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Tracey Lain

6 scenes  -  154 movie minutes



Tracey Lain dressed in only a thin white tee shirt inserts a black butt plug in her arse and a set of duo balls deep into her pussy then puts on her tight jeans and spike heeled boots. Tracey’s first bit of bondage is to tighten the belt to her jeans a couple of notches too tight and roping her ankles together. Next Tracey fastens and padlock leather cuffs onto her wrists and padlocks the cuffs together behind her back. Finally Tracey uses a zip tie between her ankles and cuffs and pulls it tight so she is hogtied. With the balls moving and vibrating inside her and the tightness of her jeans pushing the butt plug hard into her arse, Tracey soon enjoys her first orgasm as she waits for the ice to melt and drop her keys into reach allowing her to lick her butt plug and duo balls clean once she has released herself.



Tracey Lain sets a timer to an unknown value then fastens leather cuffs to her ankles and stands in front of a St. Andrew's Cross. Tracey now secures her ankle cuffs to the bottom of the St. Andrew's Cross and eases the dildo of the fucking machine into her pussy before adding a black leather posture collar. Tracey handcuffs her wrists to the top of the St. Andrew's Cross so she is spread eagle and waits for the timer to switch on the fucking machine. Tracey doesn’t have to wait too long before her pussy starts to be slowly fucked, and as the machine speeds up orgasm after orgasm are forced from Tracey making her scream as she realizes there is no way of stopping her body being forced to cum again and again. Poor Tracey forgot about her escape so will be left struggling and machine fucked until someone finds her.



Tracey Lain reads her instructions left by her kinky Mistress and looks at a piece of equipment that has a cover over it, she knows not to look as that would spoil the surprise. Tracey secures herself bent over a PVC covered black box with leather straps and handcuffs so her bottom is exposed and she is force to watch herself on a video monitor. Behind Tracey and going between her legs is a track way and soon the machine under cover starts to move along the track towards her and so reveals itself – A fucking machine! Tracey likes the thought of it fucking her wet pussy and watches it approach on screen until she suddenly realizes it is going to force itself into her arse and give her a hard anal fucking. After the machine has forced itself painfully deep into her arse the machine starts to fuck her slowly, but Tracey knows it will soon speed up and she is correct and through the agony it soon begins to force multiple orgasms from her. Tracey’s mistress has been watching her via video link and commands Tracey to have one more big orgasm for her before she will tell her where the keys to her handcuff are…



Tracey Lain secures her ankles to a wooden frame with leather straps then ties cords to her big toes before adding four more leather straps securing her legs to the frame. Tracey then inserts an electrode for a Tens unit into her pussy and other electrodes to the top of her thighs before placing mouse traps onto her labia lips and tying the cords from her toes to them. Tracey now uses more leather straps around her waist and above and below her breasts to secure her body to the frame then adds leather cuffs to her wrists and one last leather strap around her neck and to the frame. Tracey padlocks her wrist cuffs to chains then waits a few moments while she decides to continue or not before pressing a button on a remote control to operate an electric wince that pulls the chains tight and so her arms up to the corners of the frame so Tracey in now spread eagle and unable to escape. Tracey presses a second button on the remote control to activate the Tens unit timer device before dropping the remote control onto the floor and out of reach. Now Tracey will receive a nasty electric shock from the Tens unit for 10 seconds with a 20 second rest before she is shocked again, this will continue until 8 minutes later a second timer allows her to escape.



Tracey Lain reads her bondage instructions left by her kinky girlfriend and assumes she knows what to do without reading the small print! Tracey quickly begins by padlocking a leather cuff to one ankle then padlocks the cuff to a chain that is already secured to the wall. Next Tracey inserts a plug into her pussy then clamps her labia and padlocks the clamps so the plug can not be removed. Finally Tracey uses a set of metal handcuffs hanging by a chain to secure her wrists and soon discovers that she now can not reach the keys to escape. Tracey re-reads her instructions and discovers the only way to escape is to warm a metal dildo to body temperature, and because her pussy is already full; the only place to insert it is in her arse!



Tracey Lain has never endured the Spanish donkey but knows it can be a slow and testing device. Tracey sits on the cold steel edge of the Spanish donkey as the timer appears in the top left corner of the screen. Tracey seems to be unaffected by the device and begins to play with her nipples and clit, slowly becoming more and more aroused until she orgasms while still riding the Spanish donkey!





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