, some with bells, some with weights and other have elastic to make sure they are under tension and bite down onto her flesh. Finally Anderssen handcuffs her hands behind her back with a set of metal handcuffs so she can not remove any of the clamps. Around the room are a number of keys padlocked to hooks, all Anderssen has to do is find the correct key to unlock a padlock to free the next key to unlock another padlock, and with every movement making the claps more painful this will be a very cruel game.



Anderssen has over spent on new cloths and for that indiscretion she is to be punished. First a little humiliation as she is told to strip naked in front of her master before onto the real punishment that will have to administer herself. First Anderssen ties her ankles to the floor so her legs are about three feet apart and adds clover clamps to her labia that have a cord attached that goes to an electric motor. To make sure Anderssen can not turn her head away from her master’s gaze she fastens a posture collar around her neck. Next Anderssen adds the nipple pump device onto her breasts and menthol onto her pussy lips before securing her wrists above her head ready for her punishment. The menthol is first to start the proceedings as it begins to inflict its burning sensation to her labia, then, as part of the punishment Anderssen has to ask for each subsequent addition to be added. First is the nipple pump that at first gently sucks her nipples before their full power rhythmically sucks and releases then sucks again on her nipples trying to milk her like a slave cow. Next is the electric motor that slowly pulls and stretches Anderssen’s already tender burning labia, and with Anderssen knowing this is just the start, she must ask her master to be punished more and more by increasing the speed of the electric motor. After a suitable length of time has passed with all the devices at maximum Anderssen’s master allows her release before accepting her apology and thanks for her punishment.



Anderssen has over spent on frivolous items and she knows she will need to be punished. Anderssen removes her dress and bra then secures her ankles and legs to the legs of the chair she is sat on with a further leather strap around her waist to the back of the chair. After fastening her slave collar around her neck Anderssen places lead weighted clover clamps onto her labia before increasing her pain by adding extra weights to them. Now it is time to add clover clamps to her nipples and pegs to her breasts before switching on the machine that is connected to her nipple clamps and securing her wrists into handcuffs behind her back. As the machine turns it pulls on her nipple clamps in a circular motion punishing her sensitive nipples. Anderssen knows she has been very bad and needs to increase her pain to please her master so begins to slide her chair away from the machine increasing the tension on her nipples until the clover clamps are painfully pulled from her nipples.



Anderssen arrives back home very excited about finding lots of bargains on her shopping trip, but didn’t realize she has kept her master waiting for an hour. This means Anderssen will have to be punished and her master has the ideal way so Anderssen will remember not to be late again. One peg to be placed on her body for every minute late, that’s 60 pegs biting painfully onto her skin.



Anderssen has decided to try to complete level five of the submissive training regime noting her friends have told her it is quite intense, but it doesn’t look that bad to Anderssen, there are only two clamps. After removing her micro skirt and top Anderssen sits on the chair and uses a leather strap to secure one ankle to its leg then ties one end of a rope around herself as a crotch rope and its other end, that goes via a hoist to her other ankle before raising the hoist so the weight of her leg pulls on her crotch rope. Anderssen next exposes her nipples and places clover clamps onto them that have a cord attached that goes up above her and via a load cell (that will measure the tension in the cord) and back down to the back of the chair. Anderssen now cuffs her wrists to the back of the chair knowing the only way to escape is to pull the cord and so pull the clover clamps on her nipples until the load cell measures the tension and displays a reading on a gauge of at least 50%, what Anderssen didn’t realise is she will have to keep the tension painfully pulling on her nipples for two full minutes before the keys to her handcuff will drop into reach.



Anderssen enters dressed in her party dress to find a new present has been left hanging from the ceiling by her master to try, a head box with instructions. Anderssen thinks she can “spice” it up a bit and writes a note to her master for him to punish her when he arrives and leave a paddle to spank her with next to the note. After striping naked Anderssen ties a rope around her waist and a long spreader bar between her ankles followed by padlocking leather cuffs with large metal plates pre-attached onto her wrists. After standing Anderssen places weighted clover clamps onto her labia then ties a rope attached to a motor behind her onto the front of the rope tied around her waist so it runs between her weighted labia clamps. Anderssen now places her head in the box and fastens it shut then to make sure there is no escape adds a padlock. Unable to see Anderssen still places weighted clamps onto her nipples before attaching the metal plate on her wrist cuffs onto electro-magnets on each side of the head box and raises the head box slightly. The timer that Anderssen set when she entered the room now switches on the motor that pulls and relaxes the rope between her labia to slightly pull her back and forth and so swing the weights both on her nipples and labia to increase their stimulation. Eventually Anderssen’s master enters and reads the note left for him and with a smile begins to spanks Anderssen’s waiting bottom.



Anderssen has crashed the car and has asked her master to meet her in the play room to punish her. Anderssen, dressed in gorgeous white lingerie and stockings explains what she has done to the car and that she will secure her self in bondage while her master watches ready for her punishment. Anderssen feels been naked is humiliating and adds to her punishment so firstly she removes all her lingerie before fastening a spreader bar between her ankles followed by a crotch rope with a heavy weight attached to one end keeping it pulled tight between her legs. Next Anderssen places clover clamps with small buckets attached onto her labia and more clover clamps onto her nipples that have a cord attached with a lead weight on its end then finally Anderssen secures her wrists up above her head. On a stand are a number of different weights and a jar of lead shot that Arial has to ask her master to add to her clover clamps and crotch rope until all the weights are used and Anderssen is in constant painful torment. Her final punishment is to be spanked while she thanks her master for each and every stroke that is administered to her naked bottom.



Anderssen is the tall, long legged Amazon woman of your dreams dressed in her lovely sexy white lingerie as she embarks on a self bondage expedition with lengths of gorgeous soft red rope. A simple description for this 18 minute rope self bondage scene.



Anderssen loves our soft red rope so much that she wanted to do another tie using it – How could we refuse, so this time Anderssen ties herself in a sexy hogtie. When complete Anderssen loves it but feels it just needs that finishing touch - her elbows tied together, and again how could we refuse the wishes of a lovely tied up lady to increase her bondage and with the finished results looking so fabulous it was worth a little self bondage cheat.





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