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Jenny S

7 scenes  -  149 movie minutes



Jenny S loves to be left in bondage and so has asked her boyfriend to hogtie her and leave and not return until the evening. At first Jenny just enjoys her bondage and the crotch rope that she can pull tighter to increase her stimulation when ever she needs to. Eventually Jenny decides its time to escape and after some struggling and wriggle she manages to untie the knots and release herself. Jenny loves to show off her naked body so after her escape Jenny switches on a tape machine with commands for her to follow like a good slave and strip naked.



Jenny S places the key to her handcuffs into her jeans pocket then padlocks the set of handcuffs to the wall before testing the weight switch attached to the Spanish donkey to make sure it will start a timer to release a key when she lifts her feet off the floor and all her weight is supported by only her crotch. After fastening a ring gag in her mouth Jenny removes her shirt and mounts the Spanish donkey then padlocks the back of her jeans to the wall so she can not dismount. Next Jenny removes her bra and places pegs on her breasts before placing some menthol anointment inside her panties for some extra stimulation then secures her hands behind her into the handcuffs padlocked to the wall as the menthol starts to work and Jenny begins to rub her crotch onto the hard metal edge of the Spanish donkey. Jenny now needs to escape and to do this she has to lift her feet of the floor and support herself on that hard edge of the Spanish donkey for 10 minutes. After much dribbling from her ring gag Jenny’s key drops into reach and she can unlock her jeans and handcuffs from the wall and dismount. Once dismounted from the Spanish donkey Jenny retrieves the key from her jeans front pocket and releases her handcuffs. Jenny feels that she is such a naughty girl she deserves a spanking and administers a few strokes onto her curvy bottom.



Jenny S dressed in a latex catsuit slowly works the liquid shinning agent over her latex covered body before tying a red crotch rope around herself and adding a red collar around her neck. Next Jenny uses three black leather straps to secure her ankles and above and below her knees then padlocks a chain to her ankle strap with a set of metal handcuffs padlocked to the other end of the short chain. Jenny now lays face down and places each wrist into the handcuffs and locks them in to place so she is hogtied and then Jenny can begin to struggle on the floor. With Jenny struggling and rolling across the floor and with her ample breast squeezed into the catsuit the zip eventually ‘lets go’ and Jenny’s breasts are exposed. After more struggling the keys drop into reach from the timer controlled electromagnet allowing Jenny to wriggle over to them and escape.



Jenny S enters the room dressed in black rain mac covering her tight black shinny latex catsuit covered body and sets her release timer. Jenny fastens a black rubber ball gag in her mouth then removes her rain mac and ties a metal spreader bar between her ankles using red cotton ropes. After securing leather cuffs onto her wrists Jenny padlocks them so there is no possibility of her escaping then uses more padlocks to attach the cuffs onto the end of a chain hanging from winch above her. Finally Jenny uses a remote control to activate the winch in short bursts raising her arms up behind her until she is in a strict Strappado when a rope drops down the chain and over her arms where Jenny wriggles it into position around her elbows. Jenny is now trapped in the torturous position as she dribbles profusely from her ball gag filled mouth until the timer reactivates the winch and lowers her arms again allowing Jenny to reach her keys in her rain mac’s pocket.



Jenny S is dressed only in her lingerie and stockings as she fastens and padlocks leather cuffs on to her wrists followed by a purple ball gag in her mouth. Jenny fastens more leather cuffs around her ankles with ropes attached that go to each side of the room and to electric winches. Next Jenny fastens a crotch rope around herself with its end connected to a weight suspended by an electro magnet. After removing her bra Jenny ties a rope around her body that she connects to another winch then fastens ropes onto her wrist cuffs that are connected to more weights via clam cleat devices. Using a remote control Jenny controls the winches to spread her legs apart one at a time and pull the rope around her body tight before allowing her arms to be pulled up above her head so she is spread eagle. After testing her bondage by pulling on the ropes securing her and copious amounts of dribbling though the holes in her gag Jenny presses the last button on her remote control to release the heavy weights that drop and pull her crotch rope far tighter and faster than she had expected!



Jenny S is sat on a PVC clad box in her lingerie and stockings as she finishes lacing up her ballet boots then adds a tight PVC jacket and short skirt. Next Jenny sits on the floor and ties ropes to her ankles and one around her waist before padlocking leather cuffs onto her wrists. Jenny then secures the hook of a hoist onto the rope around her waist then padlocks her wrist cuffs to a chain and lies down on her back with her knees bent so her feet are facing towards her head. With a remote control Jenny operates electric winches that pull tight her ankle ropes then pulls her wrist in the opposite direction. After a lot of struggling Jenny presses another button on the remote control to operate the hoist that raises her waist off the floor. With all her struggling Jenny’s skirt has also risen to show her stocking tops and panties while the buttons of her jacked have popped open to give a sexy spectacle of this naughty red head writhing in bondage until her release.



Jenny S walks across the room dressed in a PVC jacket and skimpy tight PVC hotpants then uses a dial padlock to lock the keys for her release to a hook before fastening a red velvet collar around her neck and padlocking a short length of chain to the front of her collar. Next Jenny fastens leather cuffs to her ankles with a second longer length of chain between that she padlocks its middle to the end of the chain from her collar as well as a set of metal handcuffs. After walking to the opposite side of the room from the keys Jenny ties a thin crotch rope around herself that goes via a pulley on the ceiling to a weight, then secures her wrists into the handcuffs. To escape Jenny has to walk across the room to the keys and pick the correct code for the padlock from a list but as Jenny walks across the room her crotch rope is pulled painfully tight by the weight. How long can Jenny suffer the unforgiving crotch rope before having to rest and how many attempts will it take ?





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