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Samantha Bentley

5 scenes  -  110 movie minutes



Samantha Bentley starts with an escape challenge dressed in sexy black lingerie, stockings and heels. Once Samantha escapes she is told to stand in various positions allowing us to see every curve before she is told to strip off her lingerie. We soon discover Samantha has a pony tail anal plug inserted in her arse, when again she is told to stand and bend in a number of positions to demean and expose her naked body before us. Samantha is then asked why she would be good for “The Agency”, better known as “The Fetish Club”. Samantha wants to impress and shows what she can do with a pony tail plug, pegs and a leather hand shaped spanking paddle.



Samantha Bentley is going to see how wide her legs can be pulled and at the same time her arms will be pulled up behind her in a strappado position. But first Samantha sets an electronic timer and sits on a chair dressed in a skirt and bra with a metal posture collar padlocked around her neck as she fastens and padlocks leather cuffs onto her wrists. Next Samantha slips her ankles into more leather cuffs that have ropes attached to an electric winch via hooks on each side of the room then she uses zip ties to attach chrome metal rings to each big toe. Samantha enjoys vibrators so eases one deep inside herself then puts clover clamps onto her labia that have cords attached that go to a small electric winch under the chair via the chrome rings attached to her toes. After padlocking her wrist cuffs to a chain hanging down behind her Samantha operates the first winch using her remote control so her arms are pulled up behind her. Samantha now operates the second winch that pulls her legs wide apart, followed by the third smaller winch that pulls on the clover clamps on her labia. Samantha soon discovers this is not an easy position but the vibrator and the thought of total inescapability excites Samantha and her nipples soon become erect while she endures her bondage until the timer releases her.



Samantha Bentley loves a big powerful vibrator, anal and bondage so let’s see how she combines them. Samantha first removes her pants then fastens leather cuffs to her ankles with a spreader bar between before kneeling on the floor and tying ropes above her knees that go to a wooden beam in front of her that’s attached to an electric winch. Next she fastens and padlocks leather cuffs onto each wrist and slowly inserts an anal hook with a cord attached that goes up to a small electric winch above her then secures her wrist cuffs to a metal ring with another rope going to the same winch as the beam but will pull in the opposite direction. Samantha now presses one of the buttons on her remote control that operates the first winch pulling her legs and arms in opposite direction until tight then a second button is pressed and the cord to her anal hook is pulled tight keeping her in position. Samantha’s bondage feels strict, and that turns her on. Even with her restricted movement Samantha manages to place the vibrator just in the right spot for full enjoyment and she’s on her way to her first orgasm, Samantha may even get a second or third before the ice release melts and she is released.



Samantha Bentley dressed in only skin tone pantyhose and heels sets her release timer then inserts a pink remote controlled vibrator into her arse. After choosing the type of vibration for her anal vibrator and the most powerful setting on the Hitachi vibrator, that is hanging down in front of her, Samantha handcuffs her wrist to the wall so she is facing the Hitachi. To place the Hibachi in just the right place Samantha has to lean back on the wall and push her hips forward and up, which is were she finds out wearing heels may not have been the best decision. Samantha enjoys the Hitachi until the timer switches on “The Wax Melter” that drips red molten wax onto her pantyhose just above the sweat spot the Hitachi is pleasing. Will Samantha gain her ultimate pleasure or will the hot dripping wax prevent her?



Samantha Bentley is talking to her friend on the phone making sure that her friend will arrive to release her later in the day before starting her next selfbondage adventure. Samantha begins by tying her ankles apart and adding a knotted crotch rope to herself that she connects to a winch via a bungee cord. To her crotch rope Samantha secures her trusty Hitachi vibrator so that once the winch is activated and her crotch rope is pulled tight the vibrations will be transmitted directly onto her clit. The bungee cord is a simple but effective way to make sure that the crotch rope is always tight and in contact no matter how Samantha may try to reduce its influence. After adding a leather posture collar and gasmask Samantha secure her wrists into a set of handcuffs padlocked to the wall behind her. Samantha is now forced to endure the pain and pleasures of the crotch rope that will inevitable force her to come again and again until she is eventually released.





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