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Tracey Lain

7 scenes  -  146 movie minutes



Tracey dressed in her police uniform with added stockings just to be naughty for what she thought would be a simple interview. This is what Police woman Tracey Lain wanted more than anything – A chance to join the secret selfbondage dare club know only as “The Agency”. First there where a few questions asked and some photographs taken before Tracey was surprised to be asked to complete her first test in front of the committee while they all watched. Tracey had to remove her black pants and frog ties her legs. Next Tracey inserted a dildo into her pussy and secured it in place with ropes then she eased a butt plug into her arse before stuffing her mouth full with her panties and tying them in place. Finally Tracey scattered a number of keys across the floor then face down on the floor Tracey handcuffed her hands behind her back. To escape Tracey had to wriggle across the floor to find the correct key making the dildo and plug interact with each other inside her. After releasing herself Tracey had a few more tasks to complete – Clean both the dildo and anal plug with her mouth then pull her nipples hard until eventually told to stop.



Tracey reads her instruction while drinking more water then takes down a picture off the wall to reveal an enema bag full of 2 litres of liquid. After raising her skirt Tracey removes her pants and fastens a spreader bar between her ankles with leather straps then inserts the enema plug and allows the liquid to fill her. Once the enema bag is empty Tracey fastens an elastic belt around her middle to increase her discomfort of both the enema and her full bladder then padlocks her leather wrist cuffs to an ice release that is padlocked to the end of a winch. Tracey then presses one of the buttons on a remote control and allows her arms to be pulled up above her by the winch then tries the other button to lower her arms but finds it doesn’t work and begins to struggle. Tracey is now left with her discomfort steadily increasing and no means to stop it until the ice release melts.



Tracey Lain enters the room and slowly removes her shirt, skirt and pants then slides a small vibrator deep inside her pussy before straddling a frame and securing her ankles with leather straps to the frame. Tracey inserts the end of what she thinks is a new anal vibrator machine into her arse then ties off a rope attached to the device around her waist so it can not be expelled from her arse then cuffs her wrists to the frame in front of her. Tracey presses a big red button to start the machine but instead the sheet covering the machine falls to the floor to reveal three bags of enema fluid and various valves as Tracey looks behind at them in horror. Nothing happens for a minute as Tracey struggles with her handcuffs then the machine starts by opening the first valve and the warm fluid begins to fill Tracey’s arse. After the first bag has fully emptied Tracey starts to ask to be released as the enema needs to be let out until the machine opens a larger valve and the liquid is allowed to release from inside Tracey and into a container. Tracey begs to be released but the machine opens another valve and Tracey realises all three bags of fluid will be used to fill her.



Tracey Lain is dressed in her Police woman uniform again but is required to perform a striptease down to her stockings and pants before she begins her next selfbondage test. Tracey now fastens a collar around her neck and leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists making sure she has padlocked her wrist cuff so she is unable to unfasten them without a key. Next Tracey padlocks a spreader bar between her ankles then passes a rope between her legs and clips one end to the front of her collar. The other end of the rope has a metal ring attached with the rope going over a pulley that is hanging from a winch. Tracey padlocks her wrist cuffs behind her back onto this ring then over the next few minutes Tracey presses a button on her remote control to raise the pulley in small increments. By doing this her arms are pulled up higher behind her and also the rope between her legs that is now a crotch rope is also pulled tighter. At the end of the scene the winch lowers but because Tracey forgot to keep hold of the keys she can not release herself!



Tracey Lain sets a timer then examines a large black metal lifting hoist in the middle of the floor before chaining and padlocks her ankles to the bottom of the hoist so her legs are wide apart. Tracey places three pegs on each nipple then places clover clamps onto her pussy lips and adds lead weights to each one so they constantly pull and clamp harder. Next Tracey fastens a ring gag in her mouth and rubs menthol rub onto her clit then fastens a knotted crotch rope around her with its end secured to the lifting arm of the hoist that she raises by pumping its hydraulic piston so the crotch rope is pulled between her pussy lips and rubs the menthol onto her clit. Tracy then cuffs each wrist and fastens the other ends of her handcuffs onto hooks at each end of a beam hanging from the arm of the hoist so she is now spread eagle Tracey soon begins to feel the affects of the deep heat on her clit and starts to wriggle and with her movements and vibrations this makes the hoist lever fall downwards under its own weight raising the arm of the hoist and so pulling Tracy’s crotch rope even tighter.



Tracey Lain sets a timer then walks over to large metal hoist and runs her hands over it before kneeling on the floor between the legs of the hoist and chaining her ankles to the legs. Next Tracey eases the anal hook that was hanging down from the arm of the hoist into her arse then slides the dildo of the fucking machines inside her and handcuffs her hands to the hoist in front of her. Tracey uses a remote control to operate a small winch to raise the anal hook tight in her arse and keep her in position then she presses another button to switch on the fucking machine before discarding the remote control out of reach. Over the next 10 mins the slow movements of the machine speed up to a full speed assault leaving Tracey screaming and crying as the fucking machine extracts one orgasm after another.



Tracey dresses in a short leather skirt and adds thigh length leather boots to her corset and black bra that she was already wearing then sits on a chair with no seat and uses leather straps to secure her ankles and legs to the chair. Tracey next uses zip ties to secure a Hitachi vibrator so it is in contact with her clit then uses more leather straps to secure her waist and chest to the chair before switching on the vibrator and handcuffing her hands behind her back. Tracey knows the only way now to release herself is to dribble her pussy juices onto a weighing scale until enough is collected to make two electrical contacts connect and drop the handcuff keys into reach. To add to her humiliation Tracey then has to be a hooker on the streets and earn $150 in three hours using the very very cheap rates given to her on a sex acts price list. Tracey returns looking dishevelled with cum on her skirt, face and boobs and bangs a bag of coins down on a shelf as she wipes the cum from herself.





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