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Tracey Lain

3 scenes  -  47 movie minutes



Tracey Lain has a new dare so walks outside to her shed and with its door wide open for any passer-by to watch her, Tracey fastens a belt around her waist with a set of metal handcuffs padlocked to it behind her back then inserts a pony tail butt plug into her arse. Tracey then places pegs on the lips of her pussy and both nipples before fastening a red rubber ball gag in her mouth and a blindfold in place then locks her wrists into the handcuffs behind her back and enjoys her bondage. But soon Tracey wants to feel more venerable so ties her angles to each side of the shed so her legs are spread apart then adjusts the pegs so they are on her clit and adds more on to her nipples before handcuffing her hands separately to a beam above her head. After some time it begins to rain and Tracey decides to release herself, enjoying the pain as she removes the pegs and the feeling of the butt plug inside her as she walks back across the garden.



Tracey Lain’s next outside dare is on the moors far away from the comfort of her safe home environment. First Tracey walks on the moors dressed in red spandex pants and a clingy white tee shirt that shows off her erect nipples perfectly, and with her hands cuffed behind her back. Next Tracey adds a butt plug and continues her designated walk back and forth, soon followed by a ball gag secured in her mouth. Tracey then goes topless to complete her task. Finally a kinky over sexed milf has to do what she has to do, and while totally naked finger fucks herself to fulfil her growing lust and excitement, knowing someone maybe watching her, and that's part of the fun.



Tracey Lain’s third outside dare is on the moors again this time dressed in a tight black spandex catsuit. After finding the place not too far from a small road that was described in her dare, Tracey ties her legs between two old stone posts then also handcuffs her wrists between the posts. Now all Tracey has to do is stay in position for a given length of time hoping no traffic come down the old road and discovers her. But it’s not the cars Tracey has to worry about discovering her, when a stranger walks up to her. Tracey isn’t scared but excited at this new twist to her dare and quickly asks to have her ball gag fastened in her mouth. What Tracey didn’t expect was the zip of her catsuit to be pulled down and her tits exposed before leaving her to continue her dare alone, except for the few vehicles passing on the road.





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