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Ariel Anderssen dressed in jeans and a black transparent blouse is left frog tied and with her arms in a reverse prayer struggling to escape. After escaping Ariel spanks her bottom to punish herself for enjoying bondage but then decides she needs more punishment and opens a box full of devices designed to inflict various amounts of pain to her nipples. One by one Ariel tries the devices and decides on two types for the next stage of her punishment, the knotted rope walk. After removing her jeans and blouse Ariel attaches some metal chopstick clamps onto her nipples and straddles the rope to walk along its length with her hands behind her head dressed in only her panties. As the knots slide between her legs and over her panties it is obvious this is not a punishment! Ariel now decides its time for some real painful suffering. Ariel removes the chopsticks from her nipples and adds menthol to the rope before removing her panties and straddling the rope once more then secures a spreader bar between her ankles and adds weighted clover clamps to her nipples before handcuffing her hands behind her back. Ariel is now forced to walk along the knotted rope that coats the menthol between her legs and soon begins to burn her most sensitive parts. Mean while the weights attached to the clover clamps swing as she walks increasing the pain in her nipples until she reaches the far end of the rope and can rest. Arial releases a string that lowers her keys at the starting point of her walk, making Ariel endure a second dose of pain and torment before she can release herself.



Ariel Anderssen is dressed in leopard print bra and panties as she sets her release timer then fastens a purple collar around her neck. Ariel then decides she is going to be even naughtier and removes her leopard print attire and uses lipstick to highlight her nipples. Next Ariel fastens a purple ball gag in her mouth and a black crotch rope around herself before tying a rope around one ankle that she attaches to a rope from an electric winch. Ariel now wriggles a loop of rope that is hanging behind her from a second winch until it is up to her elbows then handcuffs her wrists and thumbs. With a remote control Ariel operates the first winch that raises her arms and forces her elbows together, quickly followed by operating the second winch to raise her leg so she is now held with legs apart and balancing on just one. Ariel soon starts to dribble from her ball gag and continues to do so while suffering this strict position until the timer reverses the winches and she can reach her keys and escape.



Ariel Anderssen fastens leather straps to her ankles then switches on a Tens unit before removing her panties and straddling a beam then fastens a particularly long spreader bar between her ankles. As Ariel removes her bra she discovers that the electrodes that run along the top of the beam that are connected to the Tens unit can give quite a shock between her legs. Ariel attaches a clover clamp onto each nipple and ties them to the electric pulling machine placed in front of her. Above her are two sets of metal handcuffs that via a pulley on the end of a winch is connected to the beam so once Ariel has secured her hands in the cuffs she can raise the winch to a point where if she comes off tiptoe or lowers her arms the beam will come in contact between her legs an give her a shock. Finding the optimum position of the winch takes a few attempts and a few shocks before Ariel presses the second button accidentally on the remote control and the pulling machine slowly begins to turn so her nipples are pulled then relaxed then repeatedly pulled again. To increase Ariel’s torment, after a few minutes the machine begins to speed up until instead of a gentle pull of her nipples they are quickly and sharply tugged. Add to this the electric shocks; Ariel is in for a prolonged and unpleasant few hours.



Ariel Anderssen is wearing her tight red latex catsuit as she enters the room after setting a timer and wants to be shiny so spends time to massage the special shining liquid all over her body in a very sensual manner for both herself and to those who watch. Before Ariel gets too aroused she uses leather straps to secure herself to a St Andrews Cross and padlocks leather cuffs onto her wrists and places a rubber gasmask over her head that is connected by a pipe to the bubble breather. Next Ariel padlocks chains onto her wrist cuffs that are connected to small winches before fastening the last leather strap around her neck. Ariel now waits for the timer to switch on the winches one at a time to pull the chains tight and her arms up to the top of the St Andrews Cross. Ariel is now secured to the St Andrews Cross spread eagle with no possibility of escape until the timer reverses the winches and awaits the next part of her ordeal. Ariel’s idea is going to plan and doesn’t have to wait long to when the timer opens a water valve a second at a time that fills the bubble breather making her breathing more and more difficult. The water continues to fill the bubble breather until its maximum level is reached leaving Ariel to endure maximum breathing difficulty in secure bondage until her release.



Ariel Anderssen is still wearing her tight red latex catsuit as she decides to try a naked test so removes the catsuit and begins to add her bondage equipment. First is a red and black leather posture collar followed by leather cuffs to her wrists that she padlocks so can not be removed. Ariel next ties a spreader bar between her ankles then stands and ties a crotch rope up to a pulley and weight behind her before adding weighted clover clamps to her pussy lips and more weighted clover clamps to her nipples. Ariel now padlocks her wrist cuffs to a chain that is connected to an electric winch so she can pull her arms up above her by activating it with a small remote control before dropping the remote to the floor and out of reach. Ariel begins to enjoy her bondage but the knotted crotch rope soon starts to cause Ariel some discomfort as a cat burglar enters the room dressed in a black PVC catsuit and demands the location of Ariel’s safe. When Ariel refuses to give the location of the safe the burglar starts to add weights to Ariel’s nipple clamps, then her pussy clamps before adding pegs to Ariel’s breasts until Ariel relents and tells the burglar where the safe is hidden. As the burglar is leaving Ariel begs her to remove the pegs forgetting that removal can be more painful than leaving them in place. The Burglar revels in Ariel’s pain as Ariel pleads for the burglar to leave the clover clamps in place before the burglar finally leaves and Ariel to endure her torment…



Ariel Anderssen has agreed to do a peg zip pull as a friend of hers has pulled out – Very magnanimous of Ariel don’t you think? We of cause suggested an extra to the original idea by adding pegs to her pussy! Ariel enters the room and kneels with a tall wooden stool behind her then uses leather straps to secure her ankles to the bottom of the stool before adding the pegs to her breasts, stomach and pussy. The pegs are all connected together by a string that goes across the room to a powerful electric motor that will quickly and painfully pull the pegs from Ariel’s body. Ariel uses two sets of metal handcuffs to cuff her wrists behind her to the stool and enjoys the moment but all too quickly the pegs begin to sting with a few clicking off on their own that add to her discomfort. Ariel now wishes the pegs would be pulled off slowly, but that isn’t going to happen, leaving Ariel to suppress her fears, be brave and acquire the marks of a true slave to pain.



Ariel Anderssen is dressed in a very tight spandex catsuit that Ariel loves the feel of, both on her body and to touch making her feel very sexy and naughty. Hanging from the ceiling are a set of handcuffs that Ariel handcuffs her wrists into and then using a remote control raises them so she is stretched up towards the ceiling while Ariel spreads her legs to increase her enjoyment. After a few minutes Ariel begins to fantasize about being a ponygirl, prancing back and forth in her tight spandex with her arms in a restrictive leather armbinder behind her back and a ballgag and head harness. Soon we see Ariel acting out her fantasy as if a pony in the famous Vienna Lipizzan ballet displaying her equestrian training for all to enjoy.





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